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From Hunger to Hope

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Dear kind friends, family, and strangers:

Greta and her classmates are reading books to raise money for the Friends of the World Food Programme as part of Read Along for Hunger. Greta's goal is to read 25 books in the month of October, and we hope you'll consider sponsoring her, either with a dollar pledge amount per book or a flat donation. You can find out more information about the group's mission to end world hunger by visiting From Hunger to Hope.

If you would like to sponsor Greta, please leave a comment or email me at fran dot reed at gmail dot com and I'll send you the info. Unfortunately we just have an old-school pledge form and we need to submit checks (hello, 1982!) to Greta's teacher by November 10th.

Peace and love, peace and love,

Pat, Fran, and Greta

Day 14: Monkeywrench

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My old friend Chris Teague is a filmmaker who has always had a knack for making smart, original, clever work. The latest short film of his especially struck a chord with me. You can check out the film Monkeywrench (by using the password "chainsaw"), and then if you'd be so kind, go on over to Slamdance and vote for it here. When Chris and I were in high school, we both had an interest in photography, and not surprisingly, he had an interest in film. I've been following his progress over the years and am so impressed with what he's done. I'm so proud of my friends who wanted something and followed through with it. (And he's the only person I personally know on IMDb!)

In exchange for your time spent watching the film (and voting), I will post an embarrassing photo of us from the 1995 Marcellus High School Senior Ball, which the lovely Jennifer Suarez dragged out of some frightening archives and posted on Facebook for all (including half my coworkers) to see.

Why did no one tell me my dress was all wrinkly...and short, yet frumpy?


Here's the deal

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So, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society contacted me a while back and asked if I'd be willing to send mailings to a bunch of my neighbors, personally asking them to donate to LLS. I said sure and sent out the mailings the day I received my packet of info, which included personal notes from yours truly. Always a pessimist, I suspected no one would respond. (My neighbors are deadbeats.) I gave them a suggested deadline of 18 days ago, and I didn't receive a single donation. (See, they're miserly slackers!)
Aaaaaanyway, I have made small donations to all sorts of places for friends collecting for this and that in conjunction with a marathon or triathlon or whatever. Having never done anything more athletic than chasing after a three year old for a couple hours at the park, I am akin to a single woman who constantly goes to wedding and baby showers, never getting her payback. So, friends, this is your time to shine. We all know leukemia and lymphoma are really, really bad and that we need to find a cure. And you all know you could use some good karma. If you would like to help out and make a donation via moi, leave me a comment or email me, and I'll give you my address. Unfortunately, I don't have some fancy donation site set up with them, so you will have to send me a check.
Please make your check payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and then I'll forward it to LLS. On behalf of all the families who are hoping for a cure, thanks very much for your generosity.

Team Livestrong

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My good friend Alex is running the Chicago Marathon with Team Livestrong this year to raise money in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Below is a letter he wrote about how he and his family have personally been affected by cancer:
A year ago my mom was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. My whole family was devastated when her doctor told us that the type of cancer she has is not curable.

Over the past twelve months, I have witnessed her incredible will power to fight and live. She has truly amazed me. Relying on the feeding machine, she brought her weight from under 100 lbs to 135 lbs and is now able to consume all her calories through normal food.

This year I will run the Chicago Marathon with Team Livestrong. I am hoping through this event I can raise awareness on both this super evil disease and how important the role of a non-profit organization plays in a cancer patient’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I hope I can count on you to help! To donate, please follow the link below:

Alex Tong
Please consider visiting his fundraising page and making a donation!

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