Big Fish

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There is a fish store next door to where Greta takes her drum lessons. And without fail she asks to see the fish. We usually stop in for a few minutes and see all the cool fish. This is guy is by far my favorite. Look how cute!

He/she/it almost makes me want to get a salt water tank (not really).


A decade of mediocre blogging

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Wow, so I realized earlier today that it's our 10 year blogiversary! That's right, my friends. Ten years ago today we posted our first of many mediocre blogs. Look how fresh faced!

I asked Pat if he wanted to say a few words on the website and he said, "No, I'm busy doing Drupal upgrades." Well, OK, then! I'm considering removing him as a contributor. I mean, seriously, I don't think he's actually posted anything since 2006, but whatever. I'm giving him one more year. Heed my words, Pat Reed! If a dog can maintain a blog, I think you can.

Anyway, I want to thank you all, friends who still check in, even though I've been pretty terrible about posting in recent years. I don't *think* the comments functionality is broken, so feel free to leave a comment every now and then. ;)

We don't look as fresh faced, but here were are at our usual posts this PM (Pat working on Drupal upgrades, me working on this, and Ruby doing her thing to get some lap QT).

Here's to another 10 years. Cheers!


I'm so efficient I can talk about three days in one, so there

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If anyone checked the blog the last two days you may have wondered why I didn't post. Well, this isn't NaBloPoMo, this is FraBloPoMo, which specifically states you post the first 22 days of November, and then you take two days off, and then you post again at least one day, and then you see what happens the last five days of the month. Viva FraBloPoMo!

Seriously, it was a good but busy long weekend and I just wasn't feeling sitting in front of a computer.

I won't go into crazy detail, but we had a chance to spend time with good friends and both sides of our families.

Highlights include:

  • Having drinks with Taryn and Todd in Skaneateles.
  • Watching the 47th annual McCarthy Turkey Bowl.
  • Completely avoiding any Black Friday BS.
  • Going to see the Nutcracker with Greta (especially getting to see our little friend Sophia dance).
  • Having a delicious meal with friends at Chakara Bistro.
  • Going to Second Storie and seeing friends Tracy and Justin of Happy Owl Glass, as well as the Roc the Arts craft show. (We bought a lot of local goodies this weekend!)
  • Setting up the Christmas trees. (We have three now; have mercy.)
  • Stuffing my face with delicious foods all weekend.


The theme for 11/23 was energy, which is ironic because I had none. The theme for 11/24 was adventure. We did not partake in anything adventurous as far as I can tell. The theme for today is beauty. We'll go with that.

So we bought a lot of locally made goods this weekend, as I mentioned. There are too many artisans to mention (read: I'm lazy), but one that caught my eye is Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst. She was at Second Storie selling signed copies of her book You Are Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy. She was also selling little hand-painted bird ornaments, and I am a TOTAL sucker for bird ornaments. Look how lovely!

We ended up buying two (Greta and I each had to have one). Each year I have Greta make ornaments for relatives, and based on Abbey's birds, I was inspired to get plain white birds from a craft store for her to paint. I think this may be our simplest and most striking ornament project yet. I can't wait to see how they turn out.


I've got the tryptophan blues

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Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Today's theme is color. IIIII'm really tired. I took these pictures today and they have color, so I guess this counts.

These cute fellas live at my aunt and uncle's house. They were very excited to see us and beg for food.

We had a great visit with friends and family in the Syracuse area for Thanksgiving, but I'm thankful we came home tonight and I get to sleep in my own bed.




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Today's theme is home. I don't have much time but I wanted to post something. This is home, and I am very thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I hope you have a salubrious and thankful day.



Jive turkeys

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Today's theme is food.

Yeah, I'm one of those annoying people who takes pictures of her food before taking a bite. Rather than go with the obvious today, though, I thought I'd talk about my favorite "food" that walks around my neighborhood.

So, not long after moving to this house, I came home one fall evening and saw a motley crew of turkeys in our next-door neighbor's yard. I was in awe. They're so big! And while we do live next to a wooded area, we're not exactly in the country.

