October 2007

2007-10-31 20:52:24

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We were able to bribe Greta into putting her flamingo costume back on tonight by offering her a few minutes with the pacifier. (She's such a sucker. Har!) We thought we'd stop by a few of the neighbors' houses and let Greta experience the wonder that is Halloween. Greta cried when we went to the first house, but maybe because those neighbors are slightly creepy and the only thing they had to choose from were Powerbars and Fruit To Go bars. Yuck!

Here I am being a poor example to my daughter. Who gives out dried fruit on Halloween? People who want to get their houses egged, that's who.

After Greta realized people were putting tasty stuff in her cute little spider trick-or-treat bag, she rose to the occasion. She would offer a "hi" and a wave, followed by a "thank you," and then would she'd say "bye-bye." We kept trying to get her to say "trick or treat," which she did finally say when we got home.

Here is Greta enjoying her bounty with her dad.

While it has been my dream that, one day, someone would ask Greta what her favorite candy is and she'd exclaim, "RAISINS!" I kind of doubt that would have ever actually happened, and we certainly ruined our chances of that tonight by letting her get a taste of some of her candy. Oh well. I'm sure a little candy isn't going to make her go out and steal a car or anything like that.

Here's Greta looking at me like, "Mom, how could you keep this ambrosia from me for so long?"

I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!


Happy Halloweeny!

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After much prodding, Greta let me put her into her Halloween costume, which I guess is a headless flamingo since there was no way she was going to let me put the hood part on her head. Anyway, here is the cutie, sticking her tongue out at me since I kind of forced her into the costume.

I made Greta take an oath on her favorite board book that she wouldn't mess with her dad and me when we're old and can't take care of ourselves (like we mess with her).

Happy Halloween, everyone. May you have a happy day whether you dress like a trampy dentist, just wear Halloween socks, or "go" as yourself.


The search engines are going to LOVE this post.

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It's a well-known fact that many women like to take the opportunity to dress trampy on Halloween. It's like all bets are off. If you dressed like a tramp on any other day then, well, people would think you were a tramp. If you dress like a tramp on Halloween, though, then you're just following protocol. This is a fact that Pat and I have laughed about on numerous occasions. Pat even overheard two girls talking a couple weeks ago, where one was saying to the other, "The weather has been so cold lately I don't think I'm even going to dress slutty for Halloween." Come on, that's funny.

Anyway, so we've all seen the trampy nurses, trampy librarians, and trampy cats. I got thinking the other day about some unconventional trampy professions, animals, and, uh, other things. Pat and I had a brainstorming session, and here are some of the winners we came up with, in no particular order:

  • Trampy butcher
  • Trampy gargoyle
  • Trampy mailman
  • Trampy Cisco certified network administrator
  • Trampy truck driver
  • Trampy hippo
  • Trampy ophthalmologist
  • Trampy baby
  • Trampy violinist
  • Trampy pig
  • Trampy film critic
  • Trampy machinist
  • Trampy shortstop
  • Trampy sloth
  • Trampy mall Santa

Of course I'm picking on women here, which isn't fair. We all know that men also jump at the opportunity to dress in drag on Halloween, but that is topic for another day. Please leave your ideas for unconventional trampy Halloween outfits in the comments section.


2007-10-29 22:25:38

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Going to try this again this year...

...and going to have fun, damn it.

My birthday redux...

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...in list form!

  • Friday - lunch: Alex and I met up for lunch at Thali, where he gave me three big, tasty beers and bought my lunch. Yay for that!
  • Friday afternoon: I took a half day to have some time to "not have to account for any one or any thing." I couldn't find jack crap that I wanted to buy for myself but I did find some nice things for Greta. (I've found the only person I enjoy spending money on more than myself is Greta. Must. Not. Spoil. Her.)
  • Friday evening: Pat picked up dinner from OpenFace. Yum.
  • Saturday morning: Pat and Greta went to Wegmans and got me pink gerbera daisies (my favorite!), carrot cake, and bagels. They also gave me my gift: two tickets to see the Nutcracker - have been wanting to go to this for years.
  • Saturday midday: Went to my parents to have a late lunch with my parents, brother, and sis-in-law. My Dad had read my post about Wendy's fries and made the greatest thick-cut potato wedges with our fancy steak lunch. (So cute - and delicious!)
  • Saturday afternoon: I saw that this here site had over 215 comments on one little blog! I have the best friends and family.
  • Saturday night: Pat picked up a bunch of tapas from Edibles.
  • Sunday early afternoon: My parents came to our house for lunch. (We like lunch.)
  • Sunday late afternoon: Pat, Greta, and I went to the mall for carousel rides, photo booth pictures (see below), and free indoor fun.

