April 2008

Check It: Lip Gloss Will Kill You Dead

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It's weird how when you talk about something it seems to keep coming up - at least that happens to me. I just read this in the news about how lip gloss (sans SPF) can actually encourage skin cancer on your lips. Here is information from my company's consumer health website about a precancerous condition of the lips called actinic cheilitis. Something to be mindful of, especially because May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

Those of you who responded in my previous post about lip balm addition can take heart that you have a good excuse to continue using lip balm, as long as it has SPF!


Don't got

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Boooo. Really busy. Too busy for a proper update or even a recent Greta picture.

Just wanted to check in. My lips are still dry as the dickens but I'm holding strong.

Just so I feel like I did something post-worthy, I will show you this. And this delicious-looking recipe featuring creative math! I can't wait to make them. One of my friends was recently giving me a spiel about how bad beef is as far as depleting resources and some other things that sounded like blah, blah because I just kept thinking about steak with sautéed mushrooms. I promptly went out and bought two little sirloin steaks that are just waiting for Jaden of Steamy Kitchen's steak Gucci-ifying. Yum.

Fran (as if you didn't know)

Honk if you have chapped lips!

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Ever since I got my first tube of Blistex in my stocking when I was in the third grade, I've been addicted to lip balm. (Thanks a lot, Santa!) My Blistex habit got so bad in high school that I always had a tube in my pocket at all times, and this continued through college and even after. A couple years after college I had one nip of Carmex and I made the switch, never looking back at Blistex. I was in the professional world, and if I ever went to even a half-hour meeting without my Carmex, my lips started to feel dry and itchy (that stuff is seriously the devil). It was almost all I could think about. A friend introduced me to this site, and I was mostly amused but also inspired to try to quit my habit. It was a tough couple of weeks where I would use ChapStick (the methadone of lip balm) only occasionally, not more than three times a day. This seemed to get me to a happy point where I didn't have to carry any lip balm in my pocket and I could definitely go a day or two without using anything. Over the last few years, however, my ChapStick use has started to creep back up, and yesterday morning I decided to try to go cold turkey. I am going on hour 32, and I'm feeling the burn, let me tell you! The tube of ChapStick sitting on my desk and the one in my purse are taunting me, calling to me. I can't seem to stop licking my lips, which is only making the situation worse. When will it get better??

Words of encouragement and stories of breaking lip balm addiction are welcomed in the comments section. : )


Greta's first four-letter word!

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A child has a lot of firsts, and some seem more special than others. I'm excited to announce that Greta repeated her first four-letter word today. I'll give you a hint: it starts with S and rhymes with hit.

I gleefully announce this because I was not the person she was imitating. You can probably deduce the other member of the household who was. Tee-hee.

The good news is that I am sure she has already forgotten it, and the other good news is that other words she says actually sound like swear words but aren't intended to be, so I don't think the folks at day care would even notice. And the other good news is I can't think of many things funnier than a swearing two year old. Am I right or am I right?


Restaurant recommendation

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Tomorrow is my mom and dad's anniversary, and they are very cute because they are driving out from Skaneateles in the morning to visit Greta at day care and then leave around lunchtime. They are looking for a good lunch recommendation in Rochester, and I don't know why, but I'm drawing a blank. I'm looking at you, Dan, and other good-food connoisseurs. Henrietta or east side is preferred.


A retrospective

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Apparently, when you're two, someone can start doing a retrospective on your life. One of my favorite parts of having this site is looking back through the archives. I was just looking back at this time last year and then this time two years ago, and it was fun for me to compare the pictures of Greta.

Here is a picture of Greta from earlier tonight at Buckland Park. We got takeout from Aja and ate it in the park, and then we played.

And here she is exactly a year ago today. I remember we were so excited she had enough hair to put a tiny but totally unnecessary barrette in her hair. This day she had her first taste of chocolate!

And here is Greta from her "tub-tub" days, specifically from April 18th, 2006. She was almost 5 weeks old, and I think she had almost doubled her birth weight. She looked a little like an overstuffed sausage at this time.

I may do this every now and then, which I realize is completely selfish.

In other news, I've got nothin'.


Springdale Farms

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This morning we took a trip to Springdale Farms for an event organized by Greta's day care. The weather couldn't possibly have been better in my opinion (sunny, high 70s / low 80s), so it was a great time. Greta was very reluctant about things when we first got there. She has started to develop a lot of phobias, one to bugs or anything else on the ground or in the air that may even somewhat resemble a bug, which has made our time outdoors somewhat distressing. It took her a little while to relax and enjoy herself, but she finally did.

Note look of reluctance on her face.

It helped when she saw her buddy Jeffrey. At first even that was a tad awkward. Like, "Oh heeey. So, um, do you like, uh, stuff?

Oh, you do like stuff? Me too! Would you like to hug? Okay, yes, let's hug because we are BEST FRIENDS.

One thing I especially enjoyed, and something I am most proud of when it comes to Greta, is that she totally gets a good joke. Pat demonstrated the old head-through-the-hole picture gag, which she found hilarious. Here she is taking a turn.

