February 2008

2008-02-29 09:20:51

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Dear Internet,

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t been around as much as usual. You may be aware of the fact that there have been less-frequent and/or shorter posts on pnf.com, or that I haven’t been able to reply to comments on the site, or even that I haven’t been going to as many friends’ sites as usual. I want you to know that it’s no reflection on you, Internet. In fact, I am pained to write this letter to you. It feels like you’ve been with me through it all, and I can’t remember what I ever did before you came into my life. That one week when I was on vacation and my computer died and I didn’t have regular access to you was one of the hardest weeks of my life. Some may say the intensity of my love for you is borderline unhealthy. Those people can take a hike.

I just want you to know that my absence is due to the fact that I have taken on a little more than I can handle and that all of my free time, which I would usually devote to you, has been going elsewhere. I hope that when I have more free time that you will take me back and we can rekindle our strong bond. There have been so many things I’ve wanted to tell you lately. I will have to leave it at that.


I know hilarious people

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For the last 3 or 4 years I have been going to Shiki at least twice a month. I love it there so much I try to not go more often than that because I am afraid I will start loving it less. But if I go less than that I start to shake and cry and rock front to back. It had definitely been too long since I last went, so this morning I asked my friend Sarah if she'd like to go to lunch at Shiki with me, and she gladly obliged. Out of the many, many times I've been there I've ordered the exact same thing every time but once. I always get the chicken teriyaki and it's so perfect I just don't see any reason to diverge from that. I ordered the salmon teriyaki once but it just wasn't the same. Anyway, I was feeling adventurous today and decided to order their sushi lunch. There was one piece of sushi that Sarah warned me was her least favorite. She eats it first to get it out of the way, but I used the save-it-for-last technique. (Rookie mistake.) Anyway, I took one bite of this last piece and decided almost immediately that it was kind of disgusting. And I was chewing and chewing and trying to swallow and started to panic that I wasn't going to be able to swallow it so I panicked some more and kept chewing and chewing. Sarah sensed my distress and told me I should feel free to spit it into my napkin. I know her well enough at this point to know that if she likes me for who I am she's not going to stop being my friend because I rudely spit my food out. Anyway, so I spit the piece out, looked at at the piece of fish (mackerel, I believe), and said, "I hate you. I'm glad you're dead."

When I just checked my email, I saw an email from Sarah with a fantastic attachment titled “franvthemackeral,” with an amazing Paint depiction of the event. Behold!

And that's a perfect example of why I love Sarah.


Messy Bessie

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Many of you know that I find "messy babies" to be "gross." There are times, however, when the cutness of a messy baby outweighs the grossness. It may not surprise you to find out that this small loophole applies to Greta.




In other Greta-related news, Greta had another eye checkup yesterday. For those of you who don't have our simple lives memorized, she has one lid that droops just a wee bit. The doc said she looks great and that it's definitely not affecting her vision. We don't go back for another year, which is good because I'm afraid I'm not a big enough person to be totally okay with having my kid wear an eyepatch for however long (unless, maybe, we could find a patch with a skull and crossbones on it).

Also, Pat IM'd me today to tell me that he got a call from one of Greta's teachers. Apparently one of the kids bit Greta. Pat's and my conversation went like this.

pmrwml: one of those rats bit her today on her arm
dognamedpup: oh good!
dognamedpup: I assume the rat didn't break the skin?
pmrwml: no, but left a mark
dognamedpup: oh okay

I was just happy Greta wasn't the one doing the biting!


The diamond anniversary: Pat Reed, ye be warned

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Tomorrow is the 10-year anniversary from when Pat Reed and I started dating. According to my sources, either tin or aluminum are the traditional gifts for the 10-year anniversary. I assume that people are resigning themselves to the fact that couples don't stay together as long, though, so sources now say that the 10-year anniversary is the diamond anniversary. (You used to have to wait 60 years, now you only have to wait 10!) Equipped with this knowledge, I am announcing right now that I will be devastated if I don't get something like this tomorrow.

In case you didn't know I'm totally joking about this hideous piece of jewelry. When have you ever seen me wear yellow gold or anything heart shaped?

Happy anniversary, Patty. Thanks for stickin' with me! If we make it 60 years, then I expect another diamond. Otherwise, you're off the hook.

Does anyone follow these anniversary gift traditions?


Comma reluctance

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Every hair stylist has someone who cuts her (or his) hair because if she knows what's good for her she will not attempt to cut her own hair, no matter how much of a control freak (s)he may be. Like a hair stylist, I believe that every editor should have someone who edits his or her work. My editor is my friend Margaux, a very nonjudgmental and kind person I worked with for almost six years. She has taught me a lot of what I know, and I go to her with anything I write and most of my grammar questions (that I'm too lazy to look up) and, most often, for a grammar reality check. I ask her the things I would feel way too shy asking anyone else; she's good like that. I'm very happy to have a Margaux in my life. Most days I feel pretty damn good with the comma, but sometimes I will see commas used incorrectly so much it makes me second-guess my knowledge. I call this "comma reluctance." Earlier today I gave Margaux two sentences to read to make sure things were okay. She confirmed my thoughts, and then I felt much better about things. While I think I need to have more confidence in myself, I think it's not such a bad thing to question one's self and get a reality check.