Thanks so much for all of the nice cards, emails, comments, and calls this past week. I'm not sure why the birthday receives so much fanfare, but I really enjoy it. It definitely made turning the ripe old age of 31 seem not quite as bad.

Greta looks mortified in the below pictures. To that I say: just you wait until you're 16!


2007-10-28 20:47:04

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I had so much fun the last few days checking the site and seeing how many comments there were and how funny everyone was. Thanks so much to everyone who played along and commented to help my birthday dream of 215 (plus) comments come true. You should have seen my face when I checked the site yesterday and saw the number of comments. It really made my day.

This weekend was not particularly strenuous, but for some reason I'm completely beat. I'm going to keep this simple and promise a more thorough update at my earliest convenience.

Meantime, here are some photos.

Here is Becky holding Greta and Phil waving Greta's socks in her face. If Phil had a MySpace page, he could add "torture of innocent babies" to his Interests section.

Here's a rare shot of Greta with her hair out of her eyes, which has been as rare as a legitimate Loch Ness monster sighting as of late.

Here's a random shot of G in a bubble bath.


2007-10-24 16:49:55

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When I woke up this morning I was having a cute little dream. My birthday is coming up (Saturday) and I usually like to have no expectations for birthdays. Well, I like to have no expectations for life in general. That may sound sad, but it actually works really well. If you have low or no expectations, then you can never be disappointed, right? I digress. Anyway, so I woke up to my cute little dream this morning, and it was my birthday and I was having the best day. What made my day so great? Two things:


  • I got french fries from Wendy's.
  • I/we got 215 comments on one of my blog entries.

Okay, so first of all, french fries from Wendy's. These are a guilty pleasure of mine, and while I used to eat them with gay abandon, I learned that french fries are bad for you (duh, Fran) and that you really shouldn't eat them. Anyway, I consider them a coveted treat in my conscious and my subconscious.

Second, I don't think we've even broken the 30 comment mark, so I have no idea where 215 comments came from. Just very wishful thinking, I guess, a rare glimmer of optimism for me.

These things made me happy, so I just wanted to share, even though they make me seem kind of simple and maybe even a little bit sad. : )


2007-10-22 21:50:23

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This weekend was great. The Reeds came into town and we had lots of fun enjoying the global warming, eating lots, and forcing Greta to take part in more fall activities.

Saturday evening we went to Zebb's. Before you knock it, know that Greta was off her gourd and, therefore, it was the perfect dining choice. If they're going to give us cruddy burgers, then we can be not quite as mortified when Greta starts screaming and throwing knives.

One thing you need to know about the Reeds is that when life gives us cruddy burgers, we make burgeraid.

Dick seems not as thrilled about the burgeraid. Pat thinks it sounds delicious.

Fran and Kathy thought burgeraid with a ketchup chaser sounded delightful.

Okay, I'll stop with the burger talk. Here's Greta and Pat.

To top the mediocre-tasting gluttony, we got a sixer of cookies. Pat looks like a cartoon. This has not been digitally enhanced at all.

I got Greta some of those new paints called Tadoodles and let her go to town with them. I'm glad Greta finally likes the arts.

Sunday, after the Reeds left, Pat and I took Greta back to Powers Farm. We were astounded by how crowded it was since we pretty much owned the place last time we went.

Greta was a wee bit intimidated.

We got to go in the teepees this time and it was very cool. I still have bits of hay in my eyes, but it was worth it. We're looking forward to going back after things die down after Halloween.

Oh, I tried a bunch of new recipes this weekend. One that may be of intrest was a recipe/preperation that claims to make cheap steak taste like filet mignon. I got the link from Don Jay's site. I tried the technique and I thought it was great. I started with a $5 piece of sirloin, and while I don't think I would ever confuse it with filet, Pat and I both thought the flavor was great and that it was pretty darned tender. Horray for cheating the cheap steak gods!


I’m not interesting

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I may have a bit of a knack making the mundane sound mildly interesting (or so I've been told), but I’m not actually interesting. My friends, however, are interesting. Take, for example, two emails I got from different friends this week...

