November 2012

Family of four

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Today's theme is family. In case you don't already know, Ruby is our eldest. [Editor's note: I was having guilt issues about not mentioning our dearly departed Maynard, so here you go. RIP, Maynardo.]

Some other family members include Pat and Greta. They like to play music together.

And eat pancakes alfresco (yes, Greta is wearing a bathrobe).

All three of us are a little quirky.

One time when Greta had a day off from school I made her walk around our neighborhood and pick up garbage.

'Cause that's how I roll. Would you expect any less?


Forget Jessica Seinfeld; we've got Ms. Food Face

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Today's theme is creativity. Anyone with a picky eater knows sometimes you've got to get creative with food presentation.

We got this Ms. Food Face plate a while back, and it has been great for multiple reasons. One, it encourages me to put things on Greta's plate that I wouldn't have thought to put on her plate before, so she's getting a better variety of foods. Two, it makes things more fun for Greta, so she eats anything I put on the plate.

I'm a little under the weather today and I didn't get around to taking any new pictures, but here are a couple I pulled out of the archives. 

And that's all I have the energy for tonight. Peace and love, peace and love.


Get ready to have your minds blown (just kidding)

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Today's theme is time. People (myself included) are often lamenting the fact that we don't have enough of it. I try to think of the big picture and remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, our days are just a blip on the radar.

When I thought of time, I thought of how rocks represent time. We are just specs, people!

Anyway, Greta and I both have a tendency to pick up things we find in nature. Since I was young I liked finding fossils and cool rocks, and if I was having a good (or sometimes really bad) day, I would grab a rock to remind me of that time. We have so many interesting rocks, pine cones, shells, twigs, etc., we have them displayed in little nooks and crannies all over the house. It's weird to think that the rocks will be in this world way, way longer than any of us will.

At the risk of seeming super duper nerdy, here are some photos of our various collections.

And to appeal to my nerdy and hypochondriac tendencies, I sometimes wonder if I should use a Geiger counter to make sure none of my rock collection is radioactive. But my apathetic tendencies win out on that one, but let me know if you know anyone with access to a Geiger counter.


For those about to rock

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Today's theme is music and, well, that's just easy. We have a pretty musical family, and in case you missed it Greta got a drum set for her birthday this year. She's been taking private lessons for last few months, and we're really happy with her progress.

Here's a video of her playing a beat from "Hard to Handle" (plus a fill and crash at the end for flair).

IMG 1675 from Fran Reed on Vimeo.

And because everybody enjoys bloopers, here's a short video where Greta was rocking so hard the screw thingy (technical term) on the hi-hat flew off.

IMG 1679 from Fran Reed on Vimeo.


Friendship is...sharing a gabage plate at midnight

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Today's theme is friendship. Here is my photo for friendship.

What does a garbage plate have to do with friendship? OK, so it's a stretch, but hear me out. Last night I posted a link on that site This Is Why You're Huge. Pat and I were guffawing at some of the pictures posted and I mentioned that they were making me hungry for a garbage plate, and then Pat offered to get 11:30 at night. I thought it was super nice, and it made me feel lucky to have Pat as my husband and friend. See?! Garbage plates clearly equal friendship.

To anyone who is completely grossed out looking at this picture, I will mention that we put organic mustard on it, so that makes it all OK.

In other news, today we had even nicer weather than yesterday, in the low 70s. Greta had her ice skating lesson at RIT, and we went to RIT early to walk around for a while and enjoy what will probably be the last day for T-shirt weather for quite a while. We went to Global Village and enjoyed sitting on the freakishly green grass.

Here is Greta sitting out the building people affectionately call the toilet bowl.

And here is a potential ad for Java's smoothies. Just sayin'.

By the way, the title of this post cracks me up. Greta's class is currently working on a collection of "concept books." Each one starts with a prompt and then each kid in the class adds some text and a picture. They have prompts like "My favorite snack is..." and "Something pink is..." I like the idea that one could be "Friendship is...sharing a garbage plate at midnight."


Kindness fail

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So yesterday was all serendipitous blah blah blah. was not.

Anyway, today's theme is kindness. I had opportunities to capture kindness but didn't for one reason or another. Today just felt like a battle with myself.

On a positive note, the weather was unseasonably warm today (low 50s) and we finally did most of the big fall cleanup. Over the summer Greta spotted some Chinese Lantern flowers I had never seen in our flower beds before. When we were doing yard work today I found the dried flowers, which was fun. Cool looking, eh?

Tonight Greta and I were planning on going to an owl prowl with Wild Wings at Mendon Ponds. We were running late (something new and different) and I get lost any time I go to Mendon Ponds in the daylight; planning to go at night with a dying cell phone and no proper map was just a disaster. We got super lost and I sort of panicked, so when I finally found a familiar landmark I drove home. Fail. Greta was prepared; too bad I wasn't.

