June 2008

There are probably only three people in the world who would find this awesome, and I'm one of them

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When I was a surly freshman in college in 1995-1996, I definitely thought I was too cool for school. My roommate, Kensey, and a girl we became friends with within the first few days of school, Sarah, were into watching made-for-TV movies. I would never join in because I thought MFTV movies were dumb, which they totally are, but that is beside the point. About halfway through our freshman year, I caved and watched on with Kensey and Sarah. They talked me into it because Tori Spelling was in it, which promised to make it extra bad/good. I have had a vague recollection of this movie throughout the last 12 years of my life, and I have had a special place in my heart for Tori since this time. This afternoon, as Greta was napping and I was folding some laundry, I turned on the TV and saw what I was pretty sure was this same Tori Spelling MFTV movie. I checked the TV listing, and it had a very familiar name: Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

I saw all of 10 minutes of the movie today, but I am positive this is the same one. It made my otherwise mediocre Sunday.

Here is a visual of the three of us circa 1996. Left to right: Sarah, Kensey, and moi.


Dear my friend the blog: I have something very important to tell you

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It's official: we have a resident opossum, or at least one who likes to cut through our yard. I found him in the back yard again tonight, and we had a little chat.

Apparently, in a past life, he was a bit of an unsavory fellow. He was an unsuccessful Amway salesman named Floyd Ferguson who alienated what few friends and family he had with his constant sales pitches. When he lost his job, he started hanging out at the gas and sip, making himself available to underage kids and hoping he could make a few bucks by buying beer for them and (deep down inside) befriending them. His one and only hobby was video taping women in the bathroom (at the gas and sip, naturally) and playing the videos back side by side with Girls Gone Wild volume 4. In this life, of course, he's a nasty little marsupial who many mistake as being part of the rat family. He is probably actually a female who has taken residence under our porch and has had up to 13 babies there, although he/she would not disclose this particular information before he/she started "playing possum." I suspect he/she ate my first round of tomato plants, which I'm pretty pissed about. We talked about that too.

Here is the nasty little critter behind our garage, plotting his extremely slow escape.

If we continue to "bond," I may join the Opossum Society of the United States and buy some opossum paraphernalia. I'm partial to the opossum greeting cards of the opossum holding the bunch of balloons. They would make perfect "hang in there" cards.

In other news, Greta's favorite word recently has been why. (At least it's not no anymore.) Today it became incessant. Whhhyyyy? Whhhhhyyyy? WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? It lead to many philosophical discussions.


2008-06-06 22:18:03

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This evening I went outside to water my vegetables, and I noticed some critter out of the corner of my eye. I assumed it was one of the semi-stray cats in the neighborhood, but then I saw the animal's nasty little nose, and its nasty tale, and its beady little eyes looking at me as only an opossum can. An opossum in my pansies! At least it wasn't a rat. We stared at each other for a little while, and then I tried to get the camera to take a picture; it was gone by the time I got back. Drat.

Because I had the camera out anyway, I decided to take a picture of this, um, huge devil weed - or at least what I assume is a weed. Can anyway identify this as friend or foe, and if it's a foe, how would I go about ridding my flower bed of it? I tried pulling it out, but it didn't budge. Hmm.

This afternoon was Pat's company's picnic. Other than it being eleventy billion degrees, it was lovely! A little girl named Sydney was there, and she and Greta got along very well. Here they are enjoying cupcakes.

We had gone to Strong Museum with Sydney (and her parents) about six months ago, and Greta barely spoke and refused to give any hugs. It was great to see Greta having so much fun this time and chatting and laughing with Sydney and being very liberal with the hugs.

Greta played with a little wiffle ball thingy, and it was so apparent that we watch no sports in our home. Rather than hit the ball with the bat in a normal fashion, she kind of used the bat like a pool cue. Pretty funny.

And because I have no shame when it comes to posting an excessive amount of pictures of my kid, here are a couple more of my beautiful bunny.


