July 2006

2006-07-31 21:18:04

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Good mom

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Any time I question my abilities as a mom, I will read this article and remind myself that I'm doing a dandy job.

As a sidenote, Pat used to live on the same street as this woman. Good times.


What a week!

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Monday, I made a huge-mungous tray of baked ziti for our friends Greg and Kimmie, who just had a baby a couple weeks ago. (I was craving carbs and lots of ‘em right after giving birth, so I was hoping Kimmie was too.) This was our one night to kind of relax.

Tuesday, we headed over to Greg and Kimmie’s with lots of stuff in hand: a vat of ziti and garlic bread; Happiest Baby on the Block book; some hand-me-down clothes; and Greta, of course. We met the delightful Maddie Moens, and we got to hear all about Kimmie’s labor and the “fun” that ensued afterwards (long story). It was great seeing those guys. I feel like they’re doing amazingly well for parents of a two-week old child. They looked way better than we did at that stage!

Wednesday, we went to a BBQ at our friend Amy’s. It was great: white hots, red hots, two kinds of salad, watermelon, grilled taters, Dino beans, and….wait for it…banana cream pie!

Thursday, we went over to Christy and Mike’s to drop Greta off, and then Pat and I went to Lux to bon voyage Tracy and Justin. It was a great venue choice, and it was great to get to chat up some friends. It was our first bar outing for the two of us together since way before G arrived. Yay for that. I feel like I made a little bit of a party foul, though. I got up to the counter (bar) and couldn’t decide what to order. See, I only get to have one drink at a time, really, and it has been a while since I’ve had to make an order at a bar. Those two factors put a lot of pressure on me, and I got all nervous and ordered a Pabst. Usually, that would be just fine, but when you only get one bevvie, it’s a bit of a letdown. Luckily, the rest of the experience was so good that I got over it very quickly. We headed back to pick up our kid, and we found her asleep in Christy’s lap. Aww. So cute. Christy and Mike were babysitting for other friends as well, so they were actually in charge of three kids last night. Wow. They are braver than I. Here is a cute picture of the gals hanging out last night. I like to think that this picture of Greta was just taken at a very unflattering angle and that she’s not nearly as fat as she appears here. Look at those ham hocks!

Tonight, I seriously think we just need to relax and sleep.

Oh, a friend of mine just pointed me to the site www.franandpat.com. Curious. I had never thought to check out that URL.


Happy 19 weeks, Greta!

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I know nothing about babies that I haven't:

  • Read from a book.
  • Gleaned from my kid.

And, I don't know if most kids do this, but Greta really "explores" her space in her crib. She's all over the place. These two pictures were taken within an hour of each other.

That last one is a nice touch how she just has her foot randomly up on the bumper.


2006-07-23 21:26:05

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This weekend was lovely for me. I’m not sure it was quite as lovely for Pat, but he claims his was good too. I say that, because Pat spend a considerable amount of time home alone with Greta on Saturday while I went out and did some fun stuff. I ran home between said fun things, around 3:30 in the afternoon, and Pat still hadn’t had a chance to shower. Hehe. A few months ago, after telling Pat that I was looking forward to going back to work to get a break from the hard work of being a mommy, Pat had said something to the effect, “Staying at home with a baby can’t be *that* hard.” Yesterday, when I asked him if he still felt that way, he said “No.” Looks like somebody learned a valuable lesson.

So, what was I doing yesterday while I was neglecting my husband/child?

In the early afternoon, I met up with Rebecca to have her practice wedding makeup done. I’m in the wedding (co-matron-of-honor), so she invited me to have my makeup done as well. I realized I had never had a makeover done in my life and that I could probably use a few tips. After the makeovers, Rebecca looked fabulous. She looks great no matter what, but her wedding makeup is going to be very Rebecca v2.0. I, on the other hand, looked not so hot. I was on board with things until the (very nice) woman told me my eyebrows were too low and then drew some higher on my head. Some people aren’t just meant to have properly placed eye brows or makeup on. I think I’m just one of those people. It was oodles of fun though.

In the late afternoon, I met my friend Melissa out at Hicks & McCarthy for a proper afternoon tea. Since we’re both mommies and we don’t get out an awful lot, we kind of talked each other into the “royal tea,” which consists of the traditional items – scones, crust-less sandwiches, desserts, loose tea with sugar in lump form – with champagne! It was utterly delightful. I absolutely love afternoon tea, and it’s always wonderful talking to Melissa. She’s my mommy mentor.

This photo appropriated from Melissa. M - I hope you don't mind!

