March 2009


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I started the big dig this past Saturday. The weather was lovely, and I never really got a chance to do one last clean-up in the fall because of that class I was taking, so I was itching to get outside. I did a little bit of documentation.

These are nothing special.

dead stuff


fuzzy stuff

Moss Man.

Moss Man

Does anyone know what this little nubby brain-looking thing is? I do.

rhubarb nubbin

Here is the giant, scary tree in our backyard that I have nightmares about.

scary ass tree in my back yard

The next day I woke up very sore from my garden adventure, and I was relieved the next day when it rained and I wasn't able to get all Crockett up in this Victory Garden. If you caught that reference, you were probably born in the 70s or earlier.


Do as I do; do as I say.

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More than a year ago a friend of mine told me how great This American Life is, and I was all, "Note to self: Check out This American...Hey is that salsa? Mmmmm...." And then I promptly went and didn't check it out.
Pat did, in fact, check it out and liked it, and he recently got a couple of the DVDs from Netflix. After watching one episode, I was hooked. I started listening to the podcasts, and THIS SHOW HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I listen to two or so episodes a day, and they are so incredibly interesting and they make me so, so happy (and sometimes sad, and sometimes thoughtful, etc). Seriously, though, I feel so happy to live in a world where this show exists. (I really like it.)
So, I'm officially spreading the word, kind readers. I can't even name a favorite episode; all of the ones I've heard are special in their own way (although I've only listened to the fairly recent ones), so just pick one.
If you're already a fan, nice work. If not, take a listen and then you too will start saying in your head, "It's This American Life. I'm Ira Glass," and then smiling to yourself.

Oh yeah

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In case you're living under a rock, you know that Greta celebrated her third birthday last week. I swear she seems so grown up all of a sudden. We had a well-child visit at the pediatrician's, and I feel like I watched my little bunny blossom before my eyes. The doctor asked her 15 or so questions, and Greta answered them as clearly, thoughtfully, and cutely as I imagine any three year old ever has. It was really great to see, knowing that Greta has not always been the most agreeable kid or even close to the most outgoing. It was only about a year ago that we had a playdate and her little counterpart buddy asked if Greta was deaf (basing it on the fact that she didn't speak a word the entire time). Girl is practically a chatterbox now but is fantastically unprecocious (in her mom's unbiased and humble opinion).

She is also in the 96th percentile for height. Hellllllo, nurse! 

While looking at one house, Greta fell in love with the current owner's pink Pottery Barn chair. We've had it on our to-do list to buy Greta her own chair for a while (she had been sitting in a Bumbo chair every night, which we know is ridiculous [they're technically for kids up to 14 months], but she genuinely likes it). Anyway, we went to PB and let Greta pick out a chair and bought one with some of her birthday money. Of course she picked hot pink, which couldn't possibly clash with our family room decor more, but how could we say, "Pink is so for two year olds. Um, how about this nice red one?" to this face?

 Greta rockin' the Pottery Barn chair

Okay, well, I did try to nudge her toward red, but it wasn't happenin'.



Weekend update

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This weekend was the big birthday celebration for Greta's great-great grandpa, Floyd. The Reeds came to town on Saturday for the big event.

We were thankful that Greta was in good spirits and that she happily posed for a five-generation photograph. Behold: five generations, people.

Five generations of Hushers

We tried to do one two years ago and Greta screamed her brains out and it never happened. Here is one from three years ago. This was the first day beanie got to take her brace off for four hours.

Back to 2009. Greta enjoyed running around the community center, singing and chatting away. Here she is commanding quite a bit of attention.

At Floyd's 100th

Floyd did a great job and even made the first cut in his birthday cake.

Floyd's 100th

Quite a few people gave him scratch-off loto tickets, and almost every ticket was a winner. It was unbelievable.

The Reeds stayed over for the night. Since we probably won't see them for Easter, they gave Greta some gifts this weekend, one being a giant bucket of bubbles. Grandma Kathy and Greta had fun blowing some bubbles.

Greta with Grandma Kathy

It was really cold, though, and we didn't last long outside.

Cold Greta Bean

We looked at a couple more houses today, and I saw one I loved. Oddly, it was the first one we saw that Greta didn't like. Hmm. It had some "buts," too. As in, I keep saying, "I love that house, but..." I keep thinking about it though. Drool.




Greta's last day of twodom

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sayonara, two

Sayonara, two.

Not ready for the weekend to end, but who is?

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This weekend was just too good. I had lots of adult time (I went to both shows discussed in this article, which implies I'm a mature adult with weighty hobbies and one of my own smart kids...err something like that) and I had lots of quality time with the family (we napped together as a family twice this weekend, which is unheard of). Hopefully I will get around to a proper update. Until then, here is a picture of my two most favorite people in my favorite city on earth (not that I've been to that many).

Pat and Greta in front of the Flat Iron building.

Back to reality tomorrow. Drat.


Two going on twelve

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Greta was eating some leftover pita chips from her party and watching a movie, looking very, very grown up. I can't believe my baby is almost three.

Greta Bean


Greta Bean's third birthday party

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Greta's birthday party was yesterday, and things went off without a hitch, other than the wine glass I broke (mazal tov?).

Greta and her best buddies had fun playing together. The most popular toy? The box our dishwasher came in.

