December 2008

Holy crap, it's almost 2009!

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I was recently thinking of what my resolution for 2009 should be, and I thought, I should make my 2009 resolution be that I don't get so stressed out over stuff I can't control (secondarily making me a nicer person), but then I realized that was my resolution last year. And probably the year before too. Damn it. It always works for a while, but why can't I make it stick?

you probably won't fufill your resolution

(I love someecards; they always know just the thing to say.)

So what's your resolution? Maybe it will give me an idea for something I might actually be able to attain.

If you don't have a resolution, then just tell me what you're doing for New Years.

And if you don't want me to know what you're doing for New Years, then perhaps you could tell me a entertaining story about an embarrassing thing a friend of yours ever did.

Be safe.


Christmas a-go-go

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Wow. I just had a hard time remembering the login info for our admin page to post this here update, which means I am a little out of sorts from traveling, lack of sleep, and excessive food and beverage. I will attempt to dust my brain off to recall our Christmas events, and the large number of pictures we took should help.

Wednesday we headed out to the Bing Hamptons. Greta was thrilled to see her Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dick, and she seemed quite smitten with her Uncle Eric as well. We built a gingerbread tree before dinner.

Here is a level of concentration in a two year old that is rarely seen and even more rarely documented.

Greta making a ginger bread tree

After a lasagna dinner, where Greta proclaimed numerous times that "Grandma Kaffey makes the best pasta," we had our traditional gifting of dollar store presents.

Grandpa Dick proudly displays his new bling.

Dick Reed Christmas 2008

And Grandma Kathy received a new necklace as well: a shot glass that said, "Bachelorette on the loose" and a whistle that said, "Hottie whistle." Classic.

Kathy Reed - Christmas 2008

Christmas morning Greta opened presents at the speed of a turtle. She had to play with each toy after she opened a new one. Cinderella was a common theme.

Greta with Cinderella

Uncle Eric had to work on Christmas, so we made a visit to the fire station where he was working, and he gave us a nice tour.



Eric, Pat, and Greta on a fire truck

The day after Christmas we headed back to the ROC for the night.

The following day we headed to Skaneateles to have our McCarthy family Christmas. The present opening went no faster there, so it took quite a while, but we all got some very nice gifts.

Here is Greta Bean and her Grandma Norma.

Greta with Grandma Norma

One of Greta's favorite gifts was a trunk of dress-up clothes. She tried on almost everything in the trunk.

Greta - Christmas 2008

Even Uncle Phil tried on a fuzzy headband, to join in on the fun.

Uncle Phil - Christmas 2008

It was a very musical Christmas. Between us and family members, Greta received the following: a drum set, a keyboard, a toy guitar, a toy organ, and three (count 'em, three) kazoos. Here she is tickling the ivories.

Greta - Christmas 2008

At a few points in the day Greta decided she was a cat.

Greta - Christmas 2008

After all of that opening, Greta needed a nap.

Greta - Christmas 2008

Over the span of the last five days, we've also seen a lot of good friends and we stayed up way past our bedtimes three of those nights. I am very tired and almost looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!

Pat and Greta are off this week, and they will be doing some fun daddy-daughter things.

Oh, and those of you who noticed, we haven't sent our holiday cards out yet. For the first year ever, we decided to have cards professionally made, and even though they ordered them in early December and they shipped on December 15th, we just received them via the good old USPS yesterday. They will be going out in the mail tomorrow. They weren't even sent out on time to kick off Kwanzaa. Sigh.

We hope you all had a very salubrious Christmas!


Deck the halls, we won a present. Fa la la la la, la la la la!

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I am getting less and less believable when I say, “I never win anything,” after I won this in a drawing at Parkleigh, (and this for those of you who remember when I won the title prom queen at a prom-theme party when I was pregnant [it was a drawing, not a popular vote]), and now I’ve we’ve gone and won something else!

Our realtor, Mary Shelsby, just had a contest for anyone who wanted to participate. (All of a sudden I am feeing remiss that I didn’t post about it here because it was open to anyone, but I wanted to win the prize, silly!) Anyway, we sent Mary a photo of our home decorated for the holidays, and she drew a name a random, and I found out last night that we won a $50 gift certificate to our favorite restaurant! She has a really nice write-up and pictures posted here at I’m so excited!

