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Day 19: I love buttons

The only thing I really collect is buttons. I have always loved them. Sometimes I sort through them like they're old photographs because I can remember where most of them came from. I plan to figure out something creative to do with them someday. And, someday, I plan to start a business involving buttons. No lie.


Day 15: Ode to Joy

Dis my cat.

She be fat.

I think I'll drink wine,

'Til I turn 99.


Day 5: oh dear

Guess what Pat Reed just bought?

Pat and Fran Photo booth


Day 4: the coolest table in the nerd set

For a Christmas / housewarming gift, my best friend from high school, Taryn, gave me a very noteworthy gift. She finished a tall end table and took pages from one of our favorite books from high school, and with all of her crafting powers, she affixed the pages to the table. (The binding on her first copy of the much-loved book came undone, which worked out for me.) I often find myself staring at it for unusually long amounts of time. It's a really great table. It is going to look really nice in our reading nook, once I convince Pat the turret portion our bedroom should in fact be a reading nook instead of a guitar collection nook.

Isn't it beautiful?

I love it so much. Anyone who can name the book (without cheating) deserves a pat on the brain.


Putting the boo (hiss) in ZooBoo

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Things have been sort of unfun around here lately, while we prepare for our move (which is Thursday - woot!), and Pat and I wanted to do something fun with Greta today. We ended up going to the zoo for their anual ZooBoo. The weather was great, and of course everybody else decided to go to the zoo too. It was totally packed, which sort of sucked the fun out of it for me, but Greta had lots of fun. I think she might have gotten a bit of my low tolerance for BS, though. When I was sorting through photos I found this one, where she is clearly flipping someone off.

That's my girl. Heh.

Also annoyed by the crowds were the tigers, one of whom ran up and decided to spray some zoo-goers. (A quick and unscientific search on the Internet tells me the spray is a mix of urine and anal gland secretions!) Thankfully we witnessed it from afar. Double heh.


This is what I did most of the weekend

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I sat in my driveway wearing a fanny pack, talking to friends who stopped by to check out our yard sale and the crazies in the neighborhood. It was actually a really fun time, and I enjoyed wearing the fanny pack way too much.

Thanks to our visitors who stopped by to make the day more fun and buy our crap previously enjoyed goods.


Tasty new phone

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This is our new/old phone.

Background: Our home phone died a few weeks ago and we sort of assumed it had something to do with the connection at the house, not the phone. And since we have basically zero use for a home phone, other than when we get really, really lonely and talk to a telemarketer, we didn't bother to call the phone company. Anyway, Pat wanted to check to see if it was the phone itself, and the only one we had was this Miller novelty phone that our friend George gave us many moons ago. Lo and behold, it worked. Soooo, meet our new phone. I call her Millie. And, hey, it works.



We are experiencing technical difficulties. This is not a test.

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Um yeah, so other than using Pat's iPhone, we've been Internetless at the house all week. We had a huge thunderstorm and we think that may have killed our modem. What? I don't know. I have a bunch of photos from the wedding we went to last weekend that are all sized up, color corrected, and ready to post once we are back up and running at PnFHQ because using Pat's iPhone to upload a bunch of pictures seems like it might be like trying to cook a turkey on a campfire.
The other news is that we have no news. No one even wants to see our house. Our realtor got a call earlier this week from another realtor who said her client had "fallen in love with the house over the Internet" or some such, and we did another super anal cleaning, bought more fresh flowers, got all excited, and then the woman canceled her appointment. And the open house was a dud. We had maybe 3 or 4 people through. That's it and that's all. And here I thought our house would generate some Springer-style hair pulling and eye gouging...I thought wrong.
What else? We had a very lovely dinner at Rooney's last night with friends Mike and Christy for Christy's birthday. And friends Mike, Holly, and Elise are in town from Cali-forn-i-a, which I am out of my shorts about. And this weekend Pat and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. AND we don't have to travel this weekend. So things aren't all bad.
Happy weekend!

And the nomination for Father of the Year goes to...

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PAT REED, for purchasing, inflating, and then getting sprayed by the Dizzy Dinosaur.

I also joined in on the fun for a bit. Of course Pat went for the money shot.


Hmmm...razor, depilatory, or electrolysis??

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Greta came home from day care yesterday wearing fake facial hair and a sh1t-eating grin. I had no clue what it was until she proudly exclaimed it was a beard. Day care gets huge points for creativity with this art project.

Here she is modeling her new Van Dyke facial hair.

Inspired, then Pat and I made our own faux facial hair. Pat went with the imperial; I obviously went with the fu manchu. We did not document that, however. Or if we did, I'm not sharin' them. ;)

Old-school friends of might remember this little gem and know that crafting fake facial hair runs in the family.


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