June 2010

Flip you. Flip ya for real.

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So, this past weekend we went to Ohio. Because, what's high in the middle and round on both ends? O-high-o! AKA, the place where it takes 9 1/2 hours to get there and then takes 45 minutes to get anywhere else (to my grandma’s, to my aunt and uncle’s, to my great aunt’s, to buy kids’ toothpaste). But seriously, I love Ohio. Because it translates to "summer vacation." And while it sort of sucked when we were kids and we had to sleep in my grandparents' house that was in southern Ohio and had no air conditioning, it now translates to sleeping in air-conditioned hotels and drinking my dad's wine every night and eating like a glutton with my parents. Oh, and my Ohio kinfolk is awesome.

We visited with my grandma, first and foremost, but we also saw my Great Aunt Jean (who is awesome) and my Aunt Kish and Uncle Mike (who are awesome) and we drove A LOT and hung out with my parents a lot and DRANK A LOT OF GOOD WINE.

Greta did a lot of this.

And my mom entertained Greta endlessly.

And to my grandma's delight, Pat used his "magic eye" at my grandma's apartment.

This is the one family portrait you'll get for the year.

Greta was getting slightly punchy the sencond day we visited my grandma. My favorite quote from Usual Suspects is when Benicio Del Toro said, "Flip you. Flip ya for real." That reminds me of this.

And this.

Also, on the way to Ohio, we watched Fanstatic Mr. Fox. It was awesome. First of all, I didn't realize it's not a "kids' movie." Not in the Funky Beat Band kind of way and not in any other kind of way. It's sort of a kids' movie in the way that Lock, Stock and Two Barrels is a kids' movie, but it's great and Wes Anderson directed it (I <3 him) and Greta and I loved it. And it's great. Put it in your Netflix queue now. And if you're too intellectual for Fantastic Mr. Fox, get Frost/Nixon. That was good too.

I also did other things the last couple/few weeks, and I wanted to document the scene. This is just showing a hair clip my hair dresser made that is awesome. Greta wants to wear it everyday.

Andhere's a recent picutre of Greta and Oliver the Great with a purple tongue. Random, but I like it.


Oh! Also, I got Pat and Wii for Father's Day. I'm awesome!



Book Desecration Swap

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As I mentioned back in January, Taryn used some pages that had fallen out of her original copy of Nine Stories to create an awesome table for me. I loved the idea of book craftiness, and so when I saw NPW's wreath made out of book pages (here's a more formal tutorial on Living with Lindsay for staunch rule followers, like me), I knew I had to make one for Taryn.

I had bought the supplies back in March and then they sat idle in a closet. A few weeks ago, I decided to hunker down with all of my supplies, a glass of wine, and the movie The Blind Side. As I pulled out the styrofoam ring I had bought, I thought, "Oh crap, that is big!" I ended up buying a 14" wreath, and when I consulted the Living with Lindsay site, I saw that she said to use a 10" wreath. What a difference 4 inches makes. I guessed I would need more wine and that I would be up a while. I ended up getting about halfway through when the end credits of The Blind Side were rolling and I ran out of book pages. Whoopsie. I ended up needing to buy another book the next day and finished everything up. Thankfully, unlike in NPW's case, no Franny digits were harmed in the making of the wreath.

The finished product is quite large and quite lovely! The picture really does not do the size justice. It's really big, people.

I'm really happy with the end product, and, more importantly, I finally got to give it to Taryn this past weekend, and she really seemed to love it. And everyone who saw it in passing seemed to love it as well. It's a great, inexpensive gift to make for a bibliophile...or for whatever is Latin for a person who hates books but loves wreaths.


SpongeBob FangFace

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Working from home, I typically hear the ice cream truck driving by in the afternoon, after school is out but before Pat and Greta are home. I somehow manage to restrain myself from hopping out of my computer chair and grabbing my wallet to get something icy cold and delicious. For one, I've been ridiculously busy with work and taking a break for ice cream is not foremost in my mind. For another, we always have some sort of iced confection in our freezer this time of year. Finally, I'm a 33-year-old woman; I can show some self-control in the face of ice cream.

Last night, after dinner, we heard the familiar bell of the Scoops truck*. Moments after the bell was first audible, many thoughts went through my mind: Ice cream! Greta would like ice cream. If we got Greta ice cream tonight, would she beg us for ice cream the next hundred times we heard the ice cream truck? Greta basically just ate corn and nothing else for dinner. Can I really condone dessert? Hmm, that ice cream costs money. We have ice cream in the freezer. I'm tired and this chair is mighty comfortable...

But lucky for everyone, Pat got a very excited look in his eye and he popped up, grabbed Greta under her arms, and yelled, "Ice cream truck!"

They quickly put their shoes on and ran outside just in time to get some ice cream. Greta chose Scooby Doo; Pat chose SpongeBob; and Pat knows me well, so he got me one of those sugar cones with vanilla ice cream, chocolate shell, and chopped nuts on top.

After a pretty crappy day - nay, week - this was awesome:

I love my family, my totally valid reason for overpriced ice cream on a Friday night.

Is it me, or does Pat's SpongeBob SquarePants look more like SpongeBob FangFace?

* PnF fun fact: In the summer of 1999, we were living in a cruddy apartment on Rutgers Street. Our friend Vienneau was living in town for the summer, working for Scoops, and he struck a deal to room in our attic apartment, in this mini half-room that was really just a dormer. He would pay for the utilities and bring each of the four roommates (Pat; this kid named Jason, who fell of the face of the earth; Jason's girlfriend at the time, Colleen; and me) our favorite ice cream every night he worked during the summer. He always brought me home my favorite: a sugar cone with vanilla ice cream, chocolate shell, and chopped nuts. :)


Okay go

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It's not as cool as this, but it's still pretty fun.