January 2008

Really? It’s Tuesday already??

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Damn, where did I place my weekend?

Well, our weekend was good, from what I can remember of it. Of particular interest, Pat and I went our separate ways on Saturday night, a rare occasion indeed. Pat went to see Neko Case in Ithaca with a couple of his library buddies. I’m not a big enough fan of her to warrant the logistical nightmare that would be finding someone to watch Greta from 4:15 PM on Saturday until 1:00 AM on Sunday, so I opted out of going to that show. Greta and I pined over Pat as quickly as possible and then headed over to the Moens' house for Greg’s 30th birthday party. We only stayed a couple hours, but Greta and I had such a wonderful time. Greg and Kimmie are such generous and thoughtful hosts, and Maddie has super toys, so we were both having a blast. Unfortunately, Greta started rubbing her eyes and getting very tired around 8:30 or 9:00, but it was clear she wouldn’t be going to sleep in the Pack n Play that they so graciously put out for us. Drat. The good news was I got to go home and pick up the house, read, and still get to bed at a very respectable hour.

Pat had a great time at the Neko Case show and had many stories about how funny and awesome Neko is and what a great singer she is and, oh, did he mention how terribly funny she is??? I am guilty of this myself, but I know I’ve mentioned before how concerts are totally a you-had-to-be-there type of event but Pat still tried to relay quite a few anecdotes from the show. It really did sound like a great show, though, and, more than anything, I’m so happy Pat got out to do something fun. He seems to never have the opportunity to get out for adult time these days, so it was especially good.

Sunday can be summed up as one giant Greta tantrum. Sigh.

Monday can be summed up as one giant Fran tantrum. Overall Pat and I are happy with our day-care situation, and having Greta at RIT’s day care feels like the ideal situation. Pat visits Greta at least three days a week during lunch, I visit her at least once at lunch during the week, and my mom is there for a few hours one day a week. It’s not like we’re spying on the place, but we obviously keep our eyes open for things that may seem troubling, including how Greta is treated and how the other little rugrats we’ve all grown to love appreciate so much are treated. Yesterday was one of the few days where I shook my head and wondered what the hell we’re thinking entrusting our kid to anyone but ourselves. I left on the verge of tears and, to add insult to injury, when I got to my car I had a big, fat, juicy $30 ticket from the fine law enforcement enthusiasts at RIT. The thought of it MAKES ME SO MAD for so many reasons. I’ll just say that the parking situation there is completely bogus and I am hoping to do something about it. Some days I just want to climb under a blanket and not come out until the first Saturday above 65 degrees. Yesterday was one of those days. The kicker: This all seemed moot at the end of the day when I got a very sad email from a good friend of mine telling me her brother had recently passed away.

So this week has had a rather bad start, to say the least. What? Not every story can end happy, people.

Does anyone have any good news for me? Because I already tried chocolate and that didn’t really help much.


Pat leaves for five minutes...

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...and there's a Sesame Street massacre...

...and all fashion hell breaks loose. (I hope you like see food, too.)


Toddler Photo Shoot

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Greta looking bright and bushy tailed.

Apparently every Saturday is the day Greta allows us to put pigtails in her hair. Fingers crossed these last two weeks haven't been a fluke.

Greta loves drawing, and we're working on an epic piece - we're trying to color a picture so that there is no white showing on the page. It's a work in progress.

Greta is also a big fan of showing off her belly. Please, no jokes at her expanse.

By this point Greta pulled the piggies out. This shows off how much hair she has now!

Greta is obsessed with the camera, especially now that she knows that pictures taken of her can be seen immediately. After you take a picture of her she practically tackles you to see the finished product.

Happy Saturday, amigos!


2008-01-25 09:49:46

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I'm wearing a suit...at work...for the first time ever. I'm giddy. Look for me on the news tonight!


Although these don't *quite* capture the excitement felt at the office today, here are a couple accounts of the press conference I sat in on today:

There's this one and this one.


Quick, change the subject to something tame...

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...like cannibalism.

So we always like to have some kind of healthy cereal (or a cereal that at least appears healthy, I'm honestly not that great at understanding nutritional information) around the house. I'm a big fan of almost all of the Kashi products, and we saw their cereal Mighty Bites, marketed toward kids, and thought we should try it. When I glanced at the box I thought, "Those cereal pieces look like little people, but no one in their right mind would make a food that looks like people, right???" We open it and sure enough they're shaped like little people. Does this seem strange to anyone else?

Every time I give them to Greta I think of the movie Soylent Green and the quote, "Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people!"

As an additional note, Mighty Bites are delicious.


2008-01-21 18:53:07

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Dear Magic Eraser,

I don't know how you work, but I think I love you.



2008-01-20 22:05:56

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The highlight of the weekend was going to Strong Museum, again, on Saturday, this time with the Moens family.

Here is Greta's expression as we walked into the museum.

She gets so excited when we're at the museum now; it's hard to believe she spent the first two trips we took there clutching on to us and not even allowing her feet to touch the ground.

Greta and Maddie got along famously. Here they are enjoying a spot of tea. They look so civilized here, but what you can't tell from the photo is that they're actually trying to figure out how to get the rubber cookies off their plates to eat them. Well, at least Greta is.

And, even though it's out of focus, here is my favorite picture from the day. This kind of enthusiasm is priceless.

So that was the highlight. I think the lowlight would be when I realized I accidentally bought light brie instead of normal brie. Who even knew they made light brie? I mean, what's the point? Maybe it's a sign from the cholesterol gods that I need to lay off the cheese...we eat a lot of cheese around here these days. I figure if I'm not going to Mex twice a week I can engage in unhealthy levels of cheese and cracker consumption on the couch on the weekends.

