January 2009

Bold statements

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I'm not really one to make bold statements. When I was vegetarian for those six years, I was never one to tell other people they shouldn't eat meat. (Actually, I sometimes encouraged people around me to eat meat so I could sniff it. Yeah, I wasn't a very good vegetarian.) And when I was straight edge for those, oh, 21 years of my life, I never really subscribed to the whole lifetime commitment "if you're not straight edge now you never were" thing, knowing I'd at least want a sip of champagne on my wedding day, for example. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I don't like to say things that I'll have to take back or somehow regret.
Even so, it hasn't stopped me from making the occasional bold statement. I would say that the majority of these were things I said about parenting or kids before I actually had a child. One such statement was, "My kid will never have snot running down her face." Okay, okay. It seems innocent enough. Why, as a parent, would I allow mucus to run down my child's face?? That is crazy talk. Wipe the damn nose, for Pete's sake.
So I didn't take into account a few things: Children have weak immune systems. Children in day care (and those not in day care) are surrounded by germs. Germs + weak immune system = sick kid, chronically between the months of October through April. That equals a lot of tissues and one sore little toddler nose. That and I would basically have to hold the tissue under her nose at all times.
Yup, my kid has a perma runny nose. I would like to make a retraction. Sometimes snot runs out of her nose without it promptly being wiped. And sometimes this even occurs *gasp* in public. There, I said it.
This was basically a long preface to say that Greta is dandy after her bout of croup. She has a very runny nose and a cough, but otherwise she seems fine. I also have a cold and have been using my fair share of tissues. Otherwise, things are good!
That is all.

Oh! The irony!

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So, seconds after clicked Save on my last post, an unmistakable sound came emanating from Greta's room: the cough of croup. She has had it two other times, and it really does sound worse than it is, but last night was our worst experience with it only because Greta is so much more aware now than she was previous times, and she was very scared. The good news is she was effing tired after coughing, wheezing (well, stridor, if you want to be all accurate and whatnot), and crying, so when we got her little airways somewhat back to normal she just crashed. (This was a pleasant contrast to previous instances where she got so excited that we were hanging out with her at night that she thought we were having some sort of party and was very hard to get back to sleep.)
Even though Greta and Pat quickly crashed, and Maynard was asking for food (hooray!), I couldn't turn my brain off. I almost never have issues with insomnia, so when I do I can't help but feel thankful that it's such a rare occurrence. It isn't much solace the next day, however, when I want to either sleep or cry and I need to try and be a mom. Oh well, it's nothing an hour nap, a cup of coffee, an America's Next Top Model marathon, and a little vent on the old bloggy blogg  (during Greta's nap) can't fix.
My apologies to Christy, Mike, and Colin who we hung out with on Friday...If Colin wakes up with a crazy cough in a couple nights, we don't know anything about it. Luckily, I think there is an unwritten law of play dates that you don't bring a sick kid over, but all bets are off for what happens after the play date as far as sickness goes (especially if one or both kids are in day care). And, hey, at least it's not a pukey bug.
Gah! Cue barking nap seal. I'm out!

Maybe we'll actually sleep through the night tonight

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Why, you ask? Is Greta still not sleeping through the night? She is, mostly, and has been for a good six months or more, but our cats wake us up approximately every two hours during the night to eat. When I say "our cats" I actually mean Maynard 99% of the time and Ruby every rare once in a while.
I've had our chubby friend Maynard since 1999, and she has always had food issues. I like to blame her previous owner, who would buy cigarettes for himself before he would necessarily buy her food and she would sometimes go days without eating (I've been told). She gobbles her food and always seems focused on the next meal. She got so fat one time she couldn't even clean anything except for basically her shoulders, head, and neck.
She is eleven now and with old age has slimmed down to what looks like a normal size, but she is just as full of piss and vinegar when it comes to getting fed. In fact, I think things might have gotten worse. This is in stark contrast to the fact that Ruby has mellowed a lot over the last year to where she is happy as a clam sleeping at the end of our bed every night and almost never begs.
And yeah, Maynard gets fed throughout the night. Why do we enable this behavior? Because it's unrelenting, and we don't know what else to do. She scratches everything (and she is not de-clawed), and she's very smart. She knows how to push the right buttons. We could lock her in the basement, but that would require locking Ruby in the basement (where the litter boxes are), which we can't bring ourselves to do.
Long story boring, I had some chicken on the counter today, and Maynard ended up eating approximately half a pound of it. This was at 5ish, and she has yet to beg tonight. I kind of thought she might get sick, but for the first time - maybe ever - she seems...content.
Maybe the old girl just needs half a pound of chicken a night? Yeeeah. I have optimistic hopes we might sleep a little more tonight than usual.

