May 2007

2007-05-31 22:26:33

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Here are some pictures from Greta's recent play date with her pal Maddie.



So cute! Thanks to Kimmie for passing them along!



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I'm still a total control freak making most of Greta's food, and while we do give Greta treat-treats sometimes, we're trying to make the word "treat" mean something healthy. I have a very simple recipe that I originally made for my vegan friend, who we'll just call "Crazy Vegan Tim." It's totally simple, it's very healthy, and Greta gobbles them up. Pat and I may have nerve fatigue since we are trying to be healthy, but we think they're a super tasty for such a guilt-free snack. Enough talk, here's the recipe.

Fran's super awesome awesome cookies

Preheat oven to 325. Grab 3 bananas and squish 'em up. Add 2 cups of rolled oats and 1/3 cup of no-sugar-added applesauce, and combine ingredients. You can add things if you want: grated carrot, diced fruit, nuts, whateves. Drop by large teaspoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet. They don't spread, so feel free to crowd 'em right up. Bake for 20 minutes, and then cool on rack.

One batch makes about 12, so I often double and freeze half. They're good!


Random and randomer

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I have two totally unrelated bits of information that I would like to share.

There is a site that I check out whenever I think of it (or whenever my friend Amy reminds me), and whenever I do, I always get a chuckle. The site is The URL really speaks for itself. Anyway, I love the site, it always makes me laugh, and today is an extra special day, because our friend Melissa's cat is the featured cat of the day. It's a hilarious picture with an equally funny caption. Nice work, Melissa! The Mitten is famous!

In other news, it's no secret that I had a little bit of a couple crush on Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott after watching their reality show Tori and Dean: Inn Love. I just thought that if we all had the opportunity, surely we could be great friends. Their naïveté and bumbling seemed cute at first, but as the show progressed, it started to get annoying. By the last episode, I was yelling "They're so dumb. I hate them!" at the television. Tori wasn't helping Dean with anything around the inn, and she announced to Dean that she was having contractions. He said, "How far apart are they?" She said, "Every 50 minutes." He said, "How long have you been having them?" She said, "For 2 hours." They dropped everything and left the inn without telling their house guests that they were leaving. Of course her "contractions" stopped, but she spent the rest of her pregnancy acting like an invalid. As the woman who worked until 5:30 PM the day she had her baby, having contractions through meetings, I have little tolerance for that sort of shenanigans. Then, today, my friend Taryn sent me this! Dean, Dean, Dean.



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In case it wasn't official before (see the previous post) it is now: Greta is walking. This morning, I took Greta to the park near our house, where I held her hand and she walked around a lot. She was basically walking on her own with minimal support, and I think it gave her the confidence she needed and a little bit of a better understanding that when you want to walk, you don't just bound forward (like she had previously been doing). When we got home, Pat and I worked with her a bit and she took quite a few steps (usually 3 or 4 at a time). Li'l boo is walking. My baby's all grown up.

Once Pat gets off his lazy duff from watching The 4400, we can get some of the video clips up in this piece.

Our weekend of BBQs went out with a bang. Chad and Sara know how to throw one mean BBQ. Fancy beers, grilled assorted veggies (grilled to perfection), the fanciest damn hot dogs, bratwurst, and Italian sausage I've ever had. Full, full, full. I'm ready for healthy eating again.

Check out these fatty arms. I love to nibble on them... ears of corn.


Wild Wings

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Today, we had a picnic in Mendon Ponds park, but Greta was much more intrigued with exploring than sitting and eating her lunch. Most of the picnic consisted of seeing Greta from the back as she crawled away from us.

And a lot of either Pat or me following her around.

Here I am after one of many frequent trips to go wrangle her back to the picnic blanket.

After lunch, we went to the Wild Wings exhibit to see a lot of birds. I felt a little cliche', but I saw a bald eagle up very close and it was awe inspiring. A 16 pound bird certainly commands attention. (Yes, Todd, he had large talons.)

You can tell it was fun by the way Greta crashed.

