The business of book writing...

Those of you who still check in at ye olde are probably sick of the doughnut business, eh? Sorry about that. It's been busy! I won't go into how work and school are busy and how I am feeling sort of like this. And I will skip the part about how Greta's dance and swimming classes are a blast but how they, coupled with the usual weekend busy-ness, make the weekend go by in a flash. And I will even skip the part about how I got totally suckered into the Dragon Tattoo series and how I'm midway through the second book in the series. (See how I just skipped all of that stuff?)
The most exciting thing going on with me is that I've taken the plunge and signed up for this year's National Novel Writing Month. I've got a plot, and I think I can do it! I know everybody and their brother wants to write a book, but most people are all talk. I am one of those people (who wants to write a book), and I am really, really hoping I'm not all talk.
I am planning on writing about a time from my life that when I have told people in recent years stories from that time, they say something akin to, "Whoa, you should totally write a book about that!" I have also gotten a lot of encouragement over the years from friends and family that they like my writing style and I should write a book, yada yada. So I am trying to put my self-consciousness aside and just go for it.
I think NaNoWriMo is exactly what I need. On one hand, the pressure is off: The focus is on quantity rather than quality. If I can just get something written, I will have fulfilled my personal goal. Anything above and beyond that will just be gravy. On the other hand, the pressure is on: There is a short deadline and a few strict requirements. I thrive on deadlines and rules!
I won't give too many details on the book, but as a bit of a teaser, I will tell you that the book contains the following: a car crash, a drug dealer, a secret wedding, p0rnography, a 300-lb theif tried in Judo, a creepy bus driver, learning how to make change, ugly people, one heavy petting session, and MURDER AND INTRIGUE!
And it's all true, to the best of my selective recollection, except maybe the intrigue part.
I am sort of terrified to write it all down and hopefully not either find out I don't have nearly enough material or to just somehow fail miserably...I am actually sort of shaking even talking about it. Grumble, grumble. I can't actually start writing-writing until November. For now, I'm outlining the plot and just trying to collect my thoughts and feeling nervous. Encouragement welcomed in the comments section!

Goodest Editor

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My father is not the only one in the family who wins awards. Last night I went to a work event, and I was not surprised that the baseball game got rained out, and I was not surprised that the catering at Frontier Field was mediocre at best, but I was quite surprised that there was an awards ceremony and that I won the award for "Goodest Editor."

Sadly, I will not win any awards based on the quality of this photo, but it was the best I could do at the moment.

I was really quite honored. Although the awards all had a humorous twist, it is nice to know I work—as a work-from-home contract employee, mind you—with a boss who knows us all well enough that he could come up with something funny and personal to say about all of us. I don't think many self-employed people get that (or a free night at a ball game) from the companies they contract for, so I am thankful. I am going to cherish the award always and will be throwing it in people's faces (the title, not the award itself, silly) for years to come.

How dare you question me? I won the Goodest Editor award in 2010!


Finally, the recognition I "deserve"

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After submitting this photo to Fail Blog I thought was a shoo-in for making their home page that never made the cut (even though it got phenomenal ratings from people in their voting section [I swear I'm barely still bitter, even though THEY ARE DEAD TO ME]), I was feeling a little nervous about putting myself out there again on the www. But I enjoy The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, and there is a sign on a building my favorite Korean restaurant is in that I just had to document and submit to the site. I got the good news yesterday that my image made the site! I am so honored. I love the myriad issues with this sign.

I would like to thank my parents for "supporting" me through college, where I "learned" how to recognize a "good" photo op when I saw it. I would like to thank Pat Reed for "buying" me an iPhone for Christmas, without which this sign would never have been documented, because I "never" think to bring a camera otherwise. I would like to thank Young's for being "delicious" and for being in the low-budget "plaza" next to the "You Never" Know? store. And, finally, I would like to thank TBoUQM for recognizing "greatness" (unlike those snobs over at FB).


Just so you know

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Tonight Greta sold her soul to the devil for guitar licks*.

*Greta didn't actually sell her soul to the devil.


RIP, Urban Rabbit

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I had such a great weekend otherwise, but Pat just came in and gave me some bad news. He found our little urban rabbit friend dead in the street. Because I just posted her picture last week, I thought it was worth a mention here. What I am assuming is a coincidence is that there is a very busted up car parked directly in front of our house. I like to think that Urban Rabbit was somehow involved and went out with a bang. :*(

 Check out this car, seriously.


Somethin' brand new for that @$$ in 2009!

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That's right, folks! The web designer portion of the duo redesigned the site for the new year (for the first time in six years [six years!]). He will soon be ending his blog-writing strike to introduce you to some of the new features; they should be fairly intuitive, though.
We hope you like the new site. More importantly, we hope you had a great end to 2008 and have a wonderful start to 2009. Here's to good things in the new year!
PS - We hope you enjoyed your extra second and that you used it wisely!

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