April 2007

Quick update

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Saturday was Colin's first birthday party, so we were there to help him celebrate. Here's C getting a little help blowing out his candle.

Colin got one duck toy, and Greta made sure she dominated it for most of the afternoon. In my opinion, the coolest gift he got was a gnome jack in the box. (Not from us - we got him clothes. Booooring!)

How cool is that? And how can I get one? Answer: Amazon.com

Sunday, Pat and I dropped the wee one off at Great Nana and Great Paw's so we could do some shopping. Other than day care, it had been quite some time since we went out without Greta, and it was much less satisfying than I thought it was going to be. I don't know if you know this about the mall, but there are babies EVERYWHERE. I was actually legitimately having a hard time without her and teared up a few times. I think this trip [to Florida] is going to be tough without her. Fortunately, I think Naples attracts more of the geriatrics than the infants. A couple people have suggested booze as a remedy for getting over missing Greta. I'll try it in the name of science.

Tomorrow, for lunch, Pat is taking me to Henry's (or Hank's as I call it) on RIT campus. It's a restaurant run by the students in the hospitality management program. The menu looks quite frugally tasty. I can't wait. What should I order? All of the entrees look so good.


Hank's stanks. The food was mediocre at best. Oh well. Lunch alone with P. Riddy is pretty priceless. I'll take it.


2007-04-25 14:19:48

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On this rainy Rochester day, I spent my lunch hour trying on bathing suits. Can anyone possibly think of a worse idea??

The weird news is I found one I liked. The even weirder news is it is EXACTLY like the one I bought senior year in high school.

The WEIRDEST news is that we are going on vacation! We NEVER go on vacation.


Happy 13 months (er, um, and 7 days), Greta Olive!

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Late last week I realized we missed Greta's 13 month birthday (on the 16th). If I weren't notorious for forgetting dates, then I would probably feel really bad. In honor of G's underappreciated day, here's a recent school picture of Greta dressed up as a ladybug because everybody knows that the 13th month is traditionally the month you dress your child up as a bug. It is. Don't believe me? Look it up.


Exhausted but happy

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So tired. Must post. You get bullets. Fragments, occasional sentences. Pictures!

Friday equals blah-day.

Saturday equals awesome-day.

Pat played guitar with an Irish band for an Earth Day event. Greta loves music. Greta loves nice weather. Happy Greta equals happy Mommy and Daddy.

Not seen: ladies outside the shot throwing their unmentionables to Pat.

Greta loves hearing her Daddy play.

Like really, really, she does.

Took a trip to the zoo. Got a membership. Greta loves animals. Greta loves pointing at animals, real and fake (animals). Happy, happy.

Put Greta to bed, left Pat at home, went to Dog Town Hots and Mex with Amy. Caught up with my good friend, happy. Bartender was such a complete jerk to me, has no idea I was once VIP there.

Sunday equals another nice, happy, perfect-weather day.

Went to a BBQ at the Phillips' out in rural Newark.

Passed a couple trailer parks, saw trailer folk in their natural habitat. (Not at the Phillips' but along the way.)

Ate good food. Greta had her first taste of chocolate. It went over extremely well, not surprisingly.

Yum, ice cream sandwich.

I love Greta's multi-pronged, crooked point. Just thought I'd share that.

Would love to be more coherent right now.

Surprised I wrote the code for this list properly on the first try. I'm clearly an HTML genius.

Did I mention I'm very tired?


2007-04-18 12:32:09

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Thanks to Todd J, of Canadian Tuxedo fame, for informing me that my beloved Wegmans just won the Food Network Award for Best Super Market, beating Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Don't believe me? I'll prove it right here!

Open letter to Wegmans: Dear Wegmans, I've loved you since the day we met, which is pretty cool, except for the fact that my only basis for comparison was the rotty Big M (which later became Nojaims) in Marcellus. I love you. Thank you, goodbye.

Open letter to the lads at Canadian Tuxedo: Dear lads at Canadian Tuxedo, I see your demo on YouTube, and I see that you share my love of pairing multiple pieces of denim on one person, but what have you done for Wegmans??? I think you should incorporate a tribute to Wegmans into your set. Eh? Ehhh??

Note: I had put the CanTux demo up here, but apparently there were so many hits it was taking down our website. (I kid because I love.)


Welcome Baby Roman!

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Check out this infant eye candy, Li'l Roman

Sleepy baby

Awakey baby

Cutie baby

Congratulations Marisa, Tim, and Lola the Pup.

The most obvious statements made in the Reed household this week

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Greta has been a sick little lady lately. Keeping in mind that she may read this some day, I feel bad saying it, but she has had little to no control over her bodily functions since Friday. We're talking vomit, we're talking fever, we're talking diarrhea...your general virus. The doctor said we can expect seven days of the diarrhea alone. Just to put things in perspective, I did probably 15 loads of laundry between Friday through Monday. As I'm sure you can imagine, Pat and I are pretty tired, tired of puke and doody, and tired in general.

The other day, after being thrown up on probably 7 times, Pat said, "I've never been thrown up on so much in all my life." Pat, I know you had some pretty wild times in college, but I should hope no one ever puked on you more than 7 times.

Pat's not the only one making obvious statements as of late. I recently said, "That shit smells like shit." Profound.

The good news is that Greta has been extremely good natured while she's been sick. Oh, and one time Greta threw up right on Ruby, which was good for a laugh. I love a one year old with a great sense of comedic timing.

Greta: sorry about talking about your illness - especially your diarrhea.

Fran (Mom)

2007-04-13 20:31:16

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Greta just threw up. SO MUCH. I would have thought that all the puking I did while I was pregnant would have prepared me for this.

It did not.


Would you like some banana?

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Greta has been doing a lot of fun things now. One thing is that she loves to share her food. She will actually put bits of food into our mouths. It's super cute, but it's kind of unnerving as well, since it's pretty much guaranteed her hands are dirty.

Could you say no to this monkey face?

PS - that's a banana she's trying to feed to the cameraman.


Kurt Vonnegut, 1922–2007

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My favorite author, and a lot of people's favorite author, died yesterday at the age of 84. It's a sad day indeed.