May 2008

Not a Horse

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Here's a picture from Greta in the bath tonight. Wait a minute, is she writing what I think she's writing?

Greta's "WTF face." Whiskey tango foxtrot (as Pam would say)!

Don't mind our ugly fish tiles. I actually get angry when I think too much about whoever thought these tiles were a good idea and installed them. Grr.

We had a pretty action-packed day considering we had no planned activities. One highlight is that Greta got her first mani-pedi (at home) today! Very light pink on the fingernails, and red - as you can see - on the toenails.

A more significant highlight is that we took three separate car rides today without a pacifier, and there was crying, oh yes, there was crying, but everyone survived. Lazy parenting be damned! And because necessity is the mother of invention, and because it was my job to distract Greta in the car while Pat drove, I invented an awesome game I like to call "Not a Horse," in which I announce everything I see that's not a horse and then note that it's not a horse. For example, Fran says, "Hey Greta, there's a yield sign," in a high-pitched tone, followed by, "That's not a horse." And then Greta would agree with a sincere, "Yeeaaah." I really think the game is gonna catch on. Tell your friends.


2008-05-30 21:24:43

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I'm watching the National Spelling Bee championship, and sh*t's getting intense!


This deserves its own post

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Oh my goodness, and I almost forgot, but the book I edited can now be found on Amazon here as a Kindle book. Neat! Those who haven't dropped $360 for a Kindle can also buy the book on Lulu here.


2008-05-29 21:17:42

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I have Greta to thank for the fact that I have had flowers in my bud vases all spring. She loves being outside and can't help but pick some flowers every time she gets a chance to, even just during the walk from the car to the house. Greta also loves to put the flowers in the vase, which makes for some pretty wonky floral designs.

Tonight, after eating dinner outside, Greta went over to the chives and picked about 30 that had flowered. As she was picking them, I realized how beautiful they really are. It's really amazing to stop and appreciate the world through the eyes of a two year old.

Here are a few of the blooms.

Happy Thursday.

PS - Amy, these are the chives transplanted from your parents' garden.


Memorial Day Weekend - Day 3

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Our weekends and evenings, while still filled with lots of fun, are fraught with errands and to-do items. Having an extra day in the weekend, Pat and I decided that today should be all about Greta and doing only fun things that she would enjoy. I announced this to Greta this morning and asked what she wanted to do. She said, "Shop shoes!" I said, "We're not going shopping! Shopping's not fun!" [Fingers crossed.] I then suggested the zoo and she happily obliged.

After the zoo, we had a nice lunch in the back yard. Here is Greta contemplating the simple deliciousness of a fresh strawberry.

And here is Greta sharing her finding.

On second thought, Greta decides to keep her finding to herself. [Note untrusting look in her eye. Clearly I have grabbed food off her plate one too many times, but come on, she eats better than I do.]

After a good nap, we planned a nice dinner at the park and spent a ridiculous amount of time swinging and going down the "whee" (slide, silly).

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Leave your highlight and lowlight in the comments section, please.


Memorial Day Weekend - Day 2

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Keeping with the high school friend theme for the weekend, we went over to my old friend Jesse's luau today. Jesse and I look damn good for being 11 years out of high school, if I do say so myself. Editor's note: I just realized my math is a little fuzzy here. We graduated in '95, so why don't you do the math.

Pat and Greta had fun, too. I say it's impossible to not have fun when you're either wearing a lei or listening to disco, and we were doing both!

I look a little out of in this picture. I had just finished a drink that Jesse made for me that I described as tasting "like pear lip gloss" (yum), and it was quite strong. It was Absolut Pear, ginger ale, and lime. My face looks kind of fat, too. I'll just blame the drink for that as well.

And here we are comparing tongues.

After that party we ended up stopping by our friend Sara's. We had a nice time there as well. Here is beany all tuckered out.


Memorial Day Weekend - Day 1

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As luck would have it, some of my best pals from high school were in the Skaneateles/Marcellus area this weekend, and so I made a trip home today to get together with them. We met up at Jordan and Chris's house and had a nice lunch and play date. They have more toys and play areas than most day-care centers, so Greta had a great time, and I even had a hard time getting her to leave.

Out of the six kids, Greta was the only girl. I felt comfortable announcing that I had the prettiest kid there.

Here is a picture of the group. Seen left to right: Taryn and Oliver, Jordan and Joey (Luke was napping), Marisa and Roman, Franimal and Greta Bean, and Kristen and Declan.

Greta was in all her glory on the swings. I hope she doesn't get any crazy ideas that we might buy her a swing set for our yard.

Here's a close-up of Taryn and Oliver.

And here's a close-up of Kristen and Declan.

Thanks so much to Chris and Jordan for the hospitality!

After the play date, Greta and I stopped by my parents' house for a little while. It was such a perfect day seeing so many people we love and having great weather to boot.

Oh, at my parents' house, Greta had blackberries for the first time. She loved them. Here's a picture of her tongue after eating about a dozen of them. Her dress is currently going through round two of blackberry-stain removal. : )

Hope you're all having a nice (hopefully long) weekend.


Lengthy whining session, no pictures; you've been warned. (It ends on a happy note, though.)

