July 2007

Video of bath time high jinks

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In the Reed household, we're good about taking pictures but we're awful about taking video, and we're even more awful about posting video. I feel bad about that. I want to do a better job. Here is a video from last night. More coming, promise. As an aside, I had no idea the camera was on us. This is pure mommy-daughter fun.

Bath time part deux.

Here's a short one for those of you with short attention spans.


I'm a mom.

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I know you know this, and I know I know this, but a couple things recently really brought this fact home:

  1. Yesterday I said, "No shoes on the duvet! I just bleached it!"
  2. Today I became giddy when I saw that Aja has free kids meals on Tuesday nights. (We are totally going to take advantage of that tonight.)

If the above evidence and the fact that Greta is the spitting image of me (we even part our hair on the same side - uncanny!) doesn't convince you, then you are a horrible skeptic and I don't know what to tell you!

Also, as it is getting late in the day on July 3rd, I am coming to terms with the fact that we have NO plans for tomorrow. This is weird. We are movers and/or shakers. This can't be. A quiet day at home is appealing to me at the moment anyway. So there. Take that.

Have a happy and safe 4th, all!



Dinner at Aja with Greta was fabulous. She got mac and cheese (what, it’s still technically a “noodle dish”) and enjoyed the very bouncy acoustics in there. Who is in with us next week? The DiMauro family? The Moens family? The Lesher family? Anyone else who enjoys hanging out with 15 month olds?

Sunday already, eh?

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We had a lovely, action-packed weekend. I don't know where the time goes, though. How is it almost Monday? I swear it was just Friday. Anyhoo, enough living in the past.

I'm having a hard time forming a complete thought. Here's some bullets for ye.

  • Friday I went to a happy hour to lament celebrate my coworker Tara's move on to a new residency. A few gals from work went to Salena's for drinks and dinner. It was my first social event with the new coworkers, and it was great! We had a lovely time, drank too much, ate too little, and all came home with some good stories to tell. That's a dangerous combo, but I liked it.
  • Saturday, ugh. Tequila = bad. I'm too old for this.
  • Saturday night we went to Rebecca and Bryan's new house for a housewarming/cocktail party. Their house is fabulous. I'm jealous. We couldn't stay long. There were many highlights, but I squealed when I saw a vertically challenged person across the street from their house. I'm simple.
  • Sunday we caught up on some things around the house, played, you know.
  • Greta is such a little person now. All of a sudden she's saying a bunch of words. Here are all of the ones I can think of: dada, mama, nana, ba, ball, kitty, doggie, meow, woof-woof, vroom-vroom, uh-oh, yeah, hi, hello, thank you, no, fishy. She loves trying on shoes, walking around with a purse, and having her hair brushed. We can say, "Where's _____?" and she often knows the word and will point to whatever it is. She loves sitting at the table. When you try to change her diaper, 4 times out of 5 she screams like you're putting hot coals in her pants. I don't know why that is. She has approximately 6 tantrums a day. She also despises finger painting and messes.

Here's Greta having a snack at her little picnic table. (We're not quite civilized enough to keep the dinnerware on the table.)

I guess those bullets pretty much ended up being paragraph form anyway. Sigh.