May 2009

Cross That One Off the List

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I got a chance to take a Segway for a spin at work today. Campus safety was letting people try one out for a couple of minutes. It's virtually impossible to not look like a DB on one of these, but I have been wanting to try one for a while. Plus, at RIT, there is always somebody ready to step up and look like a bigger dork than you. The large lady that got on it after me slowly crashed it into the wall and then jumped off like it was about to explode.

Pat on Segway


My Summer* Vacation

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Today, I got some sun, drank a beer and a half, and then took a siesta in Greta's doggie sleeping bag all Frank-the-Tank style, but I'm getting ahead of myself. This weekend was great - probably the best post-baby weekend I've every had. It was a great balance of productivity and fun.

Pat and I took Friday off and dropped Greta off at day care so we could get some things done around the house and also have time for a nice child-free lunch someplace where you don't get a toy or basket of popcorn with your meal. We worked in the yard the entire day, which was long overdue. Friday afternoon we picked Greta up and went to the museum. Because the weather was so nice, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Saturday, we went to the market in the morning. I had lunch with my friend Rebecca, and Pat and Greta went to the zoo. Our friend Kevin was in town, so after Greta went to sleep, our friend Sara came over to be a body in the house so Pat and I could go out together and meet up with Kevin and some other adult humans for drinks. One tidbit is that the four ladies in our group that evening were named Nancy, Diane, Jane, and Fran. I feel like we sound more like a bridge club than a group of 30-somethings. Maybe that's only funny to me, but I liked it.

Sunday is sort of a blur....we had breakfast at a diner, we got a bunch of plants, including a hibiscus tree to plant over Maynard's grave, planted those. I guess this day was pretty boring. I will say that it was a day of simple pleasures, reading a lot (with Greta and by myself), making pizza (with dough from scratch) and cupcakes, not worrying about cleaning and not worrying about having to go to work the following day. (Hurray for long weekends!)

Today, contrary to my belief that "we are not beach people," we headed out Ontario Beach Park. It was quite chilly at the beach, but we had a great time running around and putting our feet in the water. We rode the merry-go-round, and we were photographed for the D&C. Supposedly our picture is going to be in the paper tomorrow, so look for us**. I joked to Pat that the headline would be this: Attractive People Seen in Charlotte. Okay, that's mean, but is it me or are people at the beach in these parts generally unattractive? We also went to a BBQ at our friend Sara's house. (Thus the sun, beer, subsequent dehydration, sleepiness, and nap in a toddler-size sleeping bag.) And we've come full circle. Awesome.

My goal is the enjoy what remaining relaxation I can squeeze out of this weekend and get to bed early and hopefully go into this week a lot happier and healthier than last week (dehydration aside). Because momma's been wound even tighter than usual, and I'm hoping to change that.

Here are some pictures of today's fun at the beach.

I hope you all had a stellar weekend, long or otherwise.


*Yes, I know it's still spring here, but it sounded better than "My Spring Vacation"

**Update - Greta and I are in today's D&C on page 3B. I don't see us in the D&C online.

Partied Out

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I feel like we've been surrounded by crowds and very much outnumbered by kids the last three days, and now I am all partied out. I watched one girl basically scale Greta to get in front of her on a bouncy slide, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Kids are animals. This is not good for my psyche.

Here are a couple pictures of the fun.

Now I'm going into hiding, thank you very much.



Flower City

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Tonight we went to the Lilac Festival. We've been with Greta the last three years. The first year she was generally grumpy. Last year she had the most fun dancing to the music. This year she was ALL about the rides. Girly has turned into an adrenaline junky - so unlike her mom.

First we rode the train, which is about as crazy as I get.

Next Pat and Greta rode some ride I thought for sure would make her throw up. On the contrary, as soon as she got off she wanted more.

Finally, they went down the big slide a couple times. Here's what she looked like when she first saw it, though. At first I thought it was nervousness; come to find out it was excitement.

We also got some Ben & Jerrys. Seventeen dollars later all we have are these lousy pictures and higher cholesterol.

Yeah, I'm sort of grumpy today.

Tomorrow's another day...and it just so happens to be Friday. Yay! And this one's really cute.


I prefer to get my news from the National Enquirer

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A friend IM'd me today saying she's sad because she gets her "news" from this here site and from, and is "broken" (aka, I haven't been updating due to my computer issues) and is in the middle of a pledge drive. I could pull a Homer and make a big donation to NPR so they can quickly wrap up their pledge drive, but it would probably be better to dust of Pat's old laptop and post an update. So here I am. Ta-da!

So we've got some updates. Lemme see. We went to Alexandria, Virginia, this weekend for our good friend Pete's wedding (okay, he was Pat's friend first - since high school - but we've been good friends since maybe circa 2000?). We had only met his fiancé/wife one time before the wedding, but it is very, very clear these two are meant to be together. It was a wonderful wedding and reception filled with personal touches (from their choice of celebrant, a friend who compared them to pancakes and syrup, to Pete's lovely graphic designer-y touches on the favors), and we had a blast. I was sort of drunk with freedom and danced like a crazy person, and Pat humored me by dancing with me for a good portion of the evening. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Here is Pete and the blushing bride, Rachel, being introduced as husband and wife.

