January 2007

I'm gonna blow my mind up

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I'm feeling a little discombobulated at the moment, but I got a special request from Anitra to post something, so here goes...

I've been having some anxiety about the new job, but I'm mostly very excited about it. I'm just not very good with change, so I'm looking forward to getting in there and getting settled so I can stop having damn anxiety dreams. At this point, I'm also looking forward to being done with my other job. I'm trying my best to be productive and not get senioritis, but I'm getting lots of interruptions (good interruptions) from people wanting to say goodbye. It's awkward for me, though. I feel like I can only diplomatically say why I'm leaving so many different ways, and I still haven't perfected the in-a-nutshell description of the new place. I like to just say, hey, read this.

We've had a rough couple weeks with Greta. Whatever phase she's in right now is not all about rainbows and lollypops. It's about separation anxiety and lots of it, and maybe some other issues. We don't really know what the heck is going on. She's moving around like mad now and pulling up and generally doing something new almost every day. No doubt there is some sensory overload going on that is making her somewhat beast-like. There are still lots of smiles, at least. It's all about ups and downs. Basically if Pat and/or I are entertaining her, she's happy as a clam. That's all fine and good until you, say, need to empty the dishwasher. Oh, and you can't dare leave her alone for even a second. Are all babies completely danger-prone, or did we just get a walking crawling disaster?

Okay, to make this post a little more entertaining and positive, here's a little daddy-daughter-human-beatbox session.

I'll try to write more soon. No promises. Sorry Anitra, that was all I got!


2007-01-28 08:46:24

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Given the night we just had last night with Greta, it's a good thing there's unconditional love. That's all I have to say about that.


Cute Bunny

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That's new

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So, recently, a coworker told me he was walking by my desk and I was "dancing" in my chair. I vehemently denied his claim, fully believeing I did no such thing. A lot of days I don't listen to music, but certain days I'll listen to music almost all day. Today has been one of those days that I've been listening almost all day. I've caught myself, on numerous occasions, bopping around. I dance in my chair! I had no idea until today. I probably look like one of those people you see in your rear-view mirror totally jamming out in the car behind you. Sigh.

In other dancing news, Greta looooves to dance. Every night, after her dinner, we pick her up and dance around the kitchen. Within the last few weeks, she has started dancing on her own, bopping her head (probably like I do in my cube). Last night, Pat was in the kitchen with Greta and I came down and she was dancing to My Michelle by Guns N' Roses. It warmed my heart.



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Here's a recent photo of Greta sporting the Thomas Dolby look.

Here's a close-up shot of Greta showing off two of her pearly whites.


Cold, quiet, and unconventional

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We celebrated my new job by going to Outback and then popping open a very nice bottle of wine that we had been saving for a special occasion, making popcorn, and sitting down to watch a couple re-runs of Campus Ladies. Yeah, whatever, you would love Campus Ladies too if you would just give it a chance. It was actually a pretty early evening because I'm a tired lady.

Saturday was our friend Hilary's wedding. I met Hilary back in the bad old days of working on the Cisco project at LMNK. She and I shared a cube wall. Oh, if that cube wall could talk. Joking. Anyway, Hilary and I lost touch for a while there, but now we're back!

Hilary and the very British Daniel (he's not just sort of British, he's very British) got married at the First Universal church, which is an amazing looking church that I've driven by at least a hundred times. It's absolutely beautiful from the outside and is square (I love square things except for square bagels, or squagels). I've always wondered what it looked like on the inside, so I got to find out! From the inside it looks like...a church. It was a very lovely and short ceremony. I checked out the church's website prior to the ceremony because that's what I do, and I saw some of the minister's poems - one about Ozzy Osborn. I may need to start going to this church.

The reception was held at the Cobblestone House at Mendon Ponds. It was a little bit of a treacherous walk up the small hill to the house, but inside it was beautiful and cozy. There was a nice fire going and there was hot cocoa with all the fixin's ready for us. The one thing I can say is that this reception was quite unconventional (no dancing, no booze), but it was really wonderful. There were so many lovely, personal touches. I was sold with the hot cocoa, but then it got even better. For dinner there were bread bowls of either clam chowder or stew; salad with blue cheese, walnuts, and pears; and fresh fruit. So good on a cold day. The wedding "cake" was a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (yum) and then there was also rice pudding and petit fours for dessert. The favors were back scratchers, which got our table on the topic of formication. Yes, you heard me right: formication. Is that anything like fornication? Dear lord, I hope not. Only at Hilary Homer's (née Shroyer) wedding would I learn a new word!

