July 2009

Heard in the car tonight

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Greta: Are we at the ice cream store?
Fran: No, we're at the bookstore.
Greta: Why?
Fran: So we can get a book for your friend's birthday party tomorrow.
Greta: Why?
Fran: So if she turns out to be illiterate we know it's not our fault.
Greta: I have no faults.

It's not about a house!

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On this fine day 4 years ago, my brother and sister-in-law wed in Lake Placid. Congrats to them on their anniversary!

For the weekend, Phil and Becky rented a house on the lake and all of the "kids" stayed together. Like many of these types of houses, there was a partially completed puzzle. Phil and Pat made it their mission to finish the puzzle, and they would get a little rambunctious at times. They were so extreme in their puzzling that we called it "extreme puzzling." Clever, right?

Here is some video (shot by Becky) demonstrating the extreme puzzling. WARNING: Video contains adult language and situations.

Happy anniversary, guys.


And the nomination for Father of the Year goes to...

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PAT REED, for purchasing, inflating, and then getting sprayed by the Dizzy Dinosaur.

I also joined in on the fun for a bit. Of course Pat went for the money shot.


Still in disbelief

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Things are progressing with the house and are definitely feeling much more real now. Today we got our mortgage stuff all set (minor detail) and had the inspection. So far so good!

I can't believe I'm going to live someplace this beautiful.

I had to document this one weird little area in the basement under the stairs, which Pat announced will be Greta's new timeout area (joking).

UPDATE: Our awesome realtor Mary put together a fantastic slide show of pictures of the house! (If Pat and I look like a mixture of stressed and bored, it's because we were - a three hour inspection with lots of waiting!)


Hmmm...razor, depilatory, or electrolysis??

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Greta came home from day care yesterday wearing fake facial hair and a sh1t-eating grin. I had no clue what it was until she proudly exclaimed it was a beard. Day care gets huge points for creativity with this art project.

Here she is modeling her new Van Dyke facial hair.

Inspired, then Pat and I made our own faux facial hair. Pat went with the imperial; I obviously went with the fu manchu. We did not document that, however. Or if we did, I'm not sharin' them. ;)

Old-school friends of pnf.com might remember this little gem and know that crafting fake facial hair runs in the family.


Fabulous weekend


This weekend we headed out to Cape Vincent to visit Pat's parents at their camp. Rain was predicted for the entire weekend, but we decided to throw caution to the wind and still go. We are very glad we did because other than Friday night (when we were still home), we didn't see a drop of rain, and it was sunny the entire time. One of the highlights was that we went to a huge petting zoo called Old MacDonald's, where we fed goats (there were many, many goats), bunnies, alpacas, pigs, and the BIGGEST COWS EVER. I have so many pictures from the farm that I will let them tell the tale.

We also had a really nice fire in the evening and did some fishing this morning. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of Greta and her Grandma Kathy snuggling near the fire or pictures of Greta and her Grandpa Dick fishing because I took 500 pictures of goats and then our camera battery died [kicking myself]. Amazingly, during Greta's first attempt at fishing, she caught three fish total (and it was definitely three different fish because they were of three different genera). She seemed skeptical about the fish torture, but she sure was good at it.

I feel like there was something else I wanted to mention. What was it? Hmmm. Wait, I remember. WE FOUND A MOFO HOUSE WE ALL LOVE. And more importantly, we made an offer and it was accepted (after some good old-fashioned negotiating, something we have never had the opportunity to do while house hunting and are not usually so skilled at [we both drive Saturns, after all]). I will just say that we all knew this was the house for us - the only time that happened during our 6-month search. Because there is still room for this whole thing to turn pear shaped, I don't want to gush too much; I will just say that I will give more details later and will post pictures when we get in for the inspection. And HOLY CRAP, we have to get our house ready to put on the market post haste, and do about 5,000 other things before moving. Woot!


UPDATE: Here's a link to some of the pictures. Awesome, right???



