January 2010

Day 1: Happy New Year!

File under: Image del día


2009 was the year of the great move. For me, 2010 is going to be about reconnecting with the people and things who/that mean a lot to me. Pat suggested a 365 images type thingy, like half an hour ago, and I thought it sounded pretty keen. I am not convinced I am going to do it, but just in case, I thought I should shoot a couple pictures today.

Recently I was inspired by some photographs of texture that my friend Alex took in Hong Kong, so here is an ode to his images, except my ode is found items in my house instead of a beautiful foreign country. Ta da! (Oops, his pictures require a login, so what I also had in mind was the similarity in colors between these two picctures, which reminded me of a color study a former coworker, Basia, had done while in India. Again, not quite the same when it's in your living room in Rochester and it's only two images, but whatever.)


As eager as I am to decorate for Christmas each year, I am always just as eager to get the Christmas decorations packed back up and in the attic once New Year's Day comes. At some point they transform from festive objects to clutter. As a last hurrah, here are a couple of the sparkliest dang ornaments you ever did see.

Texture subject #2 is a wine bag I recently bought for my dad for his birthday. When I was buying it, I realized it was really ugly, but for some reason I felt compelled to buy it. I like to put it on my arm and chase Greta around with it, doing my best Wookie impression. And who wouldn't love a fuzzy, silky arm mit / wine cozy for his 61st birthday?

In more important news, i think this has been my most favorite New Year's Day. Usually I feel a little overwhelmed and depressed on the first day of the year, but today has been great. We had brunch with friends, I cooked a lot (the novelty of cooking in the new kitchen has *not* worn off yet), and it just felt like a good blend of productive and relaxing - and not to mention barely overwhelming and not at all depressing. I hope you all had a great decade transition.