Here is Pat "I'm bringing s3xy back" Reed dancing.

I busted out my red sunglasses, which I often wear to weddings and were actually originally given to me by Pete. Wearing them to this wedding was extra meaningful.

After the wedding, we rallied and hung out for a bit at one of the hotel bars.

The downside of the weekend was we had to spend almost the whole day in the car on Mother's Day, which is really not my idea of a good time (and G was at my parents' house, so I had minimal amounts of time with her too). To add insult to injury, we made a stop in Binghamton to grab some pizza, and I left my purse in the restaurant and didn't notice until we got to Skaneateles. D'oh. Pat drove back there to get it while I stayed with Greta at my parents' house. Thankfully, it still had the same contents it had when I left it, and Pat was not the least bit critical of me (he even said the extra drive was "kinda fun"...he's really sweet like that). We finally got back home at 9ish PM, and I swear I'm still tired and my feet STILL HURT (a little).

What else? Um, I'm looking forward to doing no traveling in the foreseeable future. I'm happy to report Greta is finally potty trained. I'm really loving reading John Steinbeck's East of Eden, and you should really read it and not be scared away by its page count. And, in closing, I'm tired and going to bed.


Don't you remember I told you I'd love you, baby...

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Oh nos! My computerz are all broken!
Seriously, though, Pat has two laptops, I have a laptop, and we have a desktop computer, and two out of four of those are currently defunct. And, sadly, the two I used the most and have all of my bookmarks saved to are the broken ones. So I've spent probably a grand total of half an hour on the computer outside of work during the last three days. So unlike me. That means if a friend of mine has recently announced her pregnancy, I would have no clue. That means pictures I've taken are sitting idly on the camera. That means I've been mostly *gasp* reading my book in the evenings.
It also means you guys are getting no love from Sorry!
I just wanted to give you that update, as crappy as it may be.
Perhaps you could talk amongst yourselves. (I love when you do that.) Discuss.

Naps are for parents too

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Greta wouldn't nap today, and we're all out of whack. I had big plans during her nap today..Drat.

So, sorry for the recent radio silence. It feels like we've been running around like crazy. And I'm reading a great book for book club (John Steinbeck's East of Eden), but it's about 600 pages and I have a laughable amount of spare time.

I still haven't given an update on our Ohio trip, and a week later, it seems a little silly to do so. I will just say that it was my most favorite trip to Ohio, and Greta was a gem. (Thank jebus for portable DVD players. Seriously.) My grandma was feeling well and was in good spirits. We had a lot of quality time with my parents, which was really nice for me, and Greta absolutely loved it. We also saw some other family: my Aunt Kish (you probably recognize her name from the comments section), my Uncle Mike, and a bunch of extended family on my mother's side. I also found out where my mom-skills are best: in the car. With no dishes to wash or emails to check, my focus was on Greta and we had a great time chatting away for almost the entire 8 1/2 drive. I was on. It made me happy.

Because it's late and I'm super tired, you get a bunch of pictures. Okay, and, honestly, these are really just for my family members. I'll dedicate the next post to something all about you. Promise.

Here we are with my grandma, who is looking very stately in her foam necklace that G made her.

We had a nice lunch with my mom's Aunt Jean, her two cousins, and their extensions. I had the honor of sitting next to Great Aunt Jean. She's a wonderful woman.

This motley crew is some of my mom's side of the family.

Here is a super classy shot of my mom and Greta. My mom did a exemplary job of keeping Greta busy and entertained all weekend.

Another group shot at my grandma's apartment. Aunt Kish of fame ;-) is top right. (Greta was slightly less enthused by the third day. Hell, we all were.)

Ohio trip day 2_group shot

But she rallied for this one. My Grandma was very interested in everything Greta was doing. We took many photos, and in almost all of them she's not looking at the camera because she's following Greta with her eyes.

In some sad news, Pat's great grandfather passed away this week. We are sad to see him go, but he lived a very long and full life (he received a letter from President Obama and had his name read by Willard Scott!), and we do look forward to coming together and seeing more family this week for the service.


Team Livestrong

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My good friend Alex is running the Chicago Marathon with Team Livestrong this year to raise money in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Below is a letter he wrote about how he and his family have personally been affected by cancer:
A year ago my mom was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. My whole family was devastated when her doctor told us that the type of cancer she has is not curable.

Over the past twelve months, I have witnessed her incredible will power to fight and live. She has truly amazed me. Relying on the feeding machine, she brought her weight from under 100 lbs to 135 lbs and is now able to consume all her calories through normal food.

This year I will run the Chicago Marathon with Team Livestrong. I am hoping through this event I can raise awareness on both this super evil disease and how important the role of a non-profit organization plays in a cancer patient’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I hope I can count on you to help! To donate, please follow the link below:

Alex Tong
Please consider visiting his fundraising page and making a donation!