Not too proud to steal catch phrases from a three year old

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So, our three-year-old friend Elise, when her mom or dad are looking particularly nice, says it looks like they are "made out of fancy." Holly mentioned it a couple times now, and I am totally going to work on popularizing this phrase because I love it. Today I was heard saying, "If we bought that house we'd be made out of fancy." And, "This iPod Touch makes me feel like I was made out of fancy." (Pat got an iPhone last week, and I got his Touch hand-me-down. [Awesome.]) So, yeah, made out of fancy. Spread the word.

In other news, since Pat got an iPhone, he is going to be canceling our phone service with Sprint soon, and I need to do some soul searching. I hate talking on the phone and I barely ever use it, so I have seriously been considering getting a Tracfone. (I just shuddered when I typed that - I hate bastardization of words, like "donut" and "tho." ANYWAY...) I would love to have a $10 phone bill a month, but I'd also love a swanky-@$$ iPhone. If I got an iPhone, though, we might as well give Greta the Touch; I run the risk of being obsessive-compulsive about being glued to my phone (a very likely possibility knowing me); and I'd have a wicked high cell phone bill (duh). Does Tracfone plus iPod Touch practically equal iPhone? Okay, that's a dumb question. But I really like saving money. I have to figure it out soon.

In other-other news, I've been really happy with Greta's new preschool classroom. They have a theme each week that they explore, and I like the routine. Two weeks ago it was bears. Last week it was camping. This week it's space. I think that's so great! She keeps bringing home artwork that is super cute. Last week Greta said they made s'mores, and I assumed it was, um, edible s'mores, but then I was sorting through the artwork and found two pieces of carboard with a piece of brown construction paper and two cotton balls glued to it. You see where I'm going with this, but I was like WTH?? And after a minute or two realized that was a s'more.

Looks almosts good enough to eat, no?

Cute. And then today she came home with some wadded-up foil with paint and glitter. Is it a star? A satellite? A planet? I'm not sure, but I liked it.

Is there life on Maaaaaarrrrs?

When I asked Greta what she's been learning in school, she said, "I haven't been learnin' nuffin' in school." Alrighty then.


RIP, Urban Rabbit

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I had such a great weekend otherwise, but Pat just came in and gave me some bad news. He found our little urban rabbit friend dead in the street. Because I just posted her picture last week, I thought it was worth a mention here. What I am assuming is a coincidence is that there is a very busted up car parked directly in front of our house. I like to think that Urban Rabbit was somehow involved and went out with a bang. :*(

 Check out this car, seriously.


Did you ever know that Pat's my hero? He's everything I would like to beeeee...

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I came home today to see this.

Here is what our stairs looked like before.

Some of you may remember this project originally started in March when I decided one day during Greta's nap, about a week before we had a bunch of people over for Greta's birthday party, in a willy nilly fashion. Last night we finally found a runner we both liked, and today, voila!

Yay for Pat Reed.


Our Urban Rabbit

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There is a rabbit that we often see in our front yard. He usually hops away as soon as he spots us, but today he didn't and I was even able to take a few pictures of him.

We have a few neighbors who think that getting a new roof once every 30 years is optional, so after a windy day we often find chunks of shingle in our yard. One day we came home to find a shingle in our walkway with rabbit poo on it. I snorted when I realized it was literally "sh1t on a shingle." Har!

In other news related to the curious habits of bunnies, someone in our house has become baby crazy (how's that for a segue??), and it's not Pat and it's not me. It's Greta! Yesterday we were at the park and Greta asked, "Why can't I have a baby brother?" I stammered for a bit, all of a sudden very aware of the other people nearby, and then finally said, "It's complicated," which sounds more like a Facebook relationship status than a talk involving adding a new human to the family. I brushed it off, but then Pat told me today that Greta was telling people at day care that I'm pregnant and that she is going to have a little sister. Um yeah.