January 2006

Good news - nay, great news - in the world of pork

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First, in today's business section of the Democrat & Chronicle, there is an article about how Zweigle's has expanded their business from red and white hots to ribs and pulled pork. Hallelujah. I can't wait to try it. I'm sad to say I haven't had a hot dog since I was five-weeks pregnant, once I heard about the whole listeria thing. In the delivery room, as soon as that baby's head crowns, I'm going to send Pat out to get me a garbage plate with a red hot on it from Mark's.

Other news in the pork world is that Kevin "Phats" McMillen (aka Piggie Smalls, aka Notorious P.I.G.) has a website called Magic Pork! I like it.


Recently put on the injured list

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Don't worry, I'm not on bed rest or anything like that, but after nesting a little too hardcore yesterday and then falling asleep on the couch in what I can only guess was a position my body didn't like, I hurt my back. My trusty friend, the Internet, tells me I'm most likely suffering from posterior pelvic pain. I feel like an old man. I need to sit down to put my pants on, I groan a lot, and I need to think twice (sometimes three times) before I decide to pick something up. The pregnancy gods are telling me to chill with the super-nesting. Okay, okay, okay. I get it. Actually, I'm feeling much better already after taking it easy today.

Oh, so here's a picture of me taken this morning. I told you, I'm huge. Seriously, when I saw this picture, I couldn't believe it. I'm bigger than I even realized. Holy crap. I'd like to state again for the record that I'm over 7 months pregnant and I'm short and I have a narrow frame. Hrumph. Ruby's trying to steal my thunder in the background.

So, other than my back putting a damper on last night and today, the weekend was great. Well, Friday night, we tried to watch Wedding Crashers for the 2nd time. The first time we tried to watch it (last weekend), I fell asleep fairly early on. We picked up where we left off, and I made it maybe another 30-45 minutes before I fell asleep again. Ha. Nothing like having to watch a movie in three installments (or who knows, maybe we can go for four). Especially fine cinema like Wedding Crashers!

Saturday, we went to the Little Bakery and got our breakfast. I had been dying for a blueberry scone. We went back to the house to eat our breakfast. We ate in the living room, which is a room we spend pretty much zero time in. We read the paper and enjoyed our breakfast, pretending we were on vacation. We also spent a couple hours cleaning the attic. I can't even believe how much crap we've got up there. I really thought we'd be able to throw out more than we did. Oh well, I guess that's what attics are for.

Saturday night, we had a date. We're trying to have as many as possible before the baby comes. We went to 2 Vine for dinner and then we went to the Little to see Capote. Yeah, we jumped on the Capote bandwagon with everyone else after our hometown hero Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Golden Globe. I swear I wanted to see it since it came out, but never got around to it. It was very, very good. Best movie I saw all year. Even better than Wedding Crashers. Heh.

Today was kinda boring. Trying to take things light, as I said. Just did some sit-down activities, and went to BJs and Target. Blah.


Pregnant like whoa

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I just realized that yesterday I hit my 30 week mark of my pregnancy. That makes me 3/4 the way done cooking this baby!

I've been getting requests to post and updated belly shot, so I'll do that this weekend. Promise. And I'll tell you what - with my narrow and short frame, this baby has nowhere to go but out, so be prepared.


Contrary to popular belief, we’re not rich.

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We do, however, have lots of nice things. For example, we did end up buying our new TV this weekend. It’s a 27” (that’s right, 27 inches, baby), flat picture, Sharp brand. Need I go on? Actually, I was all excited about it, but I kind of hate it. I’m a chronic channel surfer, and this particular TV has a pretty big pause between channel changes. Like, the screen goes black for a good second and a half between each change. Maybe this will help curb my nasty channel-surfing habit. Doubtful.

Also new to the Reed household this weekend is our new bedroom set, consisting of a new bed frame, two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. It’s quite an upgrade from what we had before, which consisted of our box spring and mattress on the floor, TV trays as nightstands, and no dresser (or mirror). Our already very small room is now much smaller, but much more swank.

Don't mind the green duvet cover - that's going to be replaced once we find the "perfect" one. Don't mind the stuffed bunny - that's my stuffed bunny, named Bunny.

Here's Ruby enjoying the new digs. Also partially seen, my one-eyed stuffed dog named Le Mutt.

