December 2007

Miss me yet?

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I'm such a creature of habit that I need to ease out of posting every day. Yesterday I thought, "Yay, I'm done," but stopping my brain from thinking, Is this blog-worthy? and physically stopping grabbing my computer 10 times a day (who am I kidding, it's much more than 10 times a day) to check who updated their sites and who commented on mine is an almost impossible thing to stop. I am amazed by people who can go a day, or even a waking hour, without using the computer for something. I am seriously addicted, but at least it has way decreased my other dirty habit: TV watching. In fact, I barely watch any TV now, so there is good in that. And for sure reading and writing on the Internet take more brain power than watching TV, right? I mean, I think there is scientific research that shows that there is more brain activity during sleep than watching TV. So really all of this time in front of the computer is just a brain-boosting exercise. (Whatever you've gotta tell yourself, Frances.)

Anyway, so here I am, again, for you other creatures of habit who decided to come back today...just in case I posted something.