August 2009

Still laughing my elbow off

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Tonight, at bath time, we had the following conversation.
Greta: Points to her nipples and says, "These are my ankles."
Pat: "Those aren't your ankles," (Points to actual ankles.) "These are your ankles."
Greta: "Points to her ankles and says, "Those aren't my ankles; those are my nipples."
Pat and Fran: (Stifling laughter.)
Greta: "Why are mommy's ankles bigger than daddy's ankles?"
Following that we had a conversation clarifying ankles/nipples and why the mommy parts in question are larger than daddy parts in question. The entire conversation was as earnest as possible but was, of course, sprinkled with fits of giggles.

Sound the alarm

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Because today is Pat Reed's birthday.

Given Pat's love of the Segway and his inherent studliness, this seemed like the perfect card.

Don't you agree?



Visitors from the left coast

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As I mentioned previously, friends Mike, Holly, and Elise made a visit from LA. We got together with them at a party on Friday, and it was just like old times (well, as much like them as possible with toddlers in tow). It was really great seeing them AND seeing friends Rebecca and Bryan who, even though they also live in Rochester, we don't see nearly enough.


Party hosts Jim and Carla (Mike's dad and step-mom) were thoughtful and generous enough to get a babysitter for Elise and Greta so the adults could have uninterrupted reminiscing without having to wipe little faces and say things like, "Don't touch that!" Greta and Elise had a blast together. You'd never guess they hadn't seen each other since February/March '08. We are always amazed at how much they look alike.


Here they are running around in circles, which is what they did every time they emerged upstairs.

I really wanted to get a shot of the two of them to show the resemblance, but they were so full of energy (especially the one who was on Pacific Standard Time). Here is the closest shot I got. Also seen in the middle is their babysitter, who I called Molly all night. (Her name, I learned at the end of the night, is not actually Molly. Oops. Yes, it was slightly weird leaving my kid in the care of someone whose name I didn't actually know, but we were in the same house.)

Here I am with two of my best girls, Holly and Rebecca.

And a group shot, sans Photographer Reed. Is it me or does my right arm look as muscular as Carrot Top's? Holy camera tricks. I hope they don't look like that in person or people will probably start yelling, "How much ya bench??" when I'm walking down the street.


Rory and Jennie's wedding

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FINALLY, thanks to Time Warner and Pat Reed, we have the Internet again! As promised, here are quite a few pictures from Rory and Jennie's wedding.

Getting Greta ready.

As far as I know, no pictures exist of Greta walking down the aisle because it really did not go well and none of the Reeds were in their places. Greta seemed fine until it was time to line up with the other girls, then she seemed to panic. Pat ended up walking with her, and she made it about halfway then started crying and sort of ran the rest of the way. Awww. I was fretting about it in the back of the church, so I wasn't in the pew. I think it only could have gone worse if Pat also ripped the back of his pants while walking down the aisle. Anyway, here are the beautiful bride and daper groom.

For a little while after the wedding Greta was super grumpy. Pat had to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her.

Still, for a while, Greta was maaaaaad.

Luckily she rallied for the group photos and happily posed for those. First they took some at the college, their alma mater and where they married.

Greta enjoyed running around campus before going to the beach.

Action shot.

When we got to the beach, there were some more group photos. Here are Rory, Jennie, the ring bearer, and of course their beautiful flower girl.

I love this shot: They had sliders as one of their many delicious hors d'oeuvres, and Greta was in all her glory.

Pretty Greta on the beach. What I wouldn't give to have this girl's hair...

The whole wedding (other than the dreaded walk down the aisle) was so lovely and so fun. Greta, in particular, loved dancing. Here she is getting down to the calypso band during cocktail hour.

Many, many times during the evening, she grabbed my hand (or Pat's, or her Grandma Norma's) so she'd have a dancing partner.

A rare quiet moment when she wasn't dancing.


We are experiencing technical difficulties. This is not a test.

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Um yeah, so other than using Pat's iPhone, we've been Internetless at the house all week. We had a huge thunderstorm and we think that may have killed our modem. What? I don't know. I have a bunch of photos from the wedding we went to last weekend that are all sized up, color corrected, and ready to post once we are back up and running at PnFHQ because using Pat's iPhone to upload a bunch of pictures seems like it might be like trying to cook a turkey on a campfire.
The other news is that we have no news. No one even wants to see our house. Our realtor got a call earlier this week from another realtor who said her client had "fallen in love with the house over the Internet" or some such, and we did another super anal cleaning, bought more fresh flowers, got all excited, and then the woman canceled her appointment. And the open house was a dud. We had maybe 3 or 4 people through. That's it and that's all. And here I thought our house would generate some Springer-style hair pulling and eye gouging...I thought wrong.
What else? We had a very lovely dinner at Rooney's last night with friends Mike and Christy for Christy's birthday. And friends Mike, Holly, and Elise are in town from Cali-forn-i-a, which I am out of my shorts about. And this weekend Pat and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. AND we don't have to travel this weekend. So things aren't all bad.
Happy weekend!

A lobster holding a Twizzler??


Now I've seen everything!

We had a great weekend at the beach in Connecticut for my cousin Rory and his blushing bride Jennie's wedding. Right now things are still crazy busy, so for the time being this is all you get. Check back soon for about a hundred pictures of Greta, flower girl extraordinaire, oh, and some other people, like the bride and groom.


And in case you're curious, no we haven't had an offer on the house yet, which is the low point of this otherwise lovely weekend. It has only been on the market for 3.5 days, though, so it's still early.