December 2005

One, two, three, four: I declare a cuteness war!

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I have to say, our unborn daughter got way more loot for Christmas this year than I thought she would. She got quite a few little outfits from family members and other baby-related items. Pat's mom even made a stocking for her filled with fun goodies: clothes, baby travel items, and the softest stuffed moose ever. Even my grandma, who isn't a typical granny (um, she's just not terribly grandma-y), sent us a check for "Baby Reed" that was bigger than both of the checks she gave Pat and me! I was truly surprised and thrilled by these gestures.

I hate to seem like I'm picking favorites, but some of these baby items are staunch contenders in some kind of cuteness war. You may recall our post from 11/29/05, where we posted a picture of the ladybug boots that Taryn and Todd got us. Now, you can't deny that those are ridiculously cute. Giving those boots a run for their money, though, I present one of our gifts from Amy and Chris:

so cute

Behold: Sock Monkey booties!

Awwwwwwwwww. I'm not sure how much Greta will appreciate all of these things, but we certainly do.


Back From the MF’n Hamptons

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Happy Holidays 2005

Fran and I spent Christmas with my family in Bingo. This year, my family decided not to exchange presents. All of us are rich, fat bastards, so naturally, we already have more junk than we could possibly need. Deviating slightly from the plan, Fran and I decided that it would be fun to pick out a couple presents for each family member from the dollar store. Christmas shopping in the dollar store is quite possibly the best time one can have. In fact, there is such a wide variety of products available at the dollar store, that I am convinced that you could never step foot in any other store and still live a productive life.

Here’s the gift list:

My mother:

-Stormy Weather rain bonnets (5-pack)

-heart-shaped red lace picture frame with picture of my father and her

Mom Christmas 2005

My father:

-Last Supper mantel clock

-Jesus night light

Dad Christmas 2005

My uncle:

-du-rag (red / Bloods)

-romance novel

Uncle Frank Christmas 2005

My brother:

-wood cane with jewel-encrusted animal-head handle

-digital meat thermometer (temperature in increments of rare, medium, medium-well, and well done)

My sister-in-law:


-temporary tattoo nail art

I think everyone really loved their presents, and I can’t say that I blame them.

While we were in Binghamton, we had a chance to catch up with some of my high school friends. Saturday, we stopped by the Scott family’s annual Christmas Eve party. The theme this year was screaming-toddler invasion. Not one of my favorite party themes, but we were able to see some good friends. Here’s a picture of Emily, Tom, and Shelby.

Emily, Tom, and Shelby - Christmas 2005

Sunday, we went to a party at Sarah Harrison’s family’s house. Sarah and her fiancé, Darren, live in the UK. It had been a while since we saw them.

Darren and Sarah - Christmas 2005

Lower East Side Malt Liquor Posse - Christmas 2005

Monday, we drove to Skaneateles to celebrate J.C.’s birth with Frances’ family. The McCarthys always cook the good sh!t when we visit. Monday was no exception. In fact, I think they may have outdone themselves by slapping together an entrée of lobster-stuffed filet mignon. I did say lobster, and I did say filet mignon.

Eats- Christmas 2005

It was a great Christmas with family and friends, but Fran and I are happy to be home with our fat and annoying cats. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.


Real Baby vs. Food Baby (the saga continues)

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After dinner with my family on Monday, Phil and I compared bellies. Things appear to be neck and neck.

I am vowing right now that when we get together in a week an a half, my belly will be bigger! Muwhahaha!


2005-12-27 21:37:39

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Too tired to post. Xmas was good. Check back for a full update and to find out more about this:



2005-12-19 19:41:41

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Friday night: We had Ruth and Josh over for dinner. We just had to see Ruth one more time before she goes back to England. We had the typical olives with cheese and crackers, followed by salad, garlic bread, and some chicken concoction. For dessert, we just had vanilla ice cream with gingerbread cookies. I fashioned one of the cookies to look like Mr. Bill. Oh no! Mr. Bill was eaten.

Saturday: Pat and Cima went to pick up our crib while I baked cookies. I’m working very hard at making everyone around me fatter so I can try and blend in. I call it Operation Double Stuf [sic]. Saturday evening, Pat and I had...a date. We’re trying to enjoy as much alone time as possible before our life’s disruption comes. We had dinner at Bocaccinis followed by the movie, Walk the Line. Lovely, lovely.

Sunday: We watched Love Actually (again) because it’s that time of year and we just love that movie. So sue us. Every time I see it, I’m amazed I love it so much. We also put the crib together and got the nursery rearranged a bit. We took a very cold walk, and then went to Wendy’s for dinner, because sometimes chili and a baked potato is just plain good.

All I want to do lately is bake and eat. Tomorrow, I’ve got my glucose test to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes. This kind of conflicts with the weeklong potluck thing we’re having at work. Normally, I’d have no trouble saying no to baked goods, but I’ve just been craving sweets like crazy lately. Nuts.

Here's a great picture of our firstborn, Maynard. She's looking quite stately in this photo; don't you agree?


2005-12-14 14:36:29

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Awesome. Quick, someone remind me why I love Rochester, despite the crime, weather, and pollution.

Here are some stats from my neighborhood, which isn't even tremendeously close to Kodak Park.


Weekend update with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – I mean, Fran Reed

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This weekend was a pretty good blend of fun and productive. Starting off, Friday night, we went to get dinner at Acme with Cima. The good news is, they seem to have cleaned up the place a bit and the stench has mostly gone away. The bad news is…well, there is no bad news. Sorry to break it to you, pessimists. After dinner, we went back to our place and watched the movie