July 2006

2006-07-09 07:33:23

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This week pretty much went as planned. There were a couple highlights and surprises.

Thursday, our friends Kimmie and Greg had their baby! They had decided to not find out the sex of the baby until it was born, which was a real cliffhanger for me. I was really voting for girl (not that my vote counts), so I was doubley excited when I got the email from Greg, since Kimmie had the baby and it was indeed a girl. She’s soooo cute!

Friday was a really nice day. It is what I consider the last official day of my vacation. Kensey and I hung out for a wee bit in the morning, and then she took off. It was my mom’s birthday, and she and my dad came out here for lunch. We went to Edibles. I was a tad nervous about taking an infant there, but I called ahead and they didn’t seem aghast at the prospect. Greta was slightly fussy, but there was only one other set of diners and they were waaay on the other side of the restaurant. My mom picked her up and danced around with her a bit to some Steely Dan, and then G was quite content. Oh, regarding the restaurant: I had been there for dinner and thought it was good but over-priced, but lunch was just delightful. Friday afternoon, Greta and I took a nice nap together. It was the perfect way to end my last official day of vacation.

Pat and I had decided that Friday night should be Greta’s first night in her own room. It was harder to put her in there than we thought it would be, but we know it’s for the best. To “help” with the transition, we slept in the room with her. It actually was probably a horrible idea. No one slept well at all. Greta actually scooted around in her crib so much that she did a full 360-degree turn. That can’t be restful. Pat and I couldn’t sleep either, and every time we moved, she would move. To jump forward a bit, we had her sleep in her room alone Saturday night, and it went much better. We only checked on her a half-dozen times, and she only did a 180-degree turn.

Saturday morning, we took a trip to the market with my cousin Jenn. It was her first time, so we showed her the bests: best parking, best coffee, best tacos, best place to avoid (the stinky meat building), you get the picture. In the evening, we headed over to our friend Ian’s house for Jane and Food Mike’s shower. The shower was super fun, and I vote it “best tasty beer selection at a party,” “best homemade food at a shower,” and “best hummus I’ve ever had.” (These superlatives that I come up with, by the way, don’t count for much, except I file them away in my head.)

One other thing about Greta: we definitely think she’s teething. I know it seems early (for those of you who know that kind of thing), but Pat and his brother both started teething at 3 ½ months. Plus, she has been a little fussy, extra droolly, she’s been crying the I’m-in-pain cry, and Pat thought he actually saw bottom teeth poking out. I’m not too happy about this. For one, she’s growing up too fast. For another, our time between super fussy, immature baby and fussy, teething baby was too short. Sigh.


Happy 4th, yo

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I can't help but feel that Greta hs reached an all-new level of cuteness. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Greta and her pappy watching TV.

Greta and me monkeying around.


Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

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This week is my company's annual shutdown week, otherwise known as my favorite week of the year. I love it, even though I am forced to take vacation for three of the days, because it means I get a whole week off without worrying about a) what's being done by someone other than me or b) piling up for me. Even though I already had 10 weeks off this year, it still maintains most of its luster. Especially because Greta is at such a fun stage now, and because I know we're going to have lots of quality time together. I know it won't be a particularly productive week, but it should be lots of fun.

Tentative plans for the week are as follows: Monday - clean the house and try to get rid of at least the weeds in the yard that are taller than me. Tuesday - Grill and consume BBQ'd meats, and have a frosty beer. Wednesday - Pat's parents are coming out to visit with the bean. Kensey (best friend from college) is coming Wednesday evening. This night is also my weekly meeting with my gal pals Amy and Melissa. There was talk of going to the Cold Stone Creamery (or as I call it, the Stone Cold Steve Austin Creamery). Thursday - hang out with Kensey some more. Friday - take my mom out to lunch for her birthday. Saturday and Sunday are up for grabs.

This past week was a tad odd. For one, Greta didn't poop all week. In the beginning (of her life) she pooped sometimes five or six times a day, so you can imagine this was quite a strange turn of events. By day 5 we were getting pretty nervous. Even day care was on high alert. The doc said to give her fruit juice, so we gave her some of that Thursday evening and Friday morning. Finally, on Friday, Greta did what she needed to do. It was quite a momentous occasion. Even the folks at day care wrote "Huge BM" with a smiley face next to it on her care sheet. Who knew I'd ever be so obsessed with doody.

Also, Great love sleeping.

The other notable thing that happened this week was our garage was broken into and two of our bikes were stolen (nothing else, fortunately). Those crafty hoodlums climbed over our back fence (and bent it) in the middle of the night, and popped the back window out of our garage. They then unlocked the garage door from the inside, opened it, and rode off on two bikes. One of the bikes (Pat's) was pretty nice, but the other bike was not. The cruddy bike they stole was one I found on the side of the road on garbage night one night. The joke is on the thieves, because I'm sure they thought it was decent, but when they got it out into daylight, I'm sure they were quite disappointed. The good news is they didn't take my 1970s Triumph I got from my mother-in-law or any of our grills. Pat was not terribly thrilled, but I figured the damage was pretty minimal, and after living in the city for eight years, we were probably due. Pat boarded up the back windows of the garage, and we plan to take some other precautions.

If we see anyone on either of our bikes or bikes that even slightly resemble ours (two wheels, handle bars) we will be sure to make a swift citizen's arrest.

We hope everyone enjoys the 4th. Any big plans?