Double dang!

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I posted that mini update last week and then promptly forgot about it until just now. When I came back I was greeted by three glorious comments that weren't spam involving penis size. Well, that just warms my heart!

So I will abandon Instagram and Twitter and Facebook for now and try to string together a couple coherent thoughts. No promises.

  • We just watched Safety Not Guaranteed and I really enjoyed it and can't stop thinking about it. Apparently the newspaper ad referenced in the movie has a big history.
  • I made this and it was ridiculous. Some people would probably call a vegetarian Philly-style sandwich blasphemy, but I call it...delishphemy.
  • Work has slowed down a bit for me (finally), and I've been reading more and spending more time with the family (especially Greta), which has been really great. I can't bend my brain around the idea of working such crazy hours again after having this break. We shall see. I've gotten a lot of good reading in lately, but the book that has resonated with me the most recently is Eleanor and Park. It just took me back to high school and first loves and quirky friends and dysfunctional relationships.
  • I always think I'm not into [insert sport, game, or recreational activity]. but whenever I give it a try I seem to have fun. This past weekend I went to a craft night and I played a game and I had fun. I made a craft involving wine corks, which was sort of horrifying for me because everyone else there is either an artist or ubercrafter. I'm all shrinky dinks and construction paper they're all oil paints and clay. Anyway, after crafting we played Cards against Humanity (my first time) and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I must play it again posthaste.
  • On a more personal note, Pat is no longer at RIT, which is just weird. He likes his new job and I think it was a good move for him; I just miss being so connected to RIT. I have this grand plan that I will start working there in 5ish years. I am all talk, though, so we shall see. I will probably have to lay off the penis enlargement spam jokes first.
  • Greta is good. Man, I can't think of anything to say about Greta that doesn't sound annoying in my head....oh! Uhh, she slept in a box Saturday night. That was kind of funny. Pat had something shipped that came in basically a long, narrow Greta-shaped box. She asked if she could sleep in it some night and we said sure. It was a little too short so she had to scrunch her legs up a bit. Pat asked if she wanted him to rip off the end so she could stretch out and she thought about it for a while and then said, "No, because then I wouldn't be sleeping in a box; I'd just be sleeping on cardboard." Makes total sense!

OK my brain is oozing out of my ear at this point. Please take care, kind friends.



Is that a giant TV or are you just happy to see me?

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Some things in no particular order:

I did indeed start editing the book. People who said editing is harder than writing weren't joking around. And here I thought they were just kissing up to me. So far it's slow going and I'm thinking the end result is going to be mediocre at best, but I will finish—or die trying.

I also came up with an idea for book number 2. It's still very intangible and far fetched, but I have an idea! That's sort of a big deal for me.

This past Friday we went to the artists' reception for the show Greta's picture is in. It was really fun to see Greta's photo in person as well as the entire series. Each photo was better than the next. And it was so fun to see the kids there and get to see their personalities and see how excited they were. The photographer has posted some of the images here. I love them all. And I sneaked a picture of my favorite little model in front of her photo.

We have butterflies! Greta got a butterfly habitat for her birthday from her friend Sophie, and the next day we sent away for the butterflies in waiting. We got our larvae and we've been enjoying their metamorphosis over the last couple weeks. On Monday the first two butterflies appeared, and today the third and final butterfly made its appearance. It has been really, really cool, but they're really, really freaky to me. I mean, this is a face only a mother could love, no?

I do thoroughly enjoy these little critters, though.

Did I mention they're creepy, though?


Even more exciting than the butterflies, if you like technology and don't fear change, is that we got a new TV. We are notorious for our ridiculously dumb outdated TV. The thing is, I like our old cruddy TV. But Pat has been trying to talk me into buying a new TV for years, and he was so stupidly excited when we got our tax return and found the perfect TV. Anyway, I was reluctant but I couldn't squelch Pat's dreams for a modern TV anymore even though Greta cried when she heard the news (we do fear change). The TV arrived today, and it is so big. It came while Pat was at work and I IM'd him complaining about how big it is. Here is the transcript of our conversation:

Fran: it's like half the length of the living room

Pat it'll be perfect

Pat: i studied the viewing distance charts

Pat: i used scientifically proven methods

Fran: okay okay

We got it all set up, and Pat and I watched for five minutes. Here is the transcript from this conversation:

Fran: it's giving me a headache

Pat: me too

Pat: we'll get used to it

Fran: [groan] champagne problems


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