The first was from my friend Marisa. She sent some photos showing the last two months of her son's life. Slipped in the middle of the stack of photos of Roman posing on a chair and Roman eating his first solids was a picture of thee Miss Patti LaBelle holding Roman! How does that even happen? That would never happen to me.

I’m sorry, Greta, but your Mom and Dad aren’t people who run into Patti LaBelle and think to ask her to take a picture with you. I wish we were.

As a side note, is it me or is Patti LaBelle starting to resemble Bootsy Collins?

The second email was from my friend Sarah. For her 30th birthday party, she had a jazzercise party. A jazzercise party! Her friends not only showed up but they also dressed the part. Look at this! (Sarah's the one in the gold top, white and red short-shorts, and the tube socks.)

In conclusion, I go to apple orchards every weekend and cook and sit on my couch and type on this here computer, and my friends hang out with R&B singers and have crazy, fun birthday parties. Maybe that makes me interesting via proxy?

Editor's note: I received approval from both of these people before I posted their business on the WWW. Don't fear I will post things willy nilly without your permission. In other words, I don't want to see a steep decline in the number of emails in my inbox, unless it's spam that's disappearing. You dig?


I like the food

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I like looking at food. I like talking about food. I like thinking about food. I especially like eating food. I love eating out, but I also love to cook and eat at home. If I eat out too many times in a row or over the week, I actually start to feel ill and need to go home and, like, eat a salad.

Anyway, I have some food talking to do for the cookers and the eaters in the audience. I hope you enjoy.

Last Christmas my brother and sister-in-law gave me a subscription to Everyday Food and I love it. The recipes are great. Most of the recipes don't have a lot of ingredients or require a lot of prep work, but they have many simple but unique combinations. Also, the way many of the recipes are organized are such that you can plan to buy one ingredient and use it multiple times during a week of meals. Like, it will call for lemon zest in one recipe and call for the juice of the lemon in another. I love how everything is well planned. I need that.

Per Anitra's suggestion I recently checked out Jessica Seinfeld's (Jerry Seinfeld's wife) cookbook Deceptively Delicious. The concept is healthy cooking that is kid-friendly. You make vegetable and fruit purées in advance and then you can freeze them in portions. You slip the purées in foods that kind of mask the flavors of the fruits and veggies (or more accurately enhance the flavor of the fruits and veggies). While Greta is a good eater and usually will eat her veggies with no disguises and no protest, I am always looking for new healthy, kid-friendly recipes. I bought the book this week and was drooling as I was paging through it. I can't WAIT to get making purées again and try out the recipes. So far I have tried the recipe for oatmeal with pumpkin (or sweet potato) in it. Previously Greta hated oatmeal (except for one fluky day while we were in Ohio), and she looooved the Deceptively Delicious oatmeal. This cookbook already has a 100% approval rating!

There are two foodie websites that I want to take a closer look at. Fork&Bottle has all sorts of fun stuff for adults and kids and has a great take on the kid-friendly cooking thing. It's more about getting your kids to eat good things early and involve them in the cooking process so they'll be more willing to try new things and make healthy choices on their own (eg, at a friend's birthday party, etc). My friend Sara told me about 101cookbooks and these are the recipes I would love to make every day if I had the means (ie, more time to cook and Danny Wegman personally delivering all of the ingredients to my house). I love that there are vegan recipes (and Kirsten, check out the gluten-free recipes)!

So yeah, the truth is that I don't cook as much as I would like to and I doubt that I'll really have the opportunity to cook that much more than I already do, but I'm very excited to have some new inspiration. Like I said, I also love to eat out, and Rochester has some amazing restaurants. This list is by no means inclusive, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Shiki - This place is absolutely amazing for lunch. I crave the bento box lunches and will basically drop anything (excluding Greta of course) if someone invites me to go there. Dinner there did not knock my socks off: smaller portions and higher prices. You do the math.
  • Thali of India - This is the only buffet I happily eat at. So good. If you like Indian food and you're in the area you must try it, but beware of the "Thali buzz." You feel like a million bucks and then may or may not crash.
  • Esan - Yummy, fresh Thai. This place seems to get mixed reviews but I love it. I highly recommend the panang.
  • Don't let the above list fool ya. I love a good sandwich. Openface wins the Best Sandwich Place I've Ever Eaten At award and Cibon comes in 2nd for the Michaelangelo panini, which is disturbingly good.
  • You can fill in the rest in the comments section.