Anyway, the kindness portion of this post is dedicated to Wild Wings and our friends Tim and Shastin who have spent thousands of hours volunteering their time there. They're the real deal. I'm glad there are people like them in the world.

Side note: Apparently Pat had told Greta that if Obama won the election we would get ice cream to celebrate (random, but I like it). We had to do something tonight to recover from the disappointment of missing out on the owl prowl, so we decided to get our celebratory ice cream tonight. I thought the Vermonster was most appropriate choice, but we settled for Cone Head Sundaes from Friendly's.

Why does Greta's sundae (shown right) look like it was made with love but mine (shown left) looks like it was made by a stoner (with love of recreational drugs)?


How we watch The Nutcracker for free

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So today's theme is holidays...on November 9th. Mmm, OK. It seems a little early for holiday spirit, unless you're talking about Veterans Day. I was thinking I would just come up with a substitute theme for today and then something very serendipitous happened.

Greta wanted to go to Barnes and Noble, so we headed over there and saw a sign saying the Rochester City Ballet would be there to read The Nutcracker and perform portions of the ballet. It was 6:45 when we read the sign, and they were starting at 7. Quelle surprise!

So we headed up and got great seats. After the performance, the dancers stuck around to sign autographs.

Greta (shockingly) wasn't shy about getting all their autographs. Here is Greta meeting Clara.

And here is a picture of just about all the dancers who were there tonight.

My Grandma Ruth used to take me to see The Nutcracker ballet when I was little, and I'm a big ballet fan. I couldn't wait to take Greta to see it once she was old enough. This year will be Greta's third time seeing it, and we (well, I, at least) can't wait. It's one of my favorite holiday traditions. I'll take Greta as long as she is willing to go with me.

Also, happy early Veterans Day.


To sleep, perchance to dream

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Today's theme is sleep, something everyone in this house with the exception of Ruby doesn't get enough of. Working from home I see Ruby snoozing all day long, and I know cats are nocturnal, but I swear she sleeps all night too.

The whole thing makes me really, really jealous.

Editor's note: I just remembered I'm supposed to something involving gratitude. Uhhh...I guess I'll just say I'm grateful at least someone in the house gets enough sleep.



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Today's theme is innovation. It took me a while to come up with something to show / talk about for innovation, but then if finally hit me. The best part is this is something I'm very proud of, so I'm thrilled to share this.

In September we went to the Greentopia Festival, and they had quite a few kid-friendly activities. We met this wonderful woman with a scrap art table, and she was very generous with her time, ideas, and supplies. She gave Greta a bin of deconstructed silk flowers and a metal brad, and she showed Greta how to layer petals to make a big, cool flower. She let Greta add some more embellishments and helped her tie a ribbon on the back so she could tie it around her bun. I couldn't believe how cool it came out with some simple supplies that had been collected here and there.

Greta had so much fun making it we went to a craft store the next day and bought the same supplies. Greta has been making them like crazy, and each new batch boggles my mind.

She has been wearing them around a lot and gets tons of compliments. Her teacher even asked if she could borrow one and wore it around for the day.

We have so many at this point I am considering setting up some sort of sale so Greta can start her own little business. What do you think? Should she start selling them?

Oh, speaking of innovation, we went to some hellacious dance supply store and I was ticked because it took us almost an hour to get there they didn't even have what we came for, and then the owner was like, "Oh! I have something that will be perfect for your daughter's hair." I was wound so tight I was thinking it had better change my life or I was going to give her my patented icy-cold stare and then walk out, and then she whipped Greta's hair up into a beautiful, perfect bun in about 10 seconds. I bought one on the spot. It's called a Whirl-a-Style, and it's awesome. We use it all the time, and it brings me great joy, especially because Greta's dance studio requires her to wear her hair in a bun for class.

Innovation. Boom.



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Today's theme is memories.

It's Election Day, of course, and I can't help but think a lot about Election Day four years ago. I think that President Obama deserves four more years, and I've been glued to the news the last two days, and my nails, which are even ridiculously shorter than usual, reflect how nerve wracking this election has been to me.

I hate to admit I'm pretty superstitious, so I've been wearing my Obama t-shirt from the 2008 election for most of the last 24 hours (ew, I know). I even bought brie cheese to have for a snack tonight because we ate that while we were watching the presidential election results four years ago. (I tried to buy Miller High Life because that's what we were drinking that night, but I couldn't find it at Wegmans so I got Genesee instead; if Romney wins, it was clearly my beer purchase.)

I took Greta with me to vote tonight, and she was very excited to be part of the election.

Four more years! Four more years!

Greta and I were glued to the TV early on in the evening. She wasn't very happy about going to bed tonight.

OK, and things are getting really juicy, so I'm not very good at multitasking right now.

I'll leave you with this from four years ago. If you don't like that, perhaps you will prefer this. Happy memories.