August 2008

I love the Internet

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I found this video of a guy who went to college with Pat. I met him at least a half dozen times back in the day, and I could never tell if he was straight-up crazy or if he was just extremely dedicated to his shtick.

The denouement takes place around minute 2:00.

V_Murder, you know this guy? ;-)

A little tidbit: this guy was on the Gong Show last week and he was gonged by Dave Navarro, although I haven't found proof of that on the Internet yet.


Oh nos! I is going back to skool!

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Well, I will not be matriculated, but I am going to take the first college course I've taken since 1999. 1999! Dat's right! It's a medical terminology course at Monroe Community College, paid for by the fine folks at my workplace. It starts next Wednesday, and I'm having first-day-of-school jitters!

As I was walking on campus today to register for the course, it hit me when I looked around at the students and realized I was NOT in flip flops and a tank top, that I am an Adult Learner: someone I used to detest when I was an undergrad. Annoying Adult Learners with all of their questions and their grade grubbing...But you know what? You better believe I'll be getting an A in this class. I'm one of them now, b1tches!

Okay, I'm a little distracted as I write this because the Democratic National Convention is on and Joe Biden's shiny, smooth forehead is confounding me. His skin looks better than mine! What's up with that? Pssst: it's cosmetic surgery/dermatology. (That's the closest you'll get to politics talk on this site.)


Large grain of salt

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Greta moved up to a new classroom this past Monday. We were surprised to find out that she would actually be moving up two classes instead of one. Skipping a class is not to say that Greta is some advanced super-genius. Sometimes I think they just do whatever is convenient for them there. (I realize it's probably hard for them to decide where to place kids, and I'm sure they probably put a lot of thought into it. I liken it to table assignments at a wedding. Not every person is going to be happy with where you put them, but at some point you've got to just put some people someplace because it's never going to be perfect.) Pat and I are trying to wait and see how things go without being alarmists, but we have kind of had a bad feeling about it. We had been excited for Greta to be with one particular teacher, and now she is going to miss being with that woman completely.

Pat and I checked in on her at lunch yesterday and were very pleasantly surprised to see she was doing great. Two teachers even came up to us while we were there and commented on how much more sociable and chatty Greta has been lately. It was really nice to see her so happy and hear that news from other people (I feel like so few people see the Greta that we see everyday). Not letting our guard down, however, we have been asking Greta a lot of questions about her school day. This morning, Pat and Greta had the following conversation in the car.

Pat: Do you like your new teachers at school?

Greta: I don't like [insert one teacher's name].

Pat: Why?

Greta: She's mean.

Pat: What did she do that's mean?

Greta: She stepped on my foot.

Pat: Did she do it on purpose?

Greta: Yes, and she ate my shoe.

Pat (and Fran via proxy): [Takes grain of salt]


Pat Reed's birthday weekend, and how I'm a crappy life partner

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In case you need a quick refresher, Greta Bean got sick Wednesday night. Greta has been pukey sick 3 or 4 other times, and Pat and I have never gotten sick from her. This past time, I realized I made some sloppy mistakes in caretaking, the most egregious including going to kiss Greta in the dark and accidentally kissing her hand that still had some vomit on it. Not shockingly, Friday afternoon at work, I felt a rumble in my tummy, and then another, and another. I headed home a skosh early, and after an hour or so of my brain trying to convince my stomach that there was nothing wrong with it, it failed and I realized I needed to get myself in close proximity of the toilet. I will fast-forward a bit because I think you all know what kind of night I had. For being such a pessimist, I had high hopes I would feel fine on Saturday. Greta had bounced back so well the day following her bug, so why wouldn't I? Oh wait, she is two and I am almost thirty-two. It takes time for a lady of my years to recover from that sort of thing.

On top of this, we had a party planned for Pat on Saturday, and he was all, "party or bust" and I was all, "I'm gonna die," so I took Greta and did the one thing I could think of doing: I went to see my mommy. Pat threw his own party while I recovered from throwing up. It is kind of poetic if you think about it, but it's actually pretty lousy. After recuperating at my parents' for a while, I decided to rally and drove back home (sans Greta, who stayed with her nanna and hoppa), basically in time to show up as a regular ol' guest to Pat's party. I was very glad I did because seeing friends and having some good, clean, childless fun really made me feel better.

Part of my negligence leading up to this weekend was that I didn't bake Pat the cake I had tentatively planned, so at midnight he got a marshmallow with a candle in it. Wife of the year!