Now stay with me here: I had some parenting reluctance tonight that felt a lot like my comma reluctance. We went to dinner on campus with some folks who were nice enough to invite us. We didn't know the one couple very well, and we didn't know the other people at all. There were 5 kids total, counting Greta. It started out well, and when Greta saw her little buddy she lit right up - you would think they hadn't just seen each other 15 minutes prior. It was really something. We ate dinner, and then the kids got out of their seats and started running around and screaming in this dinning area that was filled with a bunch of students. I felt extremely uncomfortable and was probably visibly agitated. I just didn't feel right about letting Greta run around screaming (okay, so she wasn't screaming, but she was still part of the mob), and I didn't feel right about letting Greta run rampant in this space that was clearly not designed for young children in mind (eg, stairs nearby, pointy things, numerous obstacles). I stepped in and decided we needed to leave, but I felt like a major jerk doing this. (It didn't help when a five year old stepped in front of me when I was trying to wrangle Greta and said, "It looks like she wants to play, don't you think?") Part of feeling like a jerk was from keeping Greta from having a good time because she is often so terribly reserved, and part was from acting so outwardly judgmental to these other parents. I haven't felt this crappy in a while. On the way home I thought a lot about what happened, and I came to the conclusion that I did the right thing, for us at least; I was just having parenting reluctance. At least I hope so! I don't know. Just because so many other people exemplify the bad grammar of parenting doesn't make it okay to start using comma splices. Err, you know what I mean.

So I think I'm doing okay in the grammar department and the parenting department, but there's always room to learn much, much more, and it can't hurt to challenge what you think you know. Bah. This night has made me realize two things: There must be a happy medium with parenting and I am way far aligned on the strict scale, and I am going to have many more moments like this with crazy kids during play dates. This is the first time I've been so painfully aware of Greta growing up too quickly.


I got shot in the hand

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Err, or insert other zany excuse for why I haven't posted in so long. Seriously, though, there is a lot going on, and as much as I want to talk about it all in great detail, I just don't have the time. Being concise is not my strong suit, so you all suffer for that.

Valentine's Day was great, probably the best I've ever had. I've never been a fan of V-day, and I've set my sites low since my first boyfriend gave me a book about dinosaurs that happened to have an inscription in the front TO him FROM his grandma. Way to re-gift. PS - I'm not a fan of dinosaurs. It didn't get much better with my second boyfriend, who gave me a Tori Amos CD single and a hand-drawn sketch of - you guessed it - Tori Amos. Oooh, a sketch of another woman for Valentine's Day. How kind! I'm not bitter, I swear. I just resigned myself to setting my sites low on Valentine's Day, but then Pat Reed went and raised the bar this year by not only going grocery shopping and cooking dinner but also cleaning the house. AND he bought me gerbera daisies! My favorite! I'm ruined forever! (Ruined in a good way.) As much as I realize Valentine's Day is a totally made-up, silly holiday, the girly girl in me can't help but get hugely excited about flowers and a nice dinner. I can't help it.

Saturday we headed out to Binghamton for the night. Pat's friend Andy and his lovely wife, Erin, and daughter, Zoie, were in town. Amazingly I have never met them, but we all felt like we knew each other, thanks to the Internet. We hung out with the kiddies in the afternoon.

Watch out Buckethead, you've got some competition.

Here's the entire group that was hanging out.

This picture seemed notable to me only because I think it's the first picture of my profile that didn't make me cringe.

Later in the evening we headed over to the Reed's house to have dinner with Pat's parents. Then, after Greta and Zoie went to bed, we went to the former Carnsies (for you Binghamtonites) and had the BEST adult-time fun we've had in a very long time. There are few occasions when I meet people and feel like I hit it off with them immediately, but this was one of those times. (I hope they liked me too!!!!) It was definitely a little rough waking up the next morning, but it was well worth it. In the morning we had breakfast with the Reeds, and Pat upgraded their computer. I can honestly say that this was the best trip we've had since the little one was born. She opened right up around our friends and her "nana" and "pa," and she was in great spirits the entire time. I can't tell you how happy this made us. (Did I mention she’s usually a complete pisser anytime we go anywhere or people come visit us?)

We've had a few photo shoots lately to try and get a nice picture for Greta's birthday card invite, and it has been slightly akin to pulling teeth, but I think we finally settled on something tonight. Here is one of the rejects that I really love. Horrible lighting, terrific expression.

In other news I'm editing my first real book - a fictionalized true story! Not a mind-numbing instruction manual (like I used to edit at the former workplace). Now I just need to invent a few more hours a day to work on it!

Oh crap, this ended up being really long after all.


2008-02-13 22:19:16

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In case you didn't know, I'm a mom.

If you need proof, read the following:

  • I just made about 5 million handmade Valentines for Greta to bring to school tomorrow.
  • I've got "buy tickets for Sesame Street Live" on my to-do list. (It's coming to Rochester the day before Greta's birthday. How timely is that?!)
  • Yesterday I ordered some of what I'll call "mommy jewelry" (more on that later).

Holy cow. I'm still cool, though, right?? Don't answer that.


2008-02-13 10:41:19

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I'm too tired to drink coffee. That is never a good sign.


Desktop fun

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My desktop has way too many things on it, even though I try to clean it up on a fairly regularly basis. Like most people, I'm sure, I have a wide variety of things on there, and I think it is pretty telling what my interests are. There were two things side by side that just seemed so different they made me laugh. I thought I'd share.

No, I don't have diabetes, but if I keep eating chocolate velvet pudding maybe I will someday!


2008-02-08 21:10:53

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Toddler wrestler "Coo-coo Go Nutty" is coming to your town. Watch your back.