Oh, ha, one other funny thing. So Stacy's Pita Chips have become my weakness. They are so good and I have no control when I'm around them. Today we were in BJs and Greta saw the Stacy's chips, pointed to them, and said, "Mama!" Oh my. Thank goodness I have a fast metabolism. (Please don't hate me.)

What else? I'm starting to stress about Greta's 2nd birthday party. I am a horrible planner and Pat's not exactly the next David Tutera. (Is that too vague a reference?) Anyway, I don't know who to invite (extended family, close family, and friends? just close family and friends? family party and friend party?), I don't know where to have it (our house isn't exactly party friendly - ie, it's small and let's just say our 100-year-old plumbing doesn't appreciate the extra traffic), and I don't even know what all I should be worrying about (am I worrying about enough? I'm sure I'm forgetting something). Why oh why did Greta need to arrive in winter? If her birthday were during a warmer month it would be a no brainer: grilling in the backyard. I'll be damned if we end up going to Build-a-Bear every year for her birthday. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Cute bunny

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Greta actually let us put pigtails in her hair today, which seemed worthy of documentation.


We know nice people and I have proof

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This afternoon I came back from a stressful trip at Wegmans and checked the mailbox. There were two, count 'em TWO, packages in the mailbox. Is it one of our birthdays? No. Did we recently subscribe to the bacon of the month club AND the cheese log of the month club? Double no.

One package was from Pat's old high school friend and his lovely wife and daughter, Andy, Erin, and Zoie, respectively. They had just gotten the Dan Zanes album Family Dance and really liked it. They thought we'd like it as well, so they sent one to us too! We were thrilled! We thoroughly enjoy Dan Zanes' children's music but only have the Night Time album. As a side note, Warren Zanes, Dan's brother, was an adjunct professor teaching art history at Nazareth college from 1997 to 1998. I was fortunate enough to take one of his classes and had an amazingly large crush on him. Hubba hubba. One class Warren cooly mentioned that he had been in the band The Del Fuegos in the 80s (with big brother Dan). Anyway, I think just about everyone at the school was drooling over him, and someone got one of the records. While the music wasn't particularly palatable to this gal, I think of it fondly. Warren Zanes has since made a solo comeback with the album Memory Girls. I listened to every damn song over and over, convinced one must surely be about me. After my analysis I determined that I obviously didn't make as big an impression on dear Warren as he made on me. Whoa, I'm on a super tangent! Bear with me. So I love the Dan Zanes albums (contrary to the fact that prior to today I only owned one) for many reasons. For one, they're great! Greta goes wild over them, and they don't grate on your brain like 95% of other children's music does. For another, the squeal that Greta makes when we play the song Evening Time is quite possibly the greatest noise ever. And finally, it reminds me of my brief and completely innocent crush on rock 'n' roll legend Warren Zanes. ANYWAY, thank you so much to Andy and family for thinking of us!

The other package was my pay-it-forward gift from my dear Internet friend, Stella Devine. I was so very excited to get my first international package and to see what she picked out for me. I was very happy to see that she sent us a wonderful children's book called Edwina the Emu. It's a great silly story with lovely illustrations about an emu finding out where she is needed most. Unfortunately I don't have a rambling story about having a crush on the author or anything like that. One embarrassing anecdote seems like plenty for today. Thank you so much for the gift, Stella!

Other highlights of the weekend are as follows: Friday night we hung out with Rebecca and Bryan. They came over bearing pizza and we watched Broken Flowers. Rebecca and I hadn't seen each other since before Christmas and we had a lot to catch up on, so I think there was more chatting than movie watching. Thems the breaks. Then today we went to Strong Museum with one of Pat's coworkers and her family. Their daughter, Sydney, is a little older than Greta, and even though Greta was a tad shy, she was as outgoing as I've ever seen her with someone her age. Pat and I were relieved because we had assumed Greta would be clinging to us the entire time. There was minimal clinging and, even though Greta did recoil when Sydney tried to give her a hug, we could really tell that they liked each other. Pat and I also had a great time and hope we can do it again very soon.

Here are Greta and Sydney in a fake taxi (with Elmo and his fishy Dorothy as passengers). Greta is "driving" with great concentration and seriousness, which I am assuming she will do when she is 16 as well. Luckily Greta didn't start swearing and yelling "GREEN MEANS GO!" like her mommy does when she drives.

And I like this one because Greta is clearly more interested in going to play with something than getting a hug from me.


At least it's somethin'

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In an attempt to beat my writer's block, I'm going to write something. Anything.

Greta, like most surly little 21 month olds, refuses to do just about everything we ask her to do, at least the first few times we ask. We have to use some rather creative tactics to get to do everything from putting her coat on to not emptying the contents of the fridge on the floor one by one. We've found that she likes to "help" with everything and if we phrase things in such a way that makes her think she'll really be helping us by doing X, then she will usually comply (after a few requests). Like, if we want her to close the refrigerator door, we say, "Can you please help Mama by closing the refrigerator door?"

One task that is always a struggle is getting Greta to brush her teeth. Twice a day we need to try to convince her to open her mouth and let us get the toothbrush in there, and we always have her open her mouth "for" someone or something. We've said, "Can you please open your mouth for Grandma?" and "Can you open your mouth for all of the puppies in the world?" Both have yielded good results, but their effectiveness wore off quickly. Tonight I tried a few things and nothing was working. Then Greta said, "Apple?" I then said, "Greta, can you open your mouth for apples?" Worked like a charm.

In other news, I can't tell if I'm in a funk or just really tried. I'm going to go to bed, like, now and find out if it's just the sleep thing. Being that tomorrow's Friday and we have plans with actual human adults tomorrow night (pizza and movie at el rancho de Reed), and I'm pretty excited about that, I think all will be well.

I hope you all have a good weekend for the sake of all of the puppies in the world.