At least I'm not the only one having work dreams...

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A coworker just emailed me the following:
"had a work dream last night with lots of crazy/funny elements - but the one that makes me laugh is that in my dream i accidentally spilled a cup of coffee all over your pants... your white leather pants! i have no idea why you would be dressed in white leather pants in my dream, but they were groovy and i felt horrible about spilling on them. ;)"
Hilarious! If only I had white leather pants...
Happy Friday!

Misplaced mojo

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What shall I write about? I could certainly talk about the inauguration and our new president, but that has certainly been done. Or I could talk about some recent cute and/or funny thing Greta has done, like just tonight when Pat played Metallica's "One" during bath time and she covered her eyes and said, "I can't see!" Or I could talk about how it's National Pie Day tomorrow and how we thought it was today and got a delicious piece of banana cream pie with dinner. Or I could talk about the lyrics to this one children's song that Greta loves that has super creepy lyrics (that involves these three little pigs that are told by their mom to say, "wee wee wee," but they always say, "oink, oink, oink" and as a direct result they DIE). Or how I found a house that was for sale in Brighton and in our price range that was so beautiful that the biggest issue in buying it would have been that our furniture and other possessions would have been shamed by their outstanding new surroundings...if some other lucky b@st@rds hadn't bought it first. Or how the weather, and the fact that I need to bundle up and wear boots to even take the garbage out, is slowly sucking the life out of me. Buuuuut, I'm jut not in the mood lately. It's very unlike me. As I'm sure you've noticed over the last 6 or so years, I can usually prattle on about almost nothing on a fairly regular basis: just like that. So I don't want to write, but I've also managed to lose my meal-planning motivation as well. This is also unlike me. It's by no means one of my great passions, but planning our meals and cooking are two of my main familial duties, and I've been greatly shirking them lately. I can't seem to buy all of the ingredients for a meal (tonight I literally had only half of what I needed for what I intended to make), or I do have all of the right ingredients and I make something and it's gross (like the "pizza pouches" I made that were so gross even the resident two year old said, "I don't yike pizza," even though real pizza is her favorite), or I just wander around the kitchen confused and at a loss and we end up eating applesauce and bran cereal for dinner. I should also mention that I've had work dreams almost every night for the last two weeks, and I'm no dream analysis expert, but that can't be healthy. And maybe the icing on the cake is that we've been watching approximately two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm a night for the last, um, month or so, and that Larry David is one strange dude.
So how do I find my mojo? Some fun, new recipes? (Recipes always welcome in the comments section!) Visit to the acupuncturist? Take a vacation day or even an actual vacation that involves leaving Western New York? Take the family to see Hotel for Dogs?

Guess where we went today!

