Life ate my life

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Greta is currently in ballet, swimming, and ice skating, not to mention it's what I affectionately call "birthday season." I love it all, but I feel like her activities ate, eat, and will continue to eat my weekends until she goes away to college. But look how cute she was passing not one but two levels in ice skating.

I found a new passion: RIT women's hockey. I just love it. I love the excitement. I love the camaraderie. I love the funny little rituals of the crowd. This might sound really weird, but it sort of feels like a religious experience to me. I always wanted to feel a sense of belonging at church but always just felt very awkward and like a usurper. At the hockey games, I feel that communal sense of belonging. Told you it was weird. Anyway, go Tigers!

Last weekend our friend Chris was in town for the first time since moving to California a couple years ago. We had a great time hanging out and staying up later than I've stayed up since our dear spawn was born. Of course we had multiple impromptu photo shoots and listened to the likes of Steely Dan and Dio. We would have listened to Billy Squire, too, if his music were available on Rhapsody. Here are two of my favorite dudes.

I am reading a good book that is worth mentioning called The Lost Girls. One of the authors (Holly) went to my high school. I wasn't sure what to expect because the description sounds a little more, um, inspirational and upbeat than I like my books to be, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I had read "warnings" in reviews of the book saying that the book encourages wanderlust. I don't even like leaving the house, so I thought, pshaw. And then about five pages into the prologue I was fantasizing about going to Africa. It's a fairly light, quick read. Good stuff.

Greta's birthday is on Thursday, and we haven't solidified a single plan. What can I say? Things have been busy. We will no doubt get our acts together to properly celebrate it before the last snowfall I'm sure.

ALSO, uh, Greta has a Twitter account now. The topic of Twitter came up the other day, and Greta said, "I want to do that!" So I started an account for her a few days ago, and I have been recording some of her musings. Think Kids Say the Darndest Things meets Sh*t My Dad Says. In case you're so inclined, you can follow her here.

And that's about all I have the brainpower for at this juncture.


You Can

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The last couple weeks I've felt a little like I'm in an emotional rabbit hole. Nothing seems to be going right. It happens. I have a really hard time updating this site when I get into a mood like this because I can't think of anything to say that isn't either overly personal or might be potentially hurtful to someone else. So that's why there has been the big lag between updates. I'm just super grumpy and I've been biting my tongue.

A handful of years ago, I was working at a company where morale was particularly low and people were leaving left and right. They didn't have money to give raises, and there wasn't a whole lot they could do to improve things. One morning, when we arrived at work, we each found an empty can at our desks along with a letter from one of the likeable bigwigs at the company. On the can, there was a label that said "You Can." The letter explained the concept of "You Can," which, in a nutshell, is just that you can make things how you want them. We can't necessarily expect outside factors to all be easy and great, so when the going gets tough, you get a can full of nothin' on your desk so you can panhandling after work to be able to afford diapers...or something like that. Anyway, everyone thought it was ridiculous, and the likeable bigwig and yours truly both jumped ship not long after the "You Can" surfaced. The fact of the matter, though, is that sometimes you gotta just suck it up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

In the spirit of the You Can, here are some things that I've done or seen in the last few weeks that haven't completely sucked:

Our old college friend Sarah came into town for a night with her boyfriend Dennis. Sarah is one of the nicest people I know, and it was great to see her. (It was the first time we'd seen her since our wedding.) She showered us with gifts, which was completely unnecessary but really nice. My favorite is a Pez dispenser she got for Pat from the Norman Rockwell Museum. How cool is this?

Days after, a different old college friend named Sara came into town for a night. I met up with her at LUX and got to meet her husband, Brian, who is one of those people you immediately like and feel comfortable with, like you feel like you could tell him about the time the gang of senior girl bullies picked on you in the ninth grade and how you still fear wearing hats because of it, and how he would actually care and be able to say something to make you think maybe you could wear a hat again someday. (I resisted spilling my guts to him, though.) They're good people, and I only wish I had gotten to see them more. Plus, there was free popcorn at LUX that night. Yeah, that was a good night.

This week, another old college friend named Amanda came into town for a night. I met up with her and our friend Sue and we went to Flight, which is a pretty cool wine bar. We laughed A LOT. Those people you can go without seeing for 12 years and then laugh with as hard as you used to laugh when you lived next door to them are GOOD people.

And as if that weren't enough...

I heard about this. I love that peer pressure even works on people who are old and filthy rich. Whatever works.

I also heard about this. Who knew mannequin arms could be so hilarious?

I also heard about this. I love that even NPR thought it was newsworthy.

Finally, I am very proud to report that my dad won a prestigious award in his field. My dad is one of those people who consistently works hard and is smart and humble and is good for the sake of being good. If I needed to write an essay for a college application about the person I admire most, I would write about my dad (with Ira Glass as a back-up subject). He is great, and I'm really glad when other people notice. Hopefully he won't be too embarrassed by my posting this video about it.

So there you go. Fran CAN get out of a funk.


Ugh, sorry

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This year...has been about things other than communication and fun. Hey, we found a great house and all love that I can see us living in for the long haul, and we should go back to being the proud owners of only one home (two mortgage payments is a b***h!) as of Thursday, and of course there is the whole working-full-time and being-a-mom thing, but I am still feeling guilty about being such a slacker friend this year and being the suck at updating this site. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though. And then the holidays are going to hit...but 2010 is going to be about reconnecting with friends and with the things that make me happy, like reading, writing, and photographing.
But for now, this is all you get. :) So how are you?

I sense a theme

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For days I've been thinking about what to write and staring at the site and coming up with nothing. I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that we've all been some degree of sick for the last few weeks or being super extra busy at work, but I am feeling so, so blah.
Perhaps a list is in order:

  • I decided I would really like Lasik, but I'm too cheep to get it. Yeah, I know I was very dramatic after Pat's Lasik experience, but I'm sick of glasses.
  • I've been on a cleaning/purging/organizing bender since January 1st and I love it. My closet has been organized for an entire month. It's a record!
  • I'm craving steak. 
  • I want to get out and take some pictures, but it's too cold and I'm too lazy.
  • Greta finally brought home a craft from school I can sign on for: a big, colorful necklace that contains no messy, glittery parts. If it were big enough to fit over my head, I would wear it to work. Alas, it is too small for me...and Greta didn't give it to me.
  • Greta is hilarious. The girl still is a crappy sleeper, though.
  • Our cats have started ganging up on us, and they both now feel the need to eat every two hours at night.
  • I'm tired all of the time.
  • My mojo is still at large.
  • Happy birthday, Taryn!

Weak, I know. Discuss.

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