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I like writing. It's by far my favorite hobby. I'm not talking writing-writing. By no means am I talking about writing the Great American Novel or even the Mediocre American Novel. I like writing here, and I've built quite a little portfolio of writing at work, and I even like writing emails and letters. (I feel so much more comfortable writing than speaking.) Writing's easy: just figure out what you want to say and take all of the time you need to say it exactly like you want to. Yet I've made a conscious effort to not write for a living. I've always worried that if I wrote for a living I wouldn't want to do it as a hobby. And if I didn't want to do it as a hobby, what the heck would I do? Start, like, volunteering my time or something? Sheesh. Anyway, the last month or so I've been doing an insane amount of writing and - get this - I hate it. And what's worse, I have little to no interest in writing anything in my free time as a direct result. Boo.

What I've been writing is this beast of a technical document, and as I've been hating every minute of it, I've been reflecting on how ironic the whole situation is. I'm going to get all Sophia from Golden Girls on you for a minute.

Picture it: Nazareth College, 1997. I was a writing major, and a requirement for the major was to take a technical writing course during my junior year. I really, really didn't want to take it. So what did I do? I became a studio art major, naturally. I am a master of avoidance. I fear technical writing. And now, apparently, I know that I dislike technical writing. (Who does like technical writing? Pam, do you? Seriously, anyone?) I'm completely unqualified to be doing this as well, which is just the icing on the cake.

Anyway, so I've been very crabby and I'm looking forward to life going back to normal in the relatively near future.

Pat Reed has been a very busy beaver lately. It's finals week, and he has been working like crazy on his final project. He has had many late nights at school working on a group project, and I can't believe he's still even remotely coherent during the day. The people in his group are all full-time students who don't work and don't have families. They are borderline nocturnal, and they usually don't start meeting until 9 PM! Pat being the odd man out and an all-around amenable guy, has been going with their schedule. The up side is he has been here to help in the evenings and has been able to spend time with us until Greta goes to bed. The down side is that he basically never sleeps, and I have been waking up at insane hours to find he's not there. I try to roll over and go back to sleep, but then my mind starts running about how if he were actually in a ditch somewhere and I didn't call to check in I would never forgive myself. (Are there people who don't think this way in such an instance?) I usually fight with my brain for a while and realize that I'm not going to fall back asleep until I call him, so I get up and call and get all cold, and then the cats realize I'm up and so they're all, "Ooh, it's morning, time to eat. I'll just scratch this here furniture until I gets me some foodstuffs," and I'm all, "I hate everything. This is the pits." And I spend the next half an hour brooding. Oh, and I have a cold. Post-nasal drip is awesome.

But anyway, again, the good news is that things are looking positive at going back to normal in the near future with the whole nighttime thing. [Pat just called to say he's on his way home from class, and it's a mere 9:42 PM!]

Um, what else? I feel like I've got a lot to talk about, but I can't seem to muster the wherewithal to say anything that doesn't sound like a weak little annoying whimper.

Okay, I'll try just one and see how it goes: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE SEASON 4 IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooove So You Think You Can Dance.

The end.


Daddy-daughter photo shoot

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I was planning on doing yard work today, but Mother Nature said otherwise (with rain). So instead I'm going to post some pictures from yesterday.

After Greta's three-hour nap yesterday afternoon (three hours!), we went over to Mel and Erik's house. Mike, Holly, and little Elise were in town, and Rebecca and Bryan were there as well. That is 80% of the old gang. Not too shabby! (We missed you Courtney.) I didn't take a single damn picture of anyone but my husband and child, which, yes, I realize is weird. Anyway, here are the results of the photo shoot.

Greta did wake up last night with a fever but has been fine since. Hopefully it was a fluke. Tonight we're having goulash at Pat's grandma's house. Woot! I love dinner at Grandma Toung's.


Busy, busy

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I planted some rhubarb in our yard when we first moved in (about four years ago), and it has never done much of anything. We've always gotten half a dozen stalks or so, but they've always been pretty wimpy and don't get very red. This year the plant has exploded, and we have lots of stalks with huge leaves and bright red, thick stalks. I used four today to make some rhubarb crunch from a family recipe on my mom's side. I just had a small taste test, and it is some of the best rhubarb I've ever had (if I do say so myself). I have about 9 more big stalks right now, so if anyone local wants some, let me know or stop by. If we're not home, go in the back yard and help yourself. Seriously, I don't know what to do with it all. (Ian, I have you in mind in particular.)

Here are a few stalks to show the size. Keep in mind that Pat and Maynard are both larger than average in size, so they make the rhubarb look smaller than it really is. ;-)

I actually wanted Greta to pose with them because they are literally almost as big as her, but I couldn't because she was snoozing on the couch, which brings me to my next topic: Bunny seems to be getting sick. She fell asleep in the car this morning and then slept for an hour or so on the couch and is now sleeping again...this is just not like her. She was also rather cranky this morning. Hopefully when she wakes up she'll bounce right back.

Ooh, the other thing is that we went to the George Eastman house today. They were having their annual plant sale. All of the plants for sale are from cuttings, seeds, divisions, or offshoots of plants from the grounds of the Eastman House. I bought an iris and a sedum. I'm excited to have a piece of Rochester history in our yard! Keep your fingers crossed I don't kill them.

And because this wouldn't be a proper post if I didn't include Greta pictures, here are two from yesterday, at an event at her day care. The namesake of the day care has long since passed away, but every year they have a party in her honor on her birthday. Greta did not even entertain the idea of going on a pony this year (not surprisingly), but last year that proved to be anticlimactic anyway. She did enjoy doing some painting, playing with silly putty (seen below), swinging, and eating cupcakes.

Have a lovely weekend.