April 2009

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...help me gain the Internet stardom I so sorely deserve crave.

Yo, check it:

Priorities fail
more fail, owned and pwned pics and videos

I sent the above picture in to Fail Blog, one of my favorite websites, and it made it on to their voting page. Please head over there and vote for this image (on the thumbs up icon, silly) to help me fulfill my dreams of having my photograph on their front page. You might need to click through a page or two to find it. I will personally mail you an "I voted" sticker if you do.

Please and thanks,


We're back

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Between Friday and Monday, we spent approximately 20 hours in the car, and I dare say it was fun. Here is my favorite picture of the trip.

Greta, the Unibomber, and a circus peanut.

Ohio Trip

More later.



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...we fall into a wormhole. Watch and speculate about what it's like. How strange! How bizarre!
Also, I went to the live broadcast of This American Life tonight. It was great! Never have I felt a greater urge to clap in a movie theater! (And I did in the end.)
(This post brought to you by the leftover wine in my house.)

Condolences and Neko-fan commentary welcome here

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Yesterday we were eagerly awaiting our news regarding the offer we put in on the house. We offered the asking price, and we knew there was at least one other offer that had been submitted. We ended up finding out three hours after we asked them to respond by that they had accepted another offer, one that was "significantly higher" than the asking price. If someone else likes it that much (even with the small-@$$ kitchen ;-)), all I can really do is shrug my shoulders and say, "That's fair." I admit I'm disappointed that things didn't work out with the house, but neither Pat or I thought the house was perfect, so I'm sure I'll be over it soon. Part of me wonders if my disappointment has more to do with me hating to lose than anything else. I'm staying positive about the whole thing, and to show how happy I am for the new potential owners, I've written the following open letter to them:
Dear new owners of the house I really liked:
I hope you like your new house. Good luck in that toy kitchen of yours. I hope you really, really like take-out.
Frances Q. Reed
Okay, I should probably polish that up a bit more...and maybe wait until I stop feeling bitter.
We didn't let the news put a damper on the fun evening we had planned, luckily. We dropped Greta off at my parents' house and went to Ithaca for dinner/drinks with friends and the Neko Case show (on a Monday night no less - we're coo-coo-crazy!). It was our friend Todd's birthday, and he wanted to get a couple pre-dinner drinks at Chapter House, where he spent his 21st birthday many moons ago, and then we went to the Nines for pizza, wings, and corn nuggets (the latter of which taste way better than they sound). Crooked Fingers (a band we also like!) opened for Neko. I admit I'm not a huge Neko Case fan, but Pat went to last year's show and hasn't stopped talking about it since. Pretty much everyone I know who has seen her live feels the sudden urge to propose to her (man or woman), and I have been intrigued by the hype. I will say that the show far exceeded my expectations, and I get "it" now. She is great live. Everything was perfect. You can consider me a fan, but I think I'll skip the proposal...I can only take so much rejection this week.


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We didn't get the house. Full update to follow.

Why don't you just go ahead and consider your advice meaningless?

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So, Pat and I decided to put an offer in on the house I've been ruminating about for the last 4 days. We should find out tomorrow afternoonish if they've accepted our offer or not. While I don't 100% love the house, I love parts of it, and hey, I didn't realize I loved Pat for a good month or two after I met him, and he's clearly my life partner. So there. Take that, naysayers. ;-)
Wish us luck. Or, hey, don't - because if this doesn't work out I'm taking it as a sign from the house gods that this one wasn't meant to be.
Thanks to those of you who did offer advice! I was all ready to take it, but then I couldn't stop thinking about how much potential it has, and we went back today to an open house, and I kept getting all defensive about the house, looking at other people who were there and thinking things like, "Ew, you're too ugly to own this cute house," and "Ew, you are way too douchey to own this house," and "Ew, you reek of smoke and you are going to fill this lovely house with your cigarette stench," etc. Okay, apparently I'm not a very nice person...But then again we've talked about how house hunting turns me crazy.

