July 2012

Where the fun never stops*

File under: travel

Hey there, cats and kittens! It has been a busy summer already. Last week Greta had a break between kindergarten and the start of summer camp, so Pat took a few days off with her and my mom came out to fill in the gaps while I worked like...like...like it was my job. (Whoever decided to put the end the fiscal year in summer is just a jerk.)

Pat and Greta took their Second Annual Father-Daughter Road Trip to Enchanted Forest during their time off. You may remember such road trips from last year.

The weather was super cold and so they didn't participate in the "water safari" portion of the park, but they had a great time nonetheless.

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and  Tweedle Super Smart and Awesome (L to R)

This is Greta's new mom (since I chose work over family).

Enchanted Forest closed down early their second and final day of the trip, so Pat and Greta had lunch with the famous Vienneau and went to Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome, New York, on the way home.


* Except when it's chilly and they feel like closing the park early.