GB sitting on a tractor. Future farmer, perhaps?

By far, Greta's favorite part was the swingset that was part of the playground on the farm.

I think she would have stayed on the swings for hours if she could have.

And here is a Hello Kitty advertisement.



2008-04-17 08:27:48

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I work with a lot of MDs who work all over the world, most of whom I will probably never meet in person. I sometimes Google people I work with to learn a little more about them or see if I can find a picture of them, just so I can put a face with the name/personality. When I looked someone up this morning I found this unusual but wonderful stock photo image. (Just to clarify, this is not one of the docs I work with.) I just had to share. Behold the mustachioed physician caring for his mustachioed patient!

That is all. I let the photo speak for itself.


Brave Asian

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One of my all-time favorite lunching partners, Alex (aka Soup, aka Dr. Al), asked if we wanted to meet him out for dinner at an upscale burger joint in the Village Gate, which happens to be dangerously close to our house. I verified that he was cool with dining with a wily toddler, and then we set a date post haste. Greta has been the devil a wee bit temperamental lately, but we figured we'd give it a try. Greta didn't set herself on fire and run around the restaurant, but she was definitely not on her best behavior. Dr. Al took it in stride and even documented the scene.

Oh, so, we went to the Gate House. I was quite happy with my meal. Even though I have been craving red meat lately, I was too tempted by the falafel burger with with tabouli and tzatziki to pass it up. It was delicious! I definitely recommend checking this place out if you're in the area. Here's a much better review than I could possibly write.


Great Extend-o-weekend

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This weekend was all about fun and good food. I'll skip to the highlights.

Saturday, after Greta went to bed, Pat hunkered down for some quality homework time, and I headed out to Lola Bistro for our friend Kevin's birthday. As I got ready, I got my "going out purse," and the contents of the purse were like a little time capsule. Well, there was really only one notable thing in it: a receipt from what I believe was the last time I went out to a bar for drinks. The date on the receipt was from June 30, 2007. Can that be right? I've been racking my brain, and I really think that was the last time I went out-out. Anyway, so it was a really nice time, and I got there and realized I was starving and should order food if I was going to have even one glass of wine. I got the pecan-crusted goat cheese salad, and it was so ridiculously good. I keep thinking of that delicious patty of warm goat cheese. Yum! The lettuce and other veggies below that were not half bad either. Rule of thumb: You know a salad is good if you're still salivating thinking about it three days later. I was glad to see Kevin and meet some of his friends. It was definitely a great time, and I'm glad I scraped myself off the couch and went out for the first time in about 10 months - 10 months!

Sunday we headed out to Skaneateles to drop the Greta Bean off at her Grandparents McCarthy, and then we went to Ithaca for a concert. (A concert on Sunday night, you ask? Crazy, I know.) Taryn and Todd had gone to Ithaca earlier in the day, and we met up with them in the early evening to go to the historic (maybe using the term somewhat loosely) Moosewood Restaurant followed by a concert at the officially historic State Theater. It was all of our first times at Moosewood, although we've all wanted to go for years. We had a really great meal and got out of dinner in perfect time to go get good seats over at the theater.

Pat and I are tourists in Ithaca, but Taryn and Todd are Cornell grads. Everyone (tourist or not) humored me for a picture in front of the Moosewood.

Here is portrait of Pat and Taryn while walking over to the show.

And here is a portrait of The Todd and me. (Not too shabby for me holding a cruddy point-and-shoot camera.)

The show was Neko Case (well, NPs) with Okkervil River opening up. It was a nice show but definitely didn't knock my socks off. In a nutshell, Neko was sick and definitely wasn't at the top of her game. Don't get me wrong, she still sings about 5 million times better than I do, but I had heard nothing but rave reviews and about how amazing she is live, so I had extremely high expectations. There were also some idiosyncrasies with both bands that left me kind of "meh" about the whole thing. It was a great night, though, and I'm so glad we went.

Because we had to drive back to Skaneateles after the concert rather than Rochester, Pat and I decided to take today off. We got to sleep in a bit, then we got ready and headed back to Rochester. We drove straight to Greta's day care and dropped her off there, and then we had Pat and Fran Fun Date Day 2008. We started things off with a nice lunch at Hicks & McCarthy followed by a short stroll in Pittsford and coffee. We then went to see Juno (FINALLY). We both joined the masses of people who love Juno. I was kind of expecting to be lukewarm about it ONLY because so many people told me how great it was, and I automatically thought I would be disappointed due to too-high expectations, but it was really so cute and lovely. After the movie, we picked Greta up from day care and resumed our normal non-jet-setting lives.

In retrospect, one of my most exciting things for me about this weekend is that I did all of these super fun things and, by my calculations, only missed out on an additional 3 1/2 hours of Greta's life than I normally would have. (Not that I want to miss any time, but, to put things in perspective, that's the length of time some women spend at the salon, so I figure that's not too shabby.)

How was your weekend? Did you vote for VisualDxHealth.com in the Webby Awards yet?