Among many things I slacked on, I didn't take many pictures at the party. Here is one that shows a handful of the guests.

Today we picked up Greta and had a nice lunch with my parents. My mom made chicken wing pizza, per Pat's request, and she and Greta made him some peanut butter cookies. They also gave him cards. These are all things that I cannot say myself. I did, however, buy Pat a coffee and a blueberry doughnut at Dunkin Donuts, and I bought him beef panang takeout from Esan, and I helped him make room in the fridge for all of our leftover beer. Speaking of which, who's thirsty and in the neighborhood? I like the one random juice box in the sea of beer bottles.

This fridge in no way rivals our fridge before our trailer trash ripper of 2004. Look at those shelves bow!

I told Pat that we're having Pat Reed Birthday Observed next weekend so I can redeem myself. Stay tuned.


At least Friendster is good for something

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Happy birthday, P. Reed!


No pictures for you!

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I have no pictures from today because today was rather crappy and not document-worthy. Poor Greta woke up this morning at 2:30 throwing up, and we didn't even get close to going back to sleep until about two hours later. We slept off and on for another couple hours and then she was up-up by 6:30. Pat went to work and I tried to not be grumpy while taking care of G and doing 6 or 7 loads of laundry. One of those nights.

When Greta refused to go back to bed in the wee hours of the morning, we camped out for a bit downstairs, and we got to watch some rerun footage of the Olympics (a beach volleyball game I had missed), so it wasn't all bad.

Not unrelated, does anyone know how to get throw up out of a feather bed? It is my personal opinion that if someone is dumb enough to put a feather bed under a two year old, they deserve to have it puked on. It's actually pretty old and was inexpensive, at least, so I think it's going to take a trip to feather bed heaven. I don't think it's worth the money to have it dry cleaned, and it's not really worth my time to take to the laundromat and sit around there for a couple hours with laundromat people. I'm joking about that second part, kind of.

I can say that despite the fact that we had a lousy night and we didn't leave our house/yard at all other than to play in the back a bit and take one short walk around the block to get some fresh air, we had a nice day. The other thing is we didn't have any big plans for today. I had already dissed the day care posse, knowing that four days in a row would be a bit much. Our only plans were to go shopping to buy Pat a birthday present, and luckily Pat's not one of those I-need-birthday-presents-on-my-birthday and I-celebrate-a-birthweek people, like I am.



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We're having a great weekend with our bunny being out of day care. Pat was home Monday and Tuesday, and I was home with her today.

Yesterday, the same bunch of people from the zoo went to Strong Museum. Pat took almost a hundred pictures, and I was very jealous that I missed out on the fun upon seeing the pictures. Here are a few.

Greta and Erik playing with the giant. This thing blows my mind. It's so big, and I think it's fantastic that it's user friendly enough for a two year old to work.

And here are Erik and Greta riding a goose.

Pat loves this picture: Greta's best friend Lilly (aka "Lulu") contemplating plastic meats.

Pat requires no contemplation; he loves plastic meats.

Today the same people (minus Pat, plus me) met up at Ontario Lake Beach. I feel like I've been living under a rock, because I've never really been to this beach. I mean, this is really lame, because I never even went to the Port of Rochester when it was open. I know, I know. My only excuse is that I'm not a beach person, so anything with the word beach in it (even if the water is worthless for most intents and purposes), I just think Not interested and move along. In the interest of being not as antisocial as usual, I decided to go there today with the day care posse, and I LOVED IT. There were lots of fun things to do, and the fact that swimming is actually not allowed (at least as was the case today), that is just a bonus. There was sun there, though, which I am adamantly opposed to. I wore sun block but don't have prescription sunglasses and I got a sunburn on my eyes. Owie.

I took about a tenth of the amount of pictures today as Pat did each of the two previous days, but here are a couple that seem worth posting.

Self-portrait. Apparently I have "crazy eyes."

Here are the three kids holding hands on the walk to lunch. I like to think they'll be friends for life.

I am still of the belief that watching your kid for the day is harder work than actually being at work (and that even goes for the last 6 months of my time at work, which have been kicking my @$$), and now I'm beat. I'm off to bed to regroup for tomorrow. (You stay-at-home moms are my heroes, and you stay-at-home moms who also work part-time are just crazy.)


