September 2009

I was hoping for the egg of a monster

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So I was watching Rochester's worst news station briefly yesterday (YNN, formerly RNews [TERRIBLE rebrand]), when I saw my cousin's boyfriend. I am awful at recognizing people, so I called Pat over to confirm it was indeed him. We got a chuckle out of it because it was my cousin's boyfriend, Chris, and because the local news around here is sort of sad. And because, well, it was about a chicken's giant egg.
And then I went to CNN this morning and happened to see the headline "Monster egg is 2.5 times normal size." Could it be the story about Chris and his chicken's massive egg? Noooo. But I clicked on it and it was! I'm so fascinated by this. Here is the video from CNN.
And THEN I noticed the little T-shirt thingy next to the headline and I was all, "Oh no you di'n't!" And I clicked and saw the greatest thing ever.
I want this shirt. I wear a ladies small. Please and thanks.

I can't think of a title


We spent most of this weekend at the new house, getting some painting done before we "storm the castle." Get it? Because our new house looks like a castle. Heh. Painting - or really focusing on any task that requires...focus - with a three year old present is not as easy as it might sound. We did get a lot done during her nap yesterday (she boycotted a nap today - thumbs down for productivity) and last night after she went to bed, and we made a nice dent in painting the guest room / office and Greta's bedroom. We have just 5 million more things to do (like sell our other house - minor detail), and then we can move in!

Last night we got as close to camping as I get by sleeping over at the new house on *gasp!* air mattresses and eating things like *shudder!* cold spaghetti sandwiches. (Cold spaghetti sandwiches are actually quite tasty. Air mattresses, however, suck.)

Here is Greta in her new "bedroom" (actually it's the dining room) eating "dinner" (spaghetti sandwich on her "hand plate").

And here is Greta in her new "playroom" (actually it's the living room) playing with her "toys" (they're just toys).

I also took some "before" pictures, but since we're didn't actually finish anything this weekend, I will have to save them until later.

As much as we like the new house, we're happy to be back to our city house tonight to sleep in our own comfy non-air-filled beds. And I think I'm feeling a little loopy right now, so on that note I'm off to bed! Sorry for the excessive quotation marks and parentheticals. (You know you "love" them.)



We own this

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This is what I did most of the weekend

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I sat in my driveway wearing a fanny pack, talking to friends who stopped by to check out our yard sale and the crazies in the neighborhood. It was actually a really fun time, and I enjoyed wearing the fanny pack way too much.

Thanks to our visitors who stopped by to make the day more fun and buy our crap previously enjoyed goods.


Tasty new phone

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This is our new/old phone.

Background: Our home phone died a few weeks ago and we sort of assumed it had something to do with the connection at the house, not the phone. And since we have basically zero use for a home phone, other than when we get really, really lonely and talk to a telemarketer, we didn't bother to call the phone company. Anyway, Pat wanted to check to see if it was the phone itself, and the only one we had was this Miller novelty phone that our friend George gave us many moons ago. Lo and behold, it worked. Soooo, meet our new phone. I call her Millie. And, hey, it works.



Just so you know

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Tonight Greta sold her soul to the devil for guitar licks*.

*Greta didn't actually sell her soul to the devil.