We’ve been in our house for four and a half years now, and even though the house and I have had our differences, I am fond of it. After winning last night, I started thinking about our home-searching process and how stressful it was but now nice it was to have a person like Mary helping us.

Pat claims my top-five craziest times have been the following (in chronological order):

  • Pre engagement
  • Searching for a home
  • Pre pregnancy
  • Pregnancy
  • Postpartum

During one of my top-five craziest times, I was, well, pretty crazy. (I posted this during that time, for example.) Couple that with the fact that, at 6’3”, Pat is practically a giant, and we were looking at homes that were mostly built in the early 1900s. We would go into an otherwise great house, and Pat would be all, “I can’t stand up in the bathroom,” for example. I’m 5’3”, and I think Mary is even shorter than I am, and I would look at Pat like, Can’t you learn to slouch? Didn’t you see the French doors and gumwood trim?? Anyway, Pat and I were probably less than easy for a realtor to deal with, but Mary was so great, and we finally found our house!

I just wanted to share my excitement and reminisce a little. Today is Friday observed for me! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, where applicable. Safe travels!



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The final is done! I rocked it. I felt so liberated when I was done. When I was driving back from class, I listened to Howard instead of the annoying audio CDs for my class (which are just some narrator reading thousands of definitions from the book) and I felt NO GUILT when I did this. Ahhhhhh.

I would love to celebrate tonight, but I am exhausted and there are bigger fish to fry (holiday cards, wrapping, *ehem* work, a bunch of things I've been putting off). I have been fending off an illness, and now that I've turned in my Scantron sheet and retired my #2 pencil, I know it is going to finally rear its ugly head. Merry Christmas to me.

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas this year is an Airborne and a nap.



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With one and a half days before the final, I can say with utmost certainty that the novelty of studying has worn off. I am embarrassed to admit that at certain points during this class I thought I could actually be a physician if I wanted to be. A mere 14 weeks into a class, I don't think I could possibly want to study less. Boo.


I love a man in a tutu.

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I'm thankful my family is so fun I almost forgot it was Sunday night.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


2008-12-13 21:33:15

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Things found in the Reed household today

Greta's Grandma Reed sewed her a fantastic advent calendar and filled it with fun little things, and we all have fun seeing what each little pocket holds each day. In a few of the pockets so far, there have been tiny figurines from the smallest nativity scene. Greta loves it, and she loves rearranging them (usually into choo-choo configuration). She gets a little confused about the donkey, camel, and bull and who is who. Today, when I asked her who the bull was, I figured either "donkey," "camel," or "cow" would be her answer, but she said, "I call him Poopy Boy." I have NO IDEA where she got that from; I take no blame for this one.

Behold: "Poopy Boy"

The figurines are maybe half an inch tall, and they're all neatly painted except for one: the angel. I have no idea what went awry with this one, but her paint job is quite sloppy. I do understand how difficult it is to paint such a small thing. My high school boyfriend was into Warhammer (which is one small step up from playing Dungeons and Dragons), and I watched him paint similarly sized figurines, or "miniatures" as the Warhammer crowd calls them, more times than I'd like to admit. It's tricky business. I just wonder what went wrong when the angel was being painted. I bet it is quite a story.

Behold: Sloppy/creepy nativity angel. What big eyes you have, sloppy/creepy nativity angel. Does your banner say Gloria or Florida?

In other inappropriate news, I found this in a bag of animal crackers that I recently bought.

Yeah, so I haven't seen such and x-rated snack since this. I don't know what else to say about it. I am at a loss for words. I will say that I hadn't read through the newest comments on that previous link in years, and I was amused to see some strangers' thoughts on what they found after they clearly Googled "animal cracker love."

What else?

They have these at Wegmans for $20. We bought two of them.

You know you want one (or two or three).

Also, I made Chex Mix, which is my favorite Christmassy treat.