Words, words, words

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Today and tonight were refreshingly pleasant, which was a welcome change after yesterday, which was a day that left me wondering what horrible things I did to deserve such bad karma. Okay, I'm being overly dramatic, but I did have that thought. I should probably explain...

Yesterday, I went to pick Greta up from day care, and, as usual, she was outside on the playground. It has been difficult to get her to leave in the evenings, which always leaves me saying, "I'm really glad you enjoy yourself so much at day care, but, for reals, we gotta go." Some form of wrangling always ensue. Last night was no exception. And at one point, I was talking to two of the teachers, and I sensed that Greta was going to make a break for it. I went to grab her and ended up tripping over her feet. As I did, I fell, taking Greta with me. The good news is my proper mommy mechanism kicked in, and I managed to make it a soft fall for Greta. The bad news is I wasn't able to brace myself and I fell hard on my side. It was not the worse fall ever, but it kind of rattled my noggin and was more than a skosh embarrassing to do in front of other humans. I recovered from that and we headed home together to find that I didn't have my house key and were, thus, locked out. I then dug around my purse to find out I also didn't have my phone. (I was clearly never a girl scout.) Pat was due home in about an hour, thankfully, so I wasn't too worried. I couldn't help but feel a little discombobulated, but we made the best of the situation by walking over to Starry Nights to get a brie and fruit plate. It was a great way to kill some time, and by the time Pat got home, Greta was having so much fun at our little picnic that we had a hard time getting her to come inside. The experience, though annoying, made me thankful that Greta, who has always been a bit of a tender soul, has become so much more rough and tumble in the last year. I think if we had been locked out a year ago, it would have been a much bigger deal. I was very proud of my bunny.

Tonight, on the other hand, was just perfect. We decided to get dinner at a place called Hyjea, and Greta was a complete dove. They had no A/C, they only had these crazy tall chairs, (these but in white), and even though they have a kids' menu, they have no high chair or booster seat or whatever. The service there is...well, bizarre, but it was the best dinner we've had out in ages - maybe ever. Greta chatted and ate and sat very well in the giant chair. The food there was great. We will definitely be back.

I don't know, I can't put my finger on it, but Greta was just so lovely tonight and there was not a single battle. It was really refreshing, given her current two-year-old status...and you know what they say about two year olds.

The other thing is that I - an avid vacation hater - decided that we need to go on some sort of vacation. I am pretty convinced that it should be just Pat and me at this point. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. And, ideally, it should be within four hours driving distance. (I had a mighty freak-out session on our trip to FLA last year, and, mentally, I feel like a four-hour drive will allow me to really have fun and enjoy myself. Silly, maybe. Effective, I think so.) Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations? We are fans of Toronto and Ithaca, but maybe we need to branch out a bit.


2008-06-03 22:29:03

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Greta invents a new color (ducky!) and sings her EICs

I was just talking to my best friend from college, Kensey, and we were catching up on many things, and of course we talked a lot about her daughter, who is turning 1 this week, and Greta, who is a crazy, crazy little lady. I was describing some of Greta's funny little idiosyncrasies, so I'm posting this mostly for Kensey. Unfortunately, you can hear me much more loudly than Greta.

For you Howard Stern fans, at the very end of this first one, Greta starts laughing this very strange laugh that reminds me of Artie Lang's "Emotional Friend" impression.

As Greta would say, "Here go!"

Greta does her Emotional Friend impression from Fran Reed on Vimeo.

In this next one, Greta sings her ABCs, which she consistently calls her EICs. She transposes some letters and also consistently omits some, but I think she's doing well for being two and change. (I remember thinking for waaaay too long that "n" was in the alphabet twice. Where was the extra "n," you ask? My alphabet ended with "y-n-z." And now I'm an editor, so take that, alphabet.)

Greta sings her EICs from Fran Reed on Vimeo.