Here are some more highlights:

  • RIT graduation was this past Friday and Saturday. I watched the commencement ceremony on Friday, including President Clinton's speech, online. I kept getting choked up during it. You'd think I went to RIT or something (although many people assume I did go to RIT, a misnomer).
  • Friday afternoon, Greta took a few first steps! She has yet to do it again and we didn't get it on video so Pat claims it "doesn't count."
  • Friday night, we went to an art show at the Visual Studies Workshop gallery featuring the work of RIT students. It was nice to be able to walk there and see some art and chat with some RIT friends.
  • Saturday, we went to a BBQ at our friends Greg and Kimmie's. Their daughter Maddie is a few months younger than Greta, and this is really the first time they really interacted a lot. It was so cute. Maybe Greg and Kimmie will be nice enough to send some of the photos they took of the girls (hint, hint) since we're slackers and forgot our camera.
  • Sunday morning, we tried the highly recommended Penguin Diner. It fit all of my diner criteria: good/cheap food, fast and friendly service, good coffee, and tile floors (G is a very messy eater and I feel HORRIBLE when she leaves a mess on carpeted floors). We enjoy the thrill of the search for the "perfect" diner, so we'll be trying some more new places, but this one is the top contender so far.
  • Sunday evening we went to BBQ #2 for the weekend at Pat's grandparent's house. I ate so much I can barely think straight. It was nice to see family, and Greta finally seemed to come out of her shell around them, which was nice.
  • Tomorrow we're going to BBQ #3! And then we are SERIOUSLY going to start eating healthy again.


Hidden Plots

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Um, I just found out that there is a new show called Hidden Palms with a trashy main character named Greta. Please tell me this name isn't going to become popular. Sigh.


I love my job

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I just learned the term anal wink, and as if that weren't enough, I just found out we get to go home early today.


An American-Idol-less BBQ (sans meat)

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We were very graciously invited to a pre-show BBQ in honor of the American Idol finale. I've never really watched the show other than here and there in the early stages when they show the really bad people. I do get updates on the show from listening to Howard Stern, though, which is like saying you get "the news" from National Inquirer. Despite my lack of interest in the show, we came out since we do enjoy hanging out with friends and BBQing. It was a lovely communal, vegetarian BBQ with lots of delicious grilled veggies, stuffed mushrooms, salads, and such. Greta ate a full dinner before we got there and then still ate SO MUCH there. I'm proud that she seems to be able to pack it away like her old mom [tearing up]. At the BBQ we saw some old friends and met some new people too! Oh, and the best part? We didn't actually end up watching American Idol! Sweet!

Greta trying grilled sweet potato. (Nice roots, Frances.)

She wants more! Lots, lots more. (Consequently, it was the best sweet potato I've ever had as well.)

Greta sez, "Geology rocks!"

I love this sequence of Anitra offering flowers to Greta.

So, all I want to know is this: Did Sanjaya win??


The Greta and Pony show

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As promised, here are some pictures from the birthday celebration at Greta's day care that was on Friday. Fun, eh?

Unfortunately, this was the best picture we got of Greta on the pony. The whole pony thing was rather anticlimactic anyway, so I guess this documents the scene well. Greta had to wear a ridiculously large helmet, which obstructed her vision. Boo. Anyway, you get the idea.

Here is Greta with her best friend and worst enemy, Lilly.

Greta getting dangerously close to an innocent duckling. I made sure there was no carnage.

Playing on the playground.

Playing house in the dirtiest house I've ever been in.

Free T-shirt represent!

Greta eating her delicious mini cupcake.


Impromptu day off

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Greta's day care is closed today because that part of campus is without power. I choose to believe that they spent all their money on ponies and cupcakes and then didn't have enough for the electricity bill. After Pat and I had a quick and not very debate-like debate, I decided to stay home with Greta. So here I am. Computing on my lap-top computer.

I never know what to do with myself in these situations. Do I take Greta on a trip someplace? Do we go to the zoo? Do I call up a mommy friend and go to the mall or lunch? So far we took a trip to the post office, ate breakfast, played, and now Greta is taking a nap. Hmm, maybe I'll go bone up on my pop culture and watch some daytime TV.

If you have any great ideas about what we should do, let me know!

Happy Monday. Have fun at work, suckers!