July 2009

Here's your update

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I promised a more comprehensive update, didn't I?

So, we all had Friday off, and even I felt quite patriotic whenever I thought about how I got to spend the day with my family, playing with Greta and doing some painting around the house, all while being paid. Come on, America and paid holidays are pretty awesome. I may have chanted "USA! USA!" in my head a couple times on Friday.

Saturday, we headed out to my parents' house for my mom's birthday celebration, which was quite the admiral's feast. As I mentioned previously, my brother got 75 clams and 6 one-and-a-half pound lobsters to feed 6 1/2 people (Greta is not a gal of the sea, so she did not partake in the seafood extravaganza, even though we referenced Green Eggs and Ham several times, which usually works like a charm). It was a very gluttonous meal. We were all slightly sketched out by the fact that there were live lobsters that had to be put to their deaths, but thankfully my brother stepped up to be the executioner. I documented the scene.

This frisky guy was dubbed Pinchy, for obvious reasons.

Nom nom nom

Here are Phil and "Dinner" in all their glory.

It was no trip to Maine, but we had a really nice day. My mom (whose birthday is today - happy birthday, mom!) seemed to enjoy herself.


Here are Grandma Norma and Greta Bean relaxing after lunch, watching Curious George.

Later in the day we headed over to Phil and Becky's to watch fireworks from their back deck. It was a chilly night, but Pat wrapped Greta up in a couple blankets and, even though it was way past her bedtime and pretty loud, she had the best time. In fact, the louder they were, the more she seemed to enjoy them. (This is quite an improvement from the little girl who, not long ago, would cry when we'd use the coffee grinder because it was "too youd.")

Sunday we headed back to the Ro-cha-cha and went to our little friend Maddie's third birthday party. The bad news is we forgot to bring our camera. The good news is Greg and Kimmie did take pictures and will hopefully update their blog here. [nudge, nudge]

The fun just keeps coming this summer. I feel like the rest of our summer is basically mapped out for us. At least we're never bored...


I fought the weekend and the weekend won

File under: weekend update


This weekend was great, but it took a lot out of us. I will try to give a more comprehensive update tomorrow, but for now, your moment of zen.

We hope you had a salubrious 4th!


Kicking off the long weekend

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Recently I've been crossing all sorts of things off the why-didn't-I-do-this-years-ago? list. It has been extremely satisfying. One that seems worthy of mention is that I reupholstered some chairs my Aunt Marianne gave me (*ehem* about 7 years ago). They had a fabric on them that was no doubt super hot in the 90s, a teal, mauve, and beige Santa Fe pattern. Pat affectionately called them the "Cosby sweater chairs." They really, REALLY didn't match our red dining room, and last week I finally found and ordered some fabric I really like.

 Here is the before shot:

And, behold, after:

Ahhhh. Loves them. Patty helped me do them like the good sport that he is.

It was nice to give new life to these. I know my aunt bought the set of chairs and stripped and stained them and then put the Santa Fe fabric on them. I am very happy I didn't need to strip and stain them, and I am even happier to keep them in the family and give them a makeover.

This was an exciting kickoff to a long weekend that I hope is a good mix of productive and fun. Happy fourth, all!