Today, Pat, Greta, and I went out to Skaneateles to go to a barbeque at Taryn and Todd’s. It was quite lovely. Greta loved staring at their dog, Pixie. Who doesn’t, though? After the BBQ, we stopped by to visit my mom for a bit.

My aunt emailed me tonight to tell me to check out the site lostinbenin.com. My cousin, Ryan, just went to Africa with the Peace Corps, and he’s up on the site here. It made my night to see Ryan smiling. I’m so proud of him for going and doing that. It’s so good that there are people like Ryan in the world.


2006-07-17 16:26:55

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Last week flew by! Being that it was my first week back after having the previous week off of work, that was very unusual. Time just flies now with this child in our lives. Speaking of the child, she has started going to sleep around 8 P.M. It’s unfortunate, because we barely get any time with the bean as it is, but it’s fortunate, because now we can, like, get some things done and/or have a little break to watch TV or do something lazy. One thing Pat and I have started doing is watching Arrested Development. We had missed the boat on this show initially, and the humor is such that you really do need to know what’s going on to “get it.” I had seen bits and pieces before, and thought, “This may be the dumbest show ever,” but friends (whose taste I trust) assured us it is hilarious, and of course David Cross is involved, so I figured it must be. Pat and I started watching season 1 on DVD, and it is really, really great. And, watching a 30-minute show sans commercials takes, like, no time at all. Anyway, the show is great. The only downside I can think of is that it makes me want to have chocolate-covered bananas all of the time. Really, I have chocolate and bananas on this week’s grocery list for a reason, people. Additionally, if I had to pick a fictitious dysfunctional family to be a part of, it would be a tough decision between the Bluths and the Tenenbaums. Okay, I would definitely pick being a Tenenbaum. Being a Bluth would be a close second though.

Greta wants to be a Tenenbaum too.

We did have a nice weekend, aside from the heat. All day Friday, all I could think about were popsicles and margaritas. I invited Christy, Mike, and Colin over to partake. I also made some pizza (bad idea since it was so darned hot), and the Leshers made a delicious salad. Christy’s salad was a garden salad, but she put cilantro in it. Let me tell you, cilantro in salad changed my life. Anyway, so we did have margaritas. I ended up exceeding my quota for being a breastfeeding mommy, which was the first time I’d done that. (Feel free to send me hate mail.) It was probably not a good idea, but my defense is it was really, really hot, and margaritas are delicious. I don’t think Greta will have any long-term effects. She slept horribly that night, so I know the booze didn’t slow her down any.

Saturday, we ended up being pretty lazy. We ran some errands, Greta and I took a very long nap, and we took a nice walk around the neighborhood and got bubble tea and spring rolls. Nothing to thumb your nose at!

Sunday, we went to a birthday party for our friends Brandon and PJ’s daughter, Rowen. It was outdoors, so it was a tad (big understatement) hot. They had it catered by King & I, and there were lots of fun people there. We were having a great time, but poor Greta was getting too hot. She was quite good, considering, and we even got her to take a nap, but once she started whimpering in her sleep, we decided to get her home and into some air conditioning.

We have just one more sickeningly hot day, and then it’s supposed to cool down a bit. Mike and Holly are in town with their daughter, Elise. We’re meeting up with them tomorrow for dinner, which will be great. We have been dying to meet little Elise (no really, she’s very little – she about six weeks older than Greta and weighs less), and of course, we always love seeing “Mitch and Hollywood.”


Happy four-month birthday, Greta

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In honor of Greta's four-month birthday, I was going to bake her a breast milk cake, but since those don't exist, I wrote her this letter instead.

Dear Greta,

I can’t believe you’re already four months old. I don’t know where the time goes. I was just reminiscing with a friend about how, when you were three weeks old, your dad and I brought you to your very first party, and you slept in our arms the entire time. Now, you’re a ball of energy. Within this past month, you’ve decided that if people are around (even just your dad and me), you need to stay awake to check everything out. We can tell you get tired, but you refuse to go to sleep. The good thing is, once I get you up in your crib, if you’re actually tired, you roll onto your side and conk out immediately. The best part about this newfound curiosity and ability to stay awake longer during the day is that you’ve been able to sleep through the night with somewhat regularity! The first time it happened, we couldn’t believe it. We though, for sure, it was a fluke. Then, you did it over and over for the next two weeks straight. I can’t even tell you how exiting that was after waking up every three hours (more or less) for the previous three months. Sleep is good – very good. Unfortunately, a combination of us moving you into your own room and the recent heat, you haven’t been sleeping quite as well. It’s okay, though, we don’t hold it against you.