Anyhoo, the wedding was the highlight. Sunday we just caught up on some things. And now it's Blue Monday. Bah.

What did you do this weekend?


My big news is not about car insurance

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Okay, so I got a new job. Yay for me! I am super excited about it, but I am also a ball of nervousness and guilt and all of those other oogie feelings I excel at. Mostly though, I am really excited. This has been a stressful day of giving my (awesome) manager my resignation and sending a rambling, pensive email to my current and former teams. What I'm feeling right now is a headache, but the good news is I think it will go away once I step outside and meet up with my kid and my kid's daddy at Outback. (Is that at least high-class white trash to celebrate at Outback?)

So, the new job is awesome (from what I can tell). I obviously can't give specifics on the WWW, so you'll have to get the scoop from me offline. I'll still be editing and, as a change of pace, I'll be working with physicians and imaging experts - no more "e-unfulfilling education" as one former coworker of mine called it. Oh yeah, that was what my one post was about: fun vs. socially responsible. I picked socially responsible. Hopefully it is socially responsible AND fun, and if it's just socially responsible, hopefully that doesn't get old quick!

This might be the worst post ever. Once my head stops throbbing, I try to come up with a better description of the new jobby job.

Peace out.


2007-01-19 09:37:31

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I'm getting very excited. Are you?


Warning: Wordy post with no pictures

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Take some Ritalin and hunker down for a long one, because I've got a lot to talk about.

First, I want to say how tremendously pleased I am by the amount of people who delurked themselves last week. I've asked people to delurk multiple times before, and this is the first time people actually listened! It really made my week. It was also great to get so much positive feedback about this site. I really use this as an outlet, and even if people didn't read it, I would probably still write. The fact that people are reading and enjoying it, however, is extremely satisfying. Thanks to all, and, like the concept of Earth Day, every week is Delurker Week, mmm-kay?

Second, we had a great weekend. Friday night, Pat and I both had work to do, so it was kind of dull, but Saturday and Sunday made up for it. Saturday, we met a couple of Pat's library peeps at the market for coffee at Javas and tacos from the good taco place (Montery Tacos). Anyway, best coffee in town and best tacos in town, and the company wasn't half bad either!

After the market, we high-tailed it to Syracuse so Pat could go have his eyes checked by the Devil, I mean, [Name removed]. Greta and I stayed at Phil and Becky's while Pat went for his eye exam. I guess the exam went well. Pat's eyes are healing slower than usual, but they are healing, so that is positive. He's seeing fine, it's just not perfect yet, and he has some swelling yet. After Pat got home, he said, "It's a good thing you didn't come with me." I thought, oh boy, here goes. Turns out the receptionist forgot to mention the important detail that they were in their newly renovated location, the location we FIRST went to the day he was SUPPOSED to get his surgery done. If you missed THE RANT, you can read it here. These people seriously need to get their act together. And I'm done.

Oh, I was talking about the weekend. So, Saturday night, we hung out with Phil and Becky and it was lots of fun. We got really good Chinese food and wine and hung out. Sunday, we headed over to my parent's house to celebrate my father's birthday. As always, we had good food and wine there as well.

Today is Greta's 10-month birthday. I can't believe it. I want to cry when I think about how quickly she's growing up. The fun part is that she has been doing tons of new things lately - it seems like there's something new every day. She has become a very proficient crawler, and it's super cute. I love when she's in one room and I'm in another room, and she sees me, and she just starts hauling ass over to me. She gets so excited and will crawl right into my lap. Unfortunately, she's been pretty cranky lately and not sleeping super well. We think her teeth are bothering her a lot. She's basically very good if she's well-fed, well-rested and we're completely doting on her. Other than that, she's kind of an emotional wreck.

I should have a kind of big update at the end of this week. Keep your favorite browser on this site, and keep pressing F5 or clicking the Refresh button every 10 seconds.


Greta's first "snow day"

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There are many important milestones in a young child's life. One of those milestones is the snow day. You all know what I'm talking about (unless you grew up down south or something). Today was Greta's first snow day...well, ice day. RIT is closed, so both Pat and Greta are home. I, consequently, am home too, but I am working from home for part of the day. While I was working, I did take a moment to document something great: Greta, Pat, and Ruby "camping" and taking a little morning snooze. Aww.

On snow days growing up, my mom would sometimes brave the weather in her rear-wheel drive Volvo (we know how to drive in snow in Syracuse!) and take us to Denny's for grand-slam breakfasts. What is your favorite snow day memory?