March 2011

Life ate my life

File under: blah


Greta is currently in ballet, swimming, and ice skating, not to mention it's what I affectionately call "birthday season." I love it all, but I feel like her activities ate, eat, and will continue to eat my weekends until she goes away to college. But look how cute she was passing not one but two levels in ice skating.

I found a new passion: RIT women's hockey. I just love it. I love the excitement. I love the camaraderie. I love the funny little rituals of the crowd. This might sound really weird, but it sort of feels like a religious experience to me. I always wanted to feel a sense of belonging at church but always just felt very awkward and like a usurper. At the hockey games, I feel that communal sense of belonging. Told you it was weird. Anyway, go Tigers!

Last weekend our friend Chris was in town for the first time since moving to California a couple years ago. We had a great time hanging out and staying up later than I've stayed up since our dear spawn was born. Of course we had multiple impromptu photo shoots and listened to the likes of Steely Dan and Dio. We would have listened to Billy Squire, too, if his music were available on Rhapsody. Here are two of my favorite dudes.

I am reading a good book that is worth mentioning called The Lost Girls. One of the authors (Holly) went to my high school. I wasn't sure what to expect because the description sounds a little more, um, inspirational and upbeat than I like my books to be, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I had read "warnings" in reviews of the book saying that the book encourages wanderlust. I don't even like leaving the house, so I thought, pshaw. And then about five pages into the prologue I was fantasizing about going to Africa. It's a fairly light, quick read. Good stuff.

Greta's birthday is on Thursday, and we haven't solidified a single plan. What can I say? Things have been busy. We will no doubt get our acts together to properly celebrate it before the last snowfall I'm sure.

ALSO, uh, Greta has a Twitter account now. The topic of Twitter came up the other day, and Greta said, "I want to do that!" So I started an account for her a few days ago, and I have been recording some of her musings. Think Kids Say the Darndest Things meets Sh*t My Dad Says. In case you're so inclined, you can follow her here.

And that's about all I have the brainpower for at this juncture.