Hi, peoples!

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Admittedly, Greta doesn't get much "alone time." Pat and I just don't give her an awful lot of space (I'm what Dr. Phil calls a "helicopter mom"), but after a couple recent instances that made me chickity check myself, I decided that she needs just a touch more independence. This morning, I had some laundry to put away, so I let Greta play in the closet off her room (which is basically just storage), and then I heard her say, "Mom, come look at me." I did, and she smiled sheepishly and said, "Look, I'm in the bucket." She was indeed in a big tupperware bin full of old toys, with some Boppy thing nestled around her. Of course I had to document it. Hello, yoga ball, I've used you once!

Greta in the bin

My mom has a similar picture of me after I had a little independence. She found me inside a closed kitchen cupboard, eating a raw potato. Raw, yes. I know there is a picture of it somewhere. I might need to dig that up.

In other news, we went to our little friend Colin's house today for his third birthday party. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

Here is the birthday boy wearing his green "C" super hero cape.

Super Colin!

Greta always enjoys running around in their big back yard.

Camera 1.


Camera 2.


Here is a rare glamour mommy-daughter shot.

Greta and Franny


Buying a house is not like buying a pair of shoes...or is it?

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I'm an indecisive person and I also don't like spending money unless I think something is really worth it. When I go shopping and I'm not sure I really like something, I won't buy it. The next day, if I can't stop thinking about the item, I go back and buy it. Often, I forget about whatever it was and have some more money in my bank account. I'm not sure if that's brilliant or crazy. Either way, it works for me!
We've been house hunting for a few months, and we haven't really seen anything even remotely exciting in our price range in the neighborhoods we like. Well, there was that one I really liked, but it was too expensive, too small, and, oh yeah, in the WRONG school district. Details, details. And then yesterday we saw a really great house for 20K less than most of the other houses we've seen, and it had the most key items we want of all the houses we've seen. The house was by no means perfect, though, but we would have a nice chunk of money to put into it to do some improvements right off the bat. It has a ton of redeeming qualities, Pat and I both really liked it, Greta proclaimed the basement "stinky," but, whatever. For all I know they have already accepted an offer from someone who isn't ridiculously indecisive, but all day today I couldn't stop thinking about the house. Per my Fran's Rule of Shopping, that means we should buy it, right? Does it matter that we're not giddy-in-love with the house? Will we grow to love this really nice house? I just fear that we are never going to find anything we love in our price range and we will be kicking ourselves. Should we make an offer to buy the shoes house?
In other news, I like drinking wine, eating generic cheetos, and watching this on repeat.


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Tonight Greta and I picked a bunch of daffodils, hyacinth, and little blue flowers that, for all I know, are weeds from the back yard. The hyacinth smell so nice, but I've had a perma runny nose all night. Totally worth it.


We had enough flowers to fill four small vases, and I let Greta pick her favorite to put in her room. We will soon likely find out if Greta suffers from the same allergies as her old mom.


Easter redux

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I had a lovely three-day weekend (the first day sans the rest of my family), and now I'm dreading having to iron tomorrow morning and be somewhere by 8AM. Really, the thing I'm dreading the most right now is the ironing...If only I could find some wrinkle-free clothes Mondays wouldn't seem so bad.

Anyhoo, we had a nice Eastery weekend complete with cookie baking, egg dyeing, ham eating, Easter basket seeking and finding, family seeing, egg hunting, and the other usual stuff. I have proof of most of it.

Easter eggs

Here's the result we continue to get after saying, "Smile!"

Greta smiles

Greta contemplating where her Easter basket might be.

Greta searching for her Easter basket

The Easter Bunny came to her Grandma Norma and Hoppa's house too!

Greta's Easter basket part deux

Girly also went on an egg hunt in my parents' yard.

Greta on an egg hunt

Greta also briefly wore one of the Easter dresses my mom sewed for me when I was a wee lass.


My mom's organic, free-range ham wasn't the only ham in attendance today.

Easter ham