Greta in a box

Colin looking out the "window."

Colin in a box

The Princess of St. Patrick's Day making a necklace.

Princess St. Patrick

Maddie jumping for joy (notice Greg modeling the necklace Maddie made).

Maddie jumps for joy

A group shot.

Group shot

Everyone was very generous with the gifties. (Girl got A LOT of pink.)

Greta opening gifts

As an aside, I can be booked as entertainment for children's parties. Look, Nathan loves me; Greta is ignoring me as usual.

Fran entertains the troops

We had ice cream cake and ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery. Greta wanted to have Cinderella on her cake, so I put a Cinderella Pez dispenser on the cake in hommage to our wedding cake (which had bride and groom Pez cake toppers).

Greta admires her cakes

Here is my favorite shot from the day. Greta and Hoppa.

Greta and Hoppa

We don't seem to have good shots of the Reeds (d'oh), but a HUGE thank you goes out to them for coming out Friday night to babysit so Pat and I could go see a show at Waterstreet and for helping us yesterday morning.

Also a big thank you to Rebecca for providing the main course, my parents for providing the wine and a monstrous fruit plate, and Christy for letting us borrow her beautiful cake plate. Seriously, I basically just showed up.

Thanks to everyone who joined us!



What Greta thinks of me

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I got this meme idea from Courtney, and I think it's great. Three year olds should be interviwed more often because they're pretty hilarious. Here are Greta's unedited answers to 21 questions about yours truly.

What is something mom always says to you?
You do it. I think mommy is going to be a dinosaur.

What makes mom happy?
Cereal flakes.

What makes mom sad?
Doo-doo. You fall down and that makes you sad.

How does your mom make you laugh?
Say "Hands off the nana."

What was your mom like as a child?
Fall down. When you were young you fall down a lot.

How old is your mom?
Three. Are you older than that? [I replied "yes."] Five.

How tall is your mom?
Three tall. 

What is her favorite thing to do?
Eat me.

What does your mom do when you're not around?

If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

What is your mom really good at?

What is your mom not very good at?
Blowin' bubbles.

What does your mom do for her job?
Check email.

What is your mom's favorite food?

What makes you proud of your mom?
Eatin' a banana.

If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

What do you and your mom do together?

How are you and your mom the same?
Going shopping.

How are you and your mom different?
Yellow mama, purple dad. I'm pink.

How do you know your mom loves you?
Be loud.

Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
Dan Zanes. It's really funny.



I am woman, hear me roar


And by roar, I mean curse. During Greta's nap today, I did many things. I did some dishes, cleaned the cat litter, made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, made a couple lists in preparation for Greta's birthday festivities, put together the gift bags for the favors for Greta's party and for her school mates, cleaned the freezer, took our the recycling and garbage, and, lastly, dug myself a very, very deep hole. Yeah, I don't know what makes me do the things I do, but those of you who know me well know it's not at all surprising that I decided to start a fairly massive home improvement project on a Sunday evening less than a week before 20 or so of our closest friends and family are coming over....awesome.

 Some genius (not us) decided to paint our main stairs with some kind of crappy white paint and get some grey carpet samples that kind of matched each other but really didn't match any of the rest of the decor. Being in a high-traffic area and all, the paint is all chipped and scuffed up, and it has always driven me nuts. I have been waiting to find the perfect carpet runner solution, and today I realized that the perfect carpet runner solution may never materialize. I decided to sort of wing it and at least get the old carpet off, fill and sand as best as possible, and apply a paint that is at least meant for floors.

 I took off all of the carpet and got all of the nails out so far, and then I realized we're pretty much doomed. They wood is in terrible shape, and because doing it properly would cost way too much money, we are going to half-ass it as best as possible. We're gonna need a lot of wood filler. *Sigh.*

 Whaaaa. Why do I do these things?

 Here is how they looked before. It definitely looked worse in person (especially the grey with our light brown walls).

our ugly stairs (before)

Here is a close-up sans carpet. I am annoyed that I am going to have to prime too. Q: Who paints stairs like that?? A: Someone who is either a) lazy b) cheap c) short-sighted d) all of the above. I'm gonna go with D.

Our ugly stairs (during)

Aaaand, we're doomed.

The reason why we're doomed.

What else? Friday Greta's day care was closed because the teachers had some sort of training, and my mom was nice enough to come to town to watch Greta for the day. They went to the playground near our house and stayed there for two hours. TWO HOURS. Since hanging out with my mom for the day, Greta has said to me a couple times, "You're kinda like Grandma Norma." And I have replied, "Yes, I know this. She is my mom, after all." I am pretty used to Pat telling me this, but it is new (and pretty darned funny) coming from Greta.

 Saturday we hung out at Mike, Christy, and Colin's in the evening. Christy made the most unbelievable shepherd's pie and other fixin's, and then we retired to their finished basement to play Rock Band. It was my first time playing it (I know, I know, I live under a rock [band]), and holy heck it was fun. I think I forgot to blink the entire time. Heaven forbid I miss a note due to completely unnecessary blinking.

Oh, we also did some more house hunting this weekend. That probably deserves its own post, and the stairs are calling, so stayed tuned for more.

 PS - I hate daylight savings.