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Lemme see here. Bullets for  you.

  • I sure used to like when more than one or two people left comments for a blog. Hint, hint. I know I haven't exactly been an avid blogger the last year or so, and the image to the left says something about wanting spring to come, but I'm ready for your tough love to end and for you guys to start commenting again. Are my updates really so boring? If so, tell me what you want to hear.
  • We celebrated more birthdays this past weekend than should be legal. Friday night, there was a birthday party for the woman Greta's day care is named after (who is no longer with us in this world but who is still worth celebrating), there was a two-banger kids' birthday at Powder Mills Park on Saturday, and there was another kiddo birthday party at the Y on Sunday. Oh me, oh my!
  • If you live under a rock and you didn't know, the great Ronnie James Dio passed away earlier this week. Apparently it's pretty well known that I have a special place for him and his music in my heart because multiple people contacted me to offer their condolences. If only he knew there was some nerdy mom in Rochester, NY, who so many people associated with him with. I don't know what the significance of that is, but it seemed notable to me. RIP, RJD. May you ride the tiger...in peace.
  • I have a weird obsession about our old house, and I don't know why. I have a semi-recurring dream that I meet the women who bought the house, and we get into some sort of competition. I'm talkin' like a gym-class-type of relay race. It's so weird! In real life, we saw a former neighbor and she told us the new owners ripped out the hedges that had been in front of our old house. I always disliked the hedges, but in some weird way, I was sort of incensed when I found out they got rid of them. It had never occurred to me to take out the hedges! So they think they're better than us??  (Joking - sort of .) I didn't even really like that house. Can you imagine if I had? Why do I care?? When we told Greta they took out the hedges, she cried. I think the whole thing is very strange.
  • I decided I'm getting LASIK. I absolutely hate wearing glasses and contacts are even worse, and I hate squinting in the sun. I can feel new squinting-related wrinkles from the sun forming as I type this. After Pat's dicey LASIK experience and the fact that I am a major tightwad, I am shocked to be saying this. But I am getting LASIK. A friend of mine highly recommends one place in Rochester, but it's 'spensive. Like, twice as much as Pat's was, but it is MY EYES and perhaps you get what you pay for? Anyway, if you know of a good LASIK place in the ROC, let me know. I want to get it done within the next month or two. If you thought you would be funny and recommend the place Pat went to, let me stop you right here and let you know they closed up shop. SHOCKING, I know.
  • Ugh, I haven't taken a photo that hasn't been with my phone in ages. Sorry, bad Fran. I'll try to get better about that.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Leave a comment, damnit!

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Quick update:

  • I am going to see editors from The Onion speak tonight with a couple of Pat's library buddies (who are crossing into territory where I can probably simply refer to them as "my friends," but I don't want to be bold). Anyway, I can't wait.
  • I joined a book club. This is very unlike me. I'm not a joiner. However, a good friend of mine asked me if I was interested, and I started responding to her about how I'm not a "book club kind of person" and how I work through most lunches and don't sit down in the evening usually until after 9 PM and yadda, yadda, yadda. As I was typing it to her, it seemed kind of sad because, really, I'm too busy to read one book a month and get together with a group a couple hours a month to have adult time? Sort of, yeah, but I need to make some time for myself (and I can probably just spend less time trolling Facebook and the rest of the Internets every night. Hello!) And usually my rationale for not joining a book club is that I want to read what I want to read, not what someone else decides I should read, but first of all, I'm not reading what I want to read, so some motivation would be good (even if it's not something I would otherwise choose), and come to think of it I actually do like people telling me what to read. I loved school and assignments. So there you go.
  • Greta has brought manipulation to a new level. A while back she started being super whiney. Even when she needed a napkin, for example, she would just go from the thought of I need a napkin to then crying almost incomprehensibly, "I need a napkin!" as if she had asked sweetly five times in a row and we screamed NO and threatened to throw her stuffed monkey, Georgie, into the Genesee river. We have been super diligent about telling her she needs to ask nicely and then not giving her whatever she wants until she does just that. It has been a slightly painful process, but I'll be damned if I have a whiney kid. We seem to have turned a corner, recently, which is great, but I have visions of future manipulation. The other day, as we were leaving day care, another mom mentioned something about getting together Friday and getting pizza. When she did, Greta gently put her hands on my cheeks and said in the sweetest little voice, "Momma, please can we get some pizza for dinner tonight?" I was powerless to say no. At this point I think she deserves the positive reinforcement, but I'm just saying she's so darned cute it could get dicey.
  • With Greta's recent bout of sweetness, I recently had this actual thought go through my mind: If we could start at this age and I could be guaranteed they were all as sweet as Greta, I would have five kids. Now, this is notable because, well, I'm actually not really a "kid person" per se and I've never really seriously considered having more than one child (other than this two-span day a while back, but then I squashed that pretty quickly). Anyway, I had this thought, and then later that same day Greta was such a handful my thought quickly changed to thinking I would never have five of these devil children. Yeah, I'm fickle like that.
  • I'm excited for the $8,000 tax credit for home buyers in the stimulus plan. I wish it ended up being the full proposed $15,000 amount, but 8K is way better than a kick in the pants. Looks like we will definitely be moving this year!
  • Greta and I were working on her Valentine's last night and this morning, and we're having lots of fun (unlike the Crafting Debacle of Thanksgiving '08). I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I'll be sure to post pictures. (Hint: they involve plastic dinosaurs and say things like, "You're the triceratops!") Oozes cute.

If anyone has read this monstrosity in full you're a better person than I.

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