November 2008

2008-11-30 22:45:36

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I don't want to go back there! Waaah. (This is the main reason I don't take time off.)


Is there such a thing as too much fun?

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Because, dude, I'm tired. Wednesday was pretty much the longest day ever. Greta and I baked two pies, made Thanksgiving cards, made a turkey-esque bread basket, met Pat for lunch at RIT, packed up and headed to Skaneateles.

Check it.

Our bread basket is not bad for a couple of non-crafters. (IN FACT, I think it's approximately 5,000 times better than our inspiration.)

Meanwhile, Greta had only a 30 minute nap (thanks to falling out of bed, for the first time ever) and said pretty much only three words all day long (no, why, and what [Her new thing is that she incessantly asks, "What?" This drives me nuts because I know she can hear me]) over and over and over. I don't think I took a breath until we were finally on the road to Skaneateles and all had Happy Meals in the car. Gross dinner, I know, but they're a guilty pleasure of mine. We got to Skantown, we put G to bed, and then we went out with Taryn and Todd. We made the rather poor choice of bar hopping (I use this term loosely) in Marcellus (our hometown), at least somewhat inspired by this Onion article. Marcellus has two bars and they're both dreadful. Despite the venues, we had a great time together.

Thursday we headed over to my aunt and uncle's for the annual McCarthy Turkey Bowl. We had a bonfire, good eats, and good drinks. Per usual, Greta would barely set a foot on the ground because there are always a bunch of dogs there. Carrying our 30+ lb turkey around in a big, puffy snowsuit is tricky business, but she was happy to sit in the back of my dad's SUV.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house, which was great as always. It is my favorite meal of the year. After dinner, we headed over to Phil and Becky's for the night, where we watched a few Sarah Silverman episodes. We also watched Pat eat maybe half a dozen clearly past-their-prime marshmallows before we found one that appeared to be moldy. I'm not sure what was funnier, Sarah Silverman or Pat's expression after he realized what he ate. Can marshmallows even get moldy? The world may never know.

Friday we headed home and then pretty much headed right over to Pat's grandparents' house. Ate dinner, etc, and then Pat's parents came back to our house for the night.

Saturday morning we headed *back* to Skaneateles for our little buddy Oliver's first birthday party. Taryn made him a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake, which he was clearly excited about.

Taryn fed him some cake, and then she kind of let him have at a piece. I was amazed and thrilled to see how neat an eater he was. Check out these fine motor skills!

Here's G holding the balloons she was given at the party. Such a cutie.

Can I tell you how excited I am to be back home and have no planned activities in the near future? Hallelujah!

Oh crap, now I've got to actually buckle down and study. Ugh, and think about going back to reality on Monday. Boo.


Two days at home and this thing has turned into a bonafide mommy blog

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That is, if it wasn't before. Great informed me today that it was her birthday, so we celebrated with pizza, strawberry ice-cream-like product, and a trip to Build-a-Bear (her first!). It's easier than arguing.

Here's Greta helping add the topping onto the pumpkin bread I baked.

And here is Greta with her new bunny, Bunny, after her hard work.

And while we were busy at work, Pat made this.

GB and Priddy

and this



Learning things about my daughter

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Greta and I had a wonderful mommy-daughter day today, and during lunch alone Greta said about 30 things that were tremendously cute or hilariously funny (says the girl's mom). The thing I learned about my daughter today, though, after spending almost $50 on crafts for us to do together, is that she doesn't like crafting. I had to chase Greta around for a good half hour to merely trace her hands (gotta love hand turkeys). Even though I was slightly bummed, it sort of warms my heart. I also don't like crafting!

On the docket tomorrow? Shopping for Thanksgiving ingredients (pray for us) and then baking, which I at least know G likes (me too!).


2008-11-23 15:37:04

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Did I mention that in addition to taking this week off of work I also don't have class this week? I am drunk with freedom, which is why I'm writing (and even took pictures!) instead of studying. I could get used to this.

A lot of our snow had melted by this morning, but we decided to bundle up and play outside for a bit.

Having been really busy lately, I didn't really do much outside to prepare for winter, including even pulling out the remaining weeds and tomato plants. They made for some pretty pictures at least, even though I'll be cursing my not doing it come spring.

After playing, we warmed up with some tomato soup and grilled ham and swiss.

EDIT: Did I mention that today we decorated for Christmas?

Stay warm.



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I'm all about efficiency. I spend quite a bit of time wondering if I'm driving the most time-efficent route places (even though I have quite possibly the worst sense of direction ever, which often trumps my love to being efficient), which is just one example of ways I drive myself crazy wondering if I'm doing things the "right" way. This is not a very good segue, but I have a good reason at least: efficient wine drinking. I love drinking wine, but I always forget that I'm drinking a glass and then I end up leaving it someplace and, well, you get the gist. All of that changed when I bought these glasses from Fishs Eddy. They're basically juice glasses boasting wine glass status. The great part? I can just sit and hold it and sip away without feeling like I need to set it down because it's not some awkward stemmed glass. Right now I've got a brain tickle. Done and done. Wine-drinking efficiency improved by 63%. You can't argue with that math. Don't even try.