Also in the last month, you discovered television. The first time it happened, we had some friends over, and we had Caddyshack on in the background. You were transfixed on it. It was very odd. Ever since then, you can’t get enough of whatever’s on (even when it’s just President Bush speaking). The degree to which you love T.V. really kind of worries your dad and me, so we make a point to limit your T.V. time. I never thought we’d have to limit a three-month-old baby’s T.V. time, but then again, you are my child, and I, too, love T.V. It’s very cute though – when I’m getting you ready in the morning, I’ll have the news on. Your changing table butts up against the T.V., and when I’m changing your diaper, you will crane your neck up, mouth agape, to watch T.V. upside-down. You love it. Your dad and I decided we should at least attempt to make most of what you watch educational, so we got a Baby Einstein DVD for you. You were slightly interested in it, but I swear your favorite thing is to watch Sex and the City reruns in the evening.

This past month, you’ve become a very efficient eater. Feeding length per session has decreased quite a bit, and you just seem more content now. Sometimes, if I go to feed you and you’re not hungry, you’ll let me know you’re not in the cutest way ever. You’ll look up at me, smile, and start chattering like you’ve got lots of things you want to talk about. It’s super cute, unless you’re due to go to day care, and I know you need to eat or you’ll be a fussy mess either during the car ride or right when you get there. Remember, mom always knows best.

I don’t want to put any undue pressure on you, but I think you might be a super genius. Sometimes, I swear you understand what we’re saying to you. You seem to laugh and smile at all of the appropriate times. You seem to get the biggest laugh when your dad or I say something somewhat inappropriate, which is hilarious. (For example, you love, love, LOVE the word poop, so much so, your first word will probably be “poop.”) Your dad and I both have a pretty good sense of humor, so chances are you’ll turn out fine in that department. If you are, indeed, a super genius, it will be a little harder to peg down where that came from. In addition to the fact that it seems you understand everything going on around you (even your care takers at day care commented on that), you are also unbelievably good at imitating your dad and me. It’s so darn cute. You are making a lot of noises: you can say, “ah-goo,” “goo,” “boo,” “oww,” “guh,” and you also love to make two kinds of raspberries. One time, I swear you said, “I love you,” but it was just that one time, so I won’t count it. Your dad and I will make the same noises, and you will imitate us with amazing accuracy. I can’t believe you can differentiate between “goo” and “boo,” and then know how to make those noises yourself. It just blows my mind. I won’t call Mensa just yet, but I really do think you’re a smart cookie.

The baby books call the age you’re in the “Golden Age of infancy,” and I can see why. Your dad and I are finally getting lots of wonderful payback for the first, thankless couple months. You are turning into an amazing person before our eyes, and it’s the most beautiful thing. We love you so much, and love being your best friends. It already breaks my heart when I think of how you’ll probably treat us when you’re a teenager, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



Greta: The Toughest Kid in Day Care

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I believe I ordered the *large* baby

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So, Greta had her four-month checkup today. Wow. She is a big baby. (Thanks for the newsflash, you say.) She is in the 95th percentile for height and the 86th percentile for weight. Specifically, she's 15 pounds and 5 ounces, and 25.75 inches long. This is definitely Pat Reed's child - in case anyone had their doubts! If not his, then maybe Robert Pershing Wadlow's. Niice.

Anyone want to take bets on when Greta will surpass me in height and/or weight?

Greta had her second round of immunizations today too. They went much better this time than last. She just handled them much better this time (didn't have convulsions, etc.) and I was better prepared as to what to expect. Pat came along this time for moral support.

So, Greta has been sleeping in her own room now for four nights. It's going all right so far. The biggest issue is that she is much more active in her sleep now. I'm not sure if it's because she has so much more room now or what. I check up on her a few times a night, and she has been actually spinning around in her crib to the point where she has been getting rug burn on her head. Is it still considered rug burn when it doesn't actually take place on a rug? Wikipedia says yes! Anyhoo, other than the acrobatics, things are going pretty well. It was certainly easier having her in our room, but the switch had to be made eventually, and I can only assume it gets harder as time goes on.

Oh! I forgot the best part. Greta gets to start solids now. If she loves food half as much as I do, she's going to be a happy girl.


The Reeds go for a picnic

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We packed up some tasty treats and went for a picnic at Highland Park. We plan on doing this much more often.

Back to work and day care tomorrow. Boo hiss.