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Last night was my company's holiday party, which was held at Locust Hill Country Club. I thought it was pure genius that we had it after the holidays. It was a casino night theme, which meant there was more to do than the usual sit-around-and-chat thing...except that Pat and I really don't gamble, but that is our own personal problem, and it didn't take away from the fun. We traded in tokens for tickets, which then went toward drawings for prizes. Pat and I got 20 tickets just for showing up, and we put all of our tickets in for the grand prize: a Wii! In my craziness (coupled with my recent run of good luck), I was CONVINCED we were going to win it. Alas, we did not win. That means our highest technology gaming system is still this. Oh wells. At least this way we know the friends coming over to our house are coming over because they enjoy our company, not because we have some fancy gaming system.
Quite possibly the best part about last night is that we left Greta with someone other than my mom - our friend Sarah - and Greta did really well and even went to sleep at a reasonable hour. Getting a text message at 9:19 that said "Greta did great & she's sound asleep" was priceless. Priceless, I tell you! This truly was a breakthrough for us, and we hope this means more guiltless date nights in the future. The only negative thing I can think of is that I think Greta might like Sarah more than she likes me. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for a night on the town...
It has been really cold here lately. (I say this in case you live under a rock or you specifically depend on pnf.com for your weather-related news.) Today it actually warmed up to a downright balmy 11 degrees, so when we asked Greta what she wanted to do and she said, "Go to the zoo!" we granted her wish. We got all bundled up and mainly stayed in the buildings, and we had such a great time. I always feel like we kind of rush through the zoo, trying to see it all in a limited amount of time. Staying in mostly two buildings and there being almost no one else there (to annoy us), meant we got to really linger and appreciate what we saw. For example, I got to see one of the two-toed sloths move for the first time, and when he did, an iguana ran over to him. The sloth actually started to haul ass away, and when he did, these two tamarins started tag teaming the iguana, roughing him up a bit all tamarin kung fu style. Then, we watched (in shock and horror and amusement) as a white-handed gibbon pooped and another came up and broke a piece of the poo off and started to eat it like an ice cream cone. I mean, that is entertainment vaule you can't even find on one of those fancy cable TV stations! Once our stomachs settled after witnessing that display and we got cold enough to leave, we went back to the car and had a bit of a picnic. It was a really lovely time - maybe my favorite trip to the zoo to date.
Today we busted the breadmaker out, and right now we are drinking some coffee (not Greta, silly) and are eagerly awaiting our first loaf of homemade bread we've had in a long time. Yay for cold, lazy Saturdays!
Stay warm!

Friends, Fine Wines, and Faux Pas

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Mike, Christy, and Colin came over on Friday. It was really great to see them, and it was fun to see Greta and Colin getting along so well. Before they came, Greta kept asking, "Is Colin coming over to my house? Is he coming over because he wants to see me really bad?"

Look how cute they are:
Colin and Greta - Jan 09, 2009

On Saturday, we went back to Skaneateles to have part two of Fran's father's birthday celebration. This celebration was originally scheduled to throw Fran's father off the trail of his surprise party, but because we are classy and we love extravagance, we did it anyway. I am not about to deny myself filet mignon and lobster tail just because it's not a real celebration. Fran's father was kind enough to share both a 95 and 96 Opus One with us. Everyone really enjoyed it. What they didn't know is that I secretly bathroom-pounded the Opus and replace it with Carlo Rossi.

Greta, Grandma Norma, Hoppa
Greta, Grandma Norma, and Hoppa

On Sunday, we took a trip to BJs (like I said, we're classy) to pick up household items in obscenely large quantities. While we were out, we all got really hungry, for McDonald's. Greta got a Cheeseburger Happy Meal with apples and milk. She ate most of it, but she could not finish all of the apples. As we were leaving, Greta said she wanted to take the apples with her.

A few minutes later in the car:

Pat: Greta, are you going to eat those apples?
No. I want them, though.
Should we share them with a hobo?
Noooo, they're mine.
Wouldn't you want to help a hobo?
They might be hungry, and you don't want to eat those apples anyway.
But I want to save the apples.
It's nice to help people if you can. You could help a hungry person.[Pause]
OK, I wanna share my apples with a homo.
Ok. We'll do that.


Glitter girl

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I sometimes wonder if Greta's teachers, who send us home with what seems like an exorbitant amount of artwork with glitter on it, are snickering about the mess it makes in our houses and cars, getting parents back for leaving our terrible-two toddlers with them for 40 hours a week.
Or perhaps I'm putting way too much thought into it.


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When I was purging like a crazy sane person the other day, I found some pretty funny things. For example, I found a list I made when I was pregnant, documenting some of my symptoms in about a three-week span. I vaguely recall making this list. It was somewhere during my second trimester, which I recall in my memory as being the "good trimester." This list would suggest the contrary. I was obviously having a lot of migraines at the time. So many, in fact, that I took some Tylenol 3 and it seemed to cause me to have contractions. Anyhoo, here is my list. Please don't mind the "D word" (it happens to everyone) or my atrocious spelling. (God bless spell checker.)

Pregnancy list

It shall be my reminder in case I get any funny ideas about a #2.