Notice there are no Wheat Chex in the mix. That is because Wheat Chex are for chumps. Merry Christmas to me!



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So does anyone have anything they'd like to talk about today?


I blinked and someone informed me it's Monday

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This weekend we logged more than 413 miles in the car. Did we go someplace spectacular? Yes! If by spectacular you mean Utica, Skaneateles, and back to Rochester a few times. What?? Spectacular is subjective.

Saturday we headed out to El Rancho Vienneau in Utica for their annual Early Christmas Dinner. This is actually the first year we’ve made it out there for their Christmas dinner, but it was worth the wait. We exchanged gifts, drank wine, and ate a lot of food. Mary Ann made a dish that is native to the area, chicken riggies, and it was our first time having that. It was really good, and I keep thinking about it…it was really, really good. Unfortunately, we could only stay a little while because we had to head to Skaneateles to drop Greta off at my parents’ house. My mom watched Greta for the night so Pat and I could go to the Wilco show. Fast forward back to Rochester, Pat and I got back at our house at 7:15, and the show was starting at 8. We quickly freshened up, drank a glass of wine as quickly as possible, speculated about who “And Special Guest” would be (Could it be Radiohead? You never know!), and pinched ourselves once we realized we officially had a night to ourselves. We walked to the venue, which was only a 10 minute walk (yay for city living!) and got to hear most of the opening band – Jennifer O'Connor, not “And Special Guest” – while sipping Heineken with my baby’s daddy.

Wilco played a great show. Their music was very, very true to the album versions, which is always enjoyable to people like me who fear change. It is also impressive, to me at least, when a band is so precise. When Pat ordered the tickets, we were slightly disappointed that we could only get seat in the balcony, but we were very relieved when we saw that everyone on the ground level stood for the entire show. This is never good for our 5’ 2” friends (ie, me). I was happy to be sitting with the other aging hipsters at a very reasonable distance. This show received some superlatives in the Fran Concert Series Superlative Awards:

  • Live music most similar to corresponding albums
  • Most tan corduroy jackets in one venue
  • Most theatrical lighting
  • Lighting that most made me thankful I am not prone to seizures
  • Most instruments – Holy crap, I counted somewhere around 16 guitars, and I think Jeff Tweedy used all of them!
  • Longest encore – Or what I’ll call the “second set,” because that’s what it was. They had two very planned encores totaling 9 songs.
  • Best seats – Pat and I were in a great section of a row of two seats each. At no point did we need to say “excuse me” to anyone or get up for anyone else.

Overall, it was a great show. We happened to sit a few rows away from our friends Jane and Mike, and we ended up walking to Good Luck to get a drink and we shared a couple pizzas. It was a great end to a great night.

Sunday we picked up the bean, had lunch at Doug’s Fish Fry, and headed back home. We all took a very long nap and barely had time to lament that the weekend was almost over when Monday showed up.

So, here we are. I have no pictures to share with you, so in homage of Sarah Silverman, here is a slide show for your viewing pleasure that will probably get us sued for copyright infringement.

These are my parents.

This is one of my neighbors.

This is what I did on vacation last year.

This is what I did on vacation two years ago.

This is my art.



Third time's a charm

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I have an affinity for the Park Ave Holiday Open House. It's just fun to see so many people out and about on Park Ave in the cold weather. We missed it the last two years because of different maladies: last year Greta was puking, and two years ago she had croup. Luckily, we were all feeling well today, so we bundled up and headed out. It was really cold, so we didn't stay long, but we did the important things:

We got pictures with some Winnie the Pooh characters.

For those of you paying attention, here's a picture from three years ago (when I was preggers) with the same Tigger and Piglet (and friends Rebecca and Steve).

Okay, back to this year: We got a picture in front of a huge Christmas tree.

We got our free piece of candy at Stever's. (I made the rookie mistake of getting a piece of chocolate-covered sponge candy [sponges are not as tasty as they sound].)

We got our glögg from Northfield.

Now I'm so cold and I can't warm up! (Christy, it's a good think you didn't come. Brr!) It's blanket, tea, and cuddle time.