Our weekend was pretty dull, but good. It was our first weekend in a while that required no traveling and had no planned activities. My undeniable nesting urges have not only set in, but they’re in full force. I want to organize everything: drawers, the attic, the basement, the garage, etc. Not only have I been trying to get these things organized, but I’ve been attempting to enlist Pat’s help. Unfortunately, his pregnancy hormones have not kicked in, so he just looks at me like I’m nuts when I ask him to pick up the garage when the temperature is in the teens. Put a damn parka on, I say. In all honestly - not that I would lie to you - I’m really looking forward to when my brain and body go back to normal…if that ever really happens.

Probably, all you took away from this post is that I have a stuffed animal collection, which is not really what I was going for. Oh well.


Sometimes The Man needs you to stick it to him so he can grow

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A couple of months ago, I decided it was time for me to get serious about moving on from Kojak. I updated my résumé and posted it on a few job sites. Right after posting my résumé, I got an email with a job offer from a "European growing investment company looking for representative assistant in US." They told me that they would pay me a grand for a 20 hour work week. Unfortunately, they must have found someone more qualified at the last minute, because I never heard back from them after I sent them my social security and bank account numbers. That job didn’t pan out, but while I was on careerbuilder.com, I stumbled upon a website administrator posting at RIT. The position is a great match for my background. I sent my résumé in, had a couple of interviews, and I was offered the job. I start this Thursday, at RIT, as the Wallace Library Web Administrator. I am really excited to get started. The library staff seems like a great group to work with.

After almost eight years at Kodak, my last day was Friday. I think the execs must have feared that my leaving the company would have an adverse reaction from Wall Street. Immediately after my resignation, Kodak tried to recreate their image by introducing a brand new logo and announcing the release of a camera with two lenses.

New Kodak Logo

My coworkers threw me a happy-hour celebration after work on Friday at the ever-so-classy Kodak Park hangout, Bathtub Billy’s. Here's a few pics.


Tom Fever, Pat, and Kathy

Fran, Pat, Mark, Michelle, and Matt

Michelle, Pat, and Stu

2006-01-04 22:00:02

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Has anyone else been watching the OLN network lately???

Uhh, I didn't think so. Until recently, I didn't even know what the OLN network was. Well, if really pressed, I probably would have said it was another worthless channel (right up there with the three shopping network channels) that's included in our $8 basic cable. Come to find out, the OLN network is the outdoor sports network. I don't particularly like the outdoors and I certainly don't like sports, yet during some recent channel-flipping (which is my kind of sport), I stumbled on a couple new shows that seemed worthy of pause. They are Wanted: Ted or Alive, featuring none other than Ted Nugent and Park Raving Mad, a show about a couple fellas on a roadtrip/bachelor party to some of our National Parks.

Internet, I know that you are a place for all types of people. A place where people that have a love for all things bizarre and/or unique can find each other and not feel so alone. Inernet, I ask you, has anyone else out there found a new friend in the OLN network? Or, does anyone else out there have cat scratch fever?


2006-01-03 17:37:01

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So far, 2006 rawks.


We spent New Year's eve at Rebecca and Bryan's. It was one of my most-favorite New Year's eves ever. No, I did not fall off the wagon that night (even though I've gotten an alarmingly high amount of advice from people that it's "okay to drink a little bit in the 3rd trimester because the baby's basically fully developed anyway"). I think it was mostly super fun because, not only were we surrounded by super fun people, it just seems like there is so much to look forward to in 2006. For those of you who know me well, you probably know that I don't really like change. Hell, I don't even really like leaving the house. Facing a new year is always kind of scary to me, so it's not generally something I celebrate with too much vigor. I'm just so excited about 2006 though! Eff you, 2005; 2006 is going to be the bee's knees.

Anyway, so we rang in the new year in style at Rebecca and Bryan's abode. Good food, good sparkling cider, good friends, good tunes, etc.

Here's another fun group picture from the night. (I'm being very ladylike, as usual.)

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing and also fairly productive. That is always an enjoyable combo.

In other news, I love my big, fat pregnant belly. My belly button (aka, the turkey timer) has just popped, and it looks oh-so cute.

Andrew also enjoys my belly.

P.Reed also has some good news he wants to share with you all...P.Reed, that's your cue.


Happy New Year, bustas!

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