Leftover red wine was the inspiration for this update

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So, after my disappointment with wasting half of my day on Friday preparing for the laser treatment (by being a bundle of nervous energy, grocery shopping like I wouldn't be able to leave the house for about 6 months, and then sitting with about $50 of numbing cream on my face [that, thankfully, I didn't pay for] for over an hour) and having nothing to show for it, I felt like I had to make up for lost time and make my vacation day worth it. To some people this might mean an afternoon at the spa, or marathon shopping, or starting the Great American Novel. For me, it was doing some things around the house that I've been meaning to do - and doing some things around the house I never intended on doing.

I first took my aggression out on this park bench that we inherited with our house. It had been super peely for years, so I scraped it and primed it. I then sanded our upstairs railing and banister, which I've been meaning to sand for quite some time. After sanding, I realized a lot of the dust collected in our already very dusty chandelier. And I honestly had no intention of cleaning it until I saw it was completely covered in a large layer of spackle dust and I thought, I'll just see what I can do with the Swiffer duster...

...about a quarter bottle of Windex, a dozen paper towels, and three hours of my life later, that SOB was SPARKLING.


I'm so proud of it.

Saturday, it was our anniversary, as I already noted. Thank you all so much for the nice comments and well wishes. We tried to get a couple babysitters, but apparently most childless people have actual plans going on weekend nights in the summer, so we decided to cook a nice meal at home. After Greta went to sleep, Pat and I cooked what I declared OUR GREATEST HOME-COOKED MEAL EVER!

We had gone to the South Wedge Farmer's Market the previous Thursday and bought almost all of our ingredients there, including some organic filet mignon. The filet was amazing. I can't imagine ever buying filet from Wegmans ever again (except maybe during the winter).

The most exciting news, in my mind, is that we have been pacifier free since Friday. I would like to say that Pat and I finally laid down the law, but the truth is that we lost three pacifiers in three weeks, and day care lost the last one (the first one they ever lost). Anyway, we took it as a sign and so far so good. Greta has been quite understanding, considering, and even told me that she's glad her pacifier is gone. We fibbed a bit and told her the "pacifier fairy" came and took it to give to a baby, but whatever works. Although she still has her moments of weeping when it's time to get in the car, she's doing much better than I imagined.

Lastly, Greta's day care is closed this week, and Pat and I are taking turns staying home with her. Some parents from G's class organized events each day of the week, and they all went to the zoo today. Pat took bunches of pictures. I enjoyed going through them and picking a couple of my favorites.

I like this one. It proves that two year olds love animal crackers and that boys have cooties.

Happy Monday.


An Important Day in PnF History

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Five years ago today, Pat and I tied the knot! A lot of people ask us how we stay so happy together, rightly so, and I always say that communication is the biggest thing. Take, for instance, this recent IM conversation Pat and I had.

Fran: I love a John Mayer song: check it

Fran: I feel so dirty

Pat: thumbs down

Pat: it's so acoustic sonority

Fran: did you listen to the words?

Pat: a little

Pat: is it about you and greta

Fran: well and you and Greta

Fran: he wrote it about the three of us

Pat: that was sweet of him

Fran: when he's not busy being on TMZ, he's writing about simple folk like us

Pat: he should have a baby with Jennifer Aniston

Fran: he's not going to be having a baby with anyone if he keeps wearing ugly outfits like the one he's wearing on that Heavier Things album

Pat: what's with those pants

Fran: and that shirt

Fran: all right, I'm out

Pat: bye

So there you have it folks. Important conversations like this one over IM are the lifeline of strong relationships.

Seriously though, I am so happy to have found someone who is so obviously my match and who makes me laugh daily.

Here's a little blast from the past.



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This is not exactly the exciting conclusion I was hoping for. If you haven't read the below post, you might want to skim that first and catch up.

So, I went to my appointment this morning, an hour early so I could fill out paperwork, sign my life away, and apply numbing cream to my face. After getting some unpleasant stares in the waiting room, a woman called me into another room. My friend was with me, so I was happy I had a nice conversing partner during the wait. Ten minutes or so after I was due to have the treatment, a nurse came in and informed me that they ran out the laser tips.

Insert "wont-wah" noise here.

The nurse promised that they would bring me back in about two weeks and give me a free treatment. Realizing beggars can't be choosers, I hopefully gracefully accepted that offer. I'm not sure why the realization of the lack of tips took so long, but, whatever, things happen.

I am definitely disappointed. I think I'm handling it well, except for the time when I was walking out of the office and the receptionist looked so sorry for me and then I burst into tears. Hmm. Oh well, time to try to make the most of the rest of my day off.

I'll keep you all abreast. Have a wonderful weekend.