I'm also very excited to announce that I am taking next week off of work. This is the first full week I've taken since my maternity leave. I'll have Greta out of day care so we can have some QT, which I'm insanely looking forward to. I recently realized I haven't spent that much time with Greta since she was 10 weeks old, which made me sad, but I am excited to have a really great week with my bunny. Now I just need to think of things for us to do...

In other news, I often cook with my laptop, which is a recipe for disaster. (Har!) Because if you've seen my cookbooks you know that I am a messy cooker. I knew it would catch up with me eventually. Yesterday I made this recipe, and as I was measuring my bulgar, I spilled some on my keyboard. Since then, I have some keys, including the fairly important Backspace key, that are sticking. Woe is me!

This nonsensicle post was brought to you by wine and the letter 15.


Reed family picture from Big Brother Google Earth

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Our friend/neighbor was recently using Google Earth (which I always want to call Google Erf for some unexplained reason), and she found that we are shown rounding the corner of our street, out on one of our regular nightly walks. I can't help but feel kind of special, and blurry, and a little like I look like one of those crazy power walkers at the mall. (Do I always flail my arms like that when I walk?)

This is totally going to be the picture we use for our holiday card this year. Aren't we handsome?


I told a work friend about this, and he found us walking in the opposite direction on another street.

Hello! How does one get a restraining order against Google?? How did we not notice the 8 foot Google van with cameras on it, not once but twice?? I think it's safe to conclude from this second image that I am indeed a crazy flailer when I walk. I always had a suspicion that was the case, but I hoped it wasn't true. The same coworker sent the following youtube video addressed to "yo gabba franna - the arm flailer.”

Especially notice times 1:20 and 2:30.


Because this is all I have time for...

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Fran to Pat: Greta is cough-y.

Greta to Fran: I'm not coffee.

Fran to Greta: No, not coffee: cough-y. It's a homophone.

Greta to Fran: I'm not a homophone.


2008-11-11 11:23:11

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I mentioned this before, but my best friend Taryn opened a dental practice in Marcellus, NY earlier this year. The below ad, which features two of the photos I took of her office, recently ran in the local paper.

I am so proud of Taryn for opening her practice, which she has been talking about since we exchanged friendship bracelets in the 7th grade (well, probably since before then). I will also say that Taryn is chock full of integrity and is a great dentist. You would be lucky to have her hands in your mouth, and she would remind you to floss in the most unobnoxious way ever. (Upon reading this Taryn says, “Mental note: Never ask Fran for a testimonial.” Don’t worry Taryn, no need to ask; I will just keep posting my unauthorized testimonials here. ;-))


Something more sub-sub-substantial

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Um, so, yeah. I'm really glad I didn't do NaBloPoMo this month because, apparently, I’ve run out of things to say. It’s not that I have nothing to talk about, I just can’t seem to find the words. I was generally antisocial this week for mostly the same reason. Plus, the week kind of sucked (thanks, w-o-r-k; which reminds me, I think the most clever thing I did this week was invent a new word: cojerker. We all have at least one.). The election results have left me excited and hopeful for the future, but I’m also at a loss for the right words. I just think you either already know how I feel or you don’t, and if you don’t, well, then, nothing I say is gonna change that. I also can’t seem to avoid getting fired up about the election results that didn’t turn out like I wanted/expected (namely, proposition 8). It just constantly amazes me how differently people can think and all feel so strongly that they’re right. It really boggles my brain. One thing that kind of bums me out is that I haven’t explained the election to Greta. How does one explain the importance of what happened this past Tuesday – to a two year old? I can’t help but worry that I’ll give her a too opinioned and loaded explanation. I did get her to join me in a rousing “OBAMA!” chant with me recently. If that’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

Speaking of GB, I haven’t talked about Greta much lately, but that is mostly because I’m not sure how to talk about her without sounding corny or like I’m bragging. That being said, I am constantly impressed with the person she’s turning into. She certainly wasn’t the most difficult baby ever, but she seemed to come into this world out of sorts. She just never seemed content. She started having pretty massive tantrums even before her first birthday. When people would talk about the terrible twos and how three was even worse, I kept holding out hope that maybe Greta was just an early bloomer, and she had her terrible twos/threes early. I told Pat in exasperation on those days that felt like a constant battle that it “can’t get worse, it just can’t.” It’s always something new, but the last six months have just seemed…so much better. We still have our daily challenges, especially when we need to get out the door, but she really seems to be turning into this rational little person. She’s finally even sleeping like a normal human, and it could be a coincidence, but the last month or so we’d tell her when it was the weekend and that she could “sleep in” the next morning, and I swear she nods and gets it, and she actually does sleep in later. She used to cling to me, but it seemed more out of desperation, not that she was being affectionate. She is generally more comfortable with the world, and she will happily play with and seem very interested in other kids, and she will then lean over out of the blue and give me a kiss or tell me she loves me. Best transformation ever. This probably goes without saying, but she’s also hilarious. Just today she announced that I’m a better driver than Pat. So funny (and astute and true).

Ugh, so these things usually practically write themselves, but, like I said before, I can’t seem to find the words. Woe is me! More later – hopefully featuring pictures. Until then, I hope this is better than my postlette about Tide To Go.