October 2008

Aww shucks

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Wow, at the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I am so happy about all of the nice birthday wishes I got yesterday, including comments on the blog, e-mails, Facebook messages, and phone calls. Oh wait, I didn’t get any phone calls, but that’s perfect because I kind of hate using the phone. (Although I suck it up to talk to some friends and family I don’t otherwise talk to / see enough.) Anyway, I would say that I got more happy birthday wishes this year than the last 3 or 4 years combined. Have I been a better friend this year? Did my sad story about not wanting to celebrate my birthday create enough pathos to make people pity me? I don’t know, but I liked it!

Another fun part about my birthday was my family is awesome, and Greta sang Happy Birthday to me at least a dozen times. Pat took care of dinner and even knew to get Cheesy Eddie’s carrot cake for dessert. Yay for observant husbands!

Um, I can’t believe we get to vote next week. I wish we could just do it now, now, now. First of all, I just want to see if we can breath a sign of relief or if we can expect at least 4 years with Grampy McSame. (I stole that nickname from someone else; I wish I were that clever.) Plus, I am SO SICK of watching political commercials, and I barely watch any TV. Don’t make me get DVR, people!

Random: I saw this story today and I kind of loved it. Merriman Street is very close to where we live. I love that I could throw a stone and hit at least one of the moldy mattresses. If I remember, I’ll go get a decent picture of the pile before it gets hauled away tomorrow. The photo in the article by no means does this mountain of disease-riddled mattresses justice.

Update: I don't know why I'm obsessed with these mattresses, but I did indeed stop by the eyesore this morning and got a shot before they were all trucked off to a landfill. Behold! (Not the best shot ever, but it was dark and I was far away and using a point-and-shoot camera.)

What else? I'm sick. For the third time this season, and IT'S ONLY OCTOBER. What is wrong with me? I wash my hands like a borderline fanatic, and I haven't, say, been hanging out at a clinic somewhere. I am really perplexed by the whole thing. That is all.

One last thing that seems to be on the minds of friends of mine who have done NaBloPoMo before is that it’s almost that time of year again. I regret to say that I think it’s going to be NoBloPoMo for me this year. I am really conflicted about it, but with working full time, having a captivating and time-consuming toddler, and being in a class that takes up a good 6-9 hours a week pretty much has me at max capacity. I feel like if I did it I would have to half-ass it, and then what is the point? But I get a little sad when I think about not doing it...I dunno, just thought it seemed worth mentioning.

Speaking of class, I have a test tomorrow on the cardiovascular, immune, and lymphatic systems and blood that may or may not make me cry. Gots to study!

PS - Snow tonight! Brrrr.


An unimpressive list of mildly interesting tidbits

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Hey, at least it's something.

I got a 114 (a perfect score) on my last test for my medical terminology test. That seems a little ridiculous that it is even possible to get a 114, but I'm glad I got a perfect score. (People were doing so badly in the class that I think the professor figured she'd better start giving extra credit questions, this after about half of the class already dropped; it's definitely a challanging class.) We have a test every week and we are more than halfway through the class, and my lowest score is a 98 (which is also my only score under 100). This next test is going to kick my booty, though. I will admit that the class so far has made me think I could totally be a doctor, but once we got to the cardiac section this week, it kind of put me in my place. Super extra big props to my favorite cardiologist duo. Meanwhile, I can't even handle the Reader's Digest version of cardiology....

On Friday, Pat and I participated in a chili cook-off at RIT. I made my chili recipe, which I think is the bee's knees. Unfotunately, though, I can't say that it's award-winning chili, because someone obviously rigged the competition and awarded an inferior chili the top prize. Yeah, I'm a sore loser. Anyway, I hope the presidential election goes much better than the chili cook-off. GObama!

