October 2006

Busy, tired, crabby

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So, it has been awhile. I wish I could say we've been busy doing great and wonderful things, but, while the last week had its moments, it has mostly been filled with homework (for Pat), cleaning, making food, feeding and caring for the child, and work.

Here's some of the good stuff.

Last weekend, we took a trip home to the Bing-hamptons to visit Pat's family and go to Sara and Darren's wedding. Grandma and Grandpa Reed got to spend a lot of quality time with little Greta, Andy and Jamie got to meet Greta, Eric and Tiffany met their neice for the first time, we went to the Dan Dee (when I Googled the Dan Dee, I never, in a million years, thought they'd have a website!) to celebrate our friend Sara's birthday, and we danced like fools at the reception. Here's a little photo montage of Pat and me at the wedding.

I should probably add at least one picture from some of the other reception participants, eh? I was sober here and a tad nervous about getting dropped. All was well, though.

And here's one of the blushing bride and dapper groom.

We had a relatively uneventful week, which will get no complaints from me. One fun thing is that it was Ellen's 30th birthday, and she invited us to go to Mex to celebrate on Wednesday night. Pat stayed home with Greta since he had work to do and because we thought bringing a baby into a hipster bar might be frowned upon. I mean, that may be something you could do at the Dan Dee, but prolly not Mex. Anyway, I kind of begrudgingly started getting ready to go, and as soon as I put on my fancy pants (they fit!), some perfume, and nice shoes, it was like something in my brain tweaked. It felt (sort of) like old times. I was really happy to see some of the old gang out that I hadn't seen in a while, and I think I decided that I want to throw myself a ripper at Mex for my 30th (this month - eek).

Saturday, Phil and Becky came into town, upon my request, to see Jackass: Number 2. For anyone who doesn't know, I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy, and I loved the first movie, so I was really looking forward to the second. Mike and Christy were nice enough to watch Greta so we could go on a double date, of sorts, with Phil and Becky. Lucky Becky got to sit right between Phil and me, and since Phil and I have the same sense of humor, she got to hear a lot of the same exact comments twice: once from me and once from Phil. McCarthys in stereo! She was a good sport about it, though, and I think that, deep down, she really enjoyed it. The movie was...um, well, the first adjective that comes to mind is disgusting, but the next adjective is funny. The movie actually made me sick to my stomach, so we stopped on the way home so I could get Tums and pretzels. Yup, it was that "good." I have a new respect for Chris Pontius. Somehow he manages to get to do the funny but unpainful stunts, but gets to hang out and make humorous comments. "Tell Charlie Daniels to write a song about this!" - Chris Pontius

It was great having Phil and Becky in town. It kind of made me feel like part of the living again for a while. We celebrated B's birthday while they were here and we played with the kid a lot. I thoroughly enjoy watching Phil play with Greta. It's kind of like watching a man buy tampons, but it's cute nonetheless, and you can tell he gets a kick out of her.

Oh, and, apprently, babies shun Becky.