We've lived her for over three years and I see they turkeys sometimes multiple times a day, and it just NEVER gets old. I can't not stop to gawk and smile. Look how cute!

Usually we see a half dozen or so largeish turkeys, but this year they have multiplied—literally. There are babies...well, they're called poults, and I love them. I have yet to get any good pictures of them because when they see me they skitter away, but that doesn't stop me from trying whenever I get the chance.

The day Hurricane Sandy came through (which really wasn't bad out here at all), I didn't see them all day and was very relieved to see them the following day.

Oh, and so these turkeys are wild, obvs, and I don't think of them as food per se, but I can't help but think about the turkey that I buy from the store that comes de-feathered and de-boned and in a little plastic package and then I get a little sad. But looking at the more practical side, I guess I just try to be thoughtful about what I eat and what that means to my feathered neighbors. I will totally be eating lots of turkey on Thursday, though. Sorry, dudes.

Also, I saw this article last week and thought it was super random that wild turkeys made NPR news.

Gobble gobble.


Laughter and embarrassment

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Today's theme is laughter.

We laugh a lot. One of my favorite things about our family is that we have so much fun and laugh so much. And I can be a little, um, intense at times, and I would say the best tool Pat has for balancing and diffusing my bitchiness intensity is bringing humor to pretty much any situation.

Greta has realized she can do the same, and we all just enjoy making each other laugh. One of my proudest moments in Greta's preschool days was during a parent-teacher conference when one of her teachers reported she felt Greta had a sophisticated sense of humor for a four-year-old.

If you haven't seen it, Greta even has her very own Twitter account. I do the documentation, but the words are all hers. Sometimes she's intentionally funny, but I'll admit at this point in the Twitter world she is mostly unintentionally funny.

It's hard to document laughter, but here are a couple recent pictures of my family members attempting (and succeeding at) cracking me up in stores.

And there's that bathrobe again...

And in the super random funny category, Pat and Greta started this ridiculous game where they yell "stripe!" louder and louder in a public place, and whoever yells it the loudest wins. (Pat always wins while I die of embarrassment.)



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Today’s theme is change. For a long time Greta hated going shopping, but lately she’s been wanting to go shopping and even go in the dressing room with me, and she offers surprisingly constructive feedback. I have to say I approve of this change.

I was tempted to get a simpla back dress, but Greta talked me into getting this snazzy little number.

And then I liked this one on the hanger but wasn't sure it looked good on me, but Greta approved, so I went for it.

I have to say I’m really happy about my new personal shopper.



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Today's theme is weather. I was up early enough this morning to find a lovely layer of frost on everything outside. I took a few pictures, and this one is my favorite.

This has been such a good weekend so far. Last night our friends the Johnsons came over for dinner. The girls always play so nicely together, and in case we didn't already like them enough, they brought Cheesy Eddie's carrot cake for dessert because they know how much I like it. We love having them as friends and neighbors.

Then today we got together with our friends the Leshers, Frenches, and Judges. It was perfect sweater weather, and we got to spend a lot of time outside playing with the kids. I don't really have any photos that document the day, which is actually pretty telling. I tend to use picture taking as a distraction, but I was having so much fun I didn't bother stopping to take any pictures, so there you go. I will just say it was the perfect fall day.

Tonight I went to a craft sale called the Wonderful Little Artisan Sale at Gallery Salon. I found lots of good presents for the holidays from Collier Craft, Pure Body Care Essentials, Second Seed in Stitches, and Sunshine Soap Company. So, friends, when you get gifts from these artisans, just act surprised, mmkay?

I also got a little pink robot pin from someone vendor whose name I missed, but Greta approves.


Not jaded (yet)

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Today's theme is inspiration.

I'm too cranky and jaded for inspiration, but you know who isn't? My offspring.

Last week Greta brought this home from school. I was so proud to see her kind words.

That is all.


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