My brithday is Monday and I'm turning 32. I'm so not interested in getting older. Blah. I've been trying to pretend it's not happening, but my friends and family are making it hard. Pat got me/us tickets to go see Wilco in December, and I'm busting at the seams about that. I can't believe I get to see Wilco! Then Kensey, my BFF from college, also sent me a great gift - one I'm almost a little embarrassed I like so much: a variety of cleaning products from Mrs. Myers. Have you heard of Mrs. Myers Clean Day? I was giddy when I saw them. I hadn't even heard of Mrs. Myers (the day after I got the Mrs. Myers products, I saw a review of them in Cookie; Kensey's so hip), but I immediately liked what I saw and what I smelled. I love anything that makes the dreaded task of cleaning fun, which is kind of a reminder that I'm getting old, but it's a good reminder at least. Yeah, so, I opened my birthday gifts already. It's not that I need immediate gradification, I just dislike suspense and I'm not big on ceremony.

Oh, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was way better than we expected. So funny.

I made a great recipe today, and I wanted to share. It came from Nancy Pearl Wannabe. It made me so happy to see my whole family enjoy it. I highly recommend you try it. Nice work, NPW! Carrots in lasagna: now I've seen everything.


Riddle: What does a punk rocker who is in his 50s do to show he's still punk rock?

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Answer: Throw his used tea bag into the audience!

We had a wonderful weekend. We headed to Skaneateles Saturday afternoon and got Greta settled in at my parents' house, and then Pat and I then headed out to meet a friend in Ithaca to go to the Billy Bragg show at the lovely State Theater. I will admit that when Pat invited me to the show the conversation went something like this:

"Fran, do you want to go to the Billy Bragg show in Ithaca on October 18th?"

"Nah. [Pause.] Wait, can we go to Moosewood for dinner before the show?"


"Okay, I'm in."

So I've never considered myself a big fan of Mr. Bragg's, but I have listened to a decent amount of his music and have always enjoyed the bands he has worked with and like a lot of bands that have been influenced by Billy Bragg. I just couldn't really get into him. I am pleased to say that dinner at Moosewood was awesome, and it alone made the trip to Ithaca worth it, but BB's performance far exceeded my expectations. He is extremely charismatic in person, he is a very inspirational speaker (who is so outspoken about politics it borders on preaching), and he's a darned good musician. His stories leading into songs were twice and maybe even three times a long as the songs themselves, but I was hanging on every word. I'm so glad we went!

Oh, so, to explain the title of this post, he was very mild mannered for a punk, despite his fairly liberal use of the F word (which sounds almost lovely said with his British accent), and he was sucking down herbal tea during the show, which is not very punk-like...anyway, at the end of the show, and after playing a very satisfying three-song encore, he took his tea bag and unapologetically threw it into the audience. So punk rock (sort of).

We spent the night at my parents' house, Greta slept in until 9 AM (9 AM!), and then my parents served us the best birthday brunch ever. (It's my birthday on the 27th, and this was my family birthday celebration observed.) Oh, and Greta and my mom greeted me in the morning with cookies they had baked for me the night before. How great is my family??

While we were there, Greta showed off how Hoppa (her grandpa) made her a big leaf pile to play in.

Action shot!

After leaving my parents' house, we drove back to the ROC and went to the zoo for the ZooBoo, where Greta got to test out her piggy Halloween costume and her trick-or-treat skills. She also ate more sugar than I think she had in the entire first year and a half of her life, but she looked very, very cute doing it.

Action shot #2!

Hope you had a good one too.


I Hate the 80s

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I always feel blasphemous when say I disliked the 80s, even when I merely *think* about how much I disliked the 80s, because is seems most people my age feel such strong nostalgia for it. I would dare say the 80s were awkward for almost everyone (the fashion alone! [shudder]), but they were especially awkward for me. In case you haven't noticed, my hair does nothing but the one thing is does pretty well: sit there and be straight. Desperate attempts to make it "big" failed miserably and left me feeling inadequate. Clothes never fit right: big tops, small pants, hightops?? I looked like a strange little boy in the 80s. Oh, and the music. Man oh man do I hate 80s music.

Entering the 90s was an amazing time for me. I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. I very clearly remember hearing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for the first time and feeling like something new and great was happening. I fully embraced grunge clothing; in retrospect, I realize it was not flattering, but at least it was comfortable!

This is a long intro for what is supposed to be some quick Friday fun...Anyway, I usually shun the 80s, but sometimes mocking it is a-ok in my book. On Nancy Pearl Wannabe's site, she posed a link to this. Then I found THIS, which I liked even more! Both HILARIOUS.

Happy Friday, whether you loved the 80s or you hated 'em. This seems like a good time for you to leave a comment saying whether or not you liked the 80s and why. Feel free to also talk about how listening to Nevermind for the first time blew your mind. Please and thanks.


You know you're a nerdy married couple when...

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You're sitting side by side with your husband, laptops engaged, IMing each other slightly dirty messages via Facebook and giggling while watching the Presidential Debate and drinking wine.


Gotta Make This Quick

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This was probably the most action-packed weekend we've had in quite some time. It was unseasonably warm and unRochesterily sunny. One of my lengthy bulleted lists seems to be in order.

  • Friday evening we went to Strong Museum with some friends. Friday night is where it's at there. The new Curious George exibit was open, and Greta loved it.

    In the Curious George rocket ship slide thing.

    Hugging her boy George.

    This picture is notable only if you see how far Pat's knees stick up out of this car. It as clearly not built for 6'3" men.

  • Friday night I headed to Tap & Mallet for my friend Alex's birthday. It was a little late for me to be heading out, but I thought I should toast my friend. I realized after I was already in the bar that I didn't have any money (or my entire wallet, for that matter). Alex was nice enough to buy me a beer on HIS birthday. Sheesh. I feel like friend of the year for that one.
  • Saturday morning Pat headed off to RIT for the Brick City Festival. He presented a few talks at the library. In case you missed my previous link, here is a short article about one of his talks on Internet basics, from earlier in the week. While Pat was working, Greta and I went to a local apple orchard. We met up with some friends, drank cider, ate doughnuts, and gawked at some goats.
  • Saturday afternoon, Greta and I met up with Pat at RIT for his 10-year college reunion. Pat's old roommate Frank and his lovely wife, Joyce, and son, Nathan, came (thank goodness, because that party was beat otherwise). After the reunion, we all ventured out around campus and had a great time walking around, laughing at how much Greta and Nathan loved playing together.
  • Saturday night, I taught Greta to say the word Papanicolaou, which is one of my vocabulary words for this week. That's the last name of the physician who invented the Pap smear. That's a six-syllable word. Not too shabby. Next I might teach her hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy. That's 10 syllables, people.
  • Sunday morning/afternoon we went to Cobbs Hill Park. My brother and sister-in-law were in town for a bike race. It was a crazy rally that involved rough terrain, some crazy turns, and even a barrier they had to run through. I took tons of pictures and, sadly, they are all less than spectacular. I had a blast taking them though, and it was fun to see Phil in his element. (This was his fourth race in four weeks. I'm the most unathletic McCarthy for sure. I ran a mile once. It was in the tenth grade, for the Presidential Fitness Test. I felt like crap after and just felt like I wanted to cry. I kept it together until the next period when my English teacher asked me to go up to the board and write a compound-complex sentence and I burst into tears. Yeah, that's bad.)

    I was fascinated by the barrier part. Here are a couple shots of Phil going through that.

    Greta was less impressed than I was, though, or perhaps she was just in awe.


That's alls I got for now.


Long day

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We had a long but fun day today. Here's one photo of Greta from RIT's Brick City Festival. Roar!

More tomorrow. Now off to bed!


2008-10-10 16:49:32

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Look: My Patty's all famous and whatnot. Go Pat!

I like the last sentence. "The Internet is here to help make your life easier." In case I haven't thanked you lately for making my life easier, Internet, THANK YOU.


Someone hasn't quite learned the adage "less is more"

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...But you've got to admit this is cute.

She kept saying, "I'm not gonna eat it," because I caught her nibbling on ChapStick before and may have freaked out a wee bit (we've all been there, though, haven't we?), but she put enough on to adequately lip gloss the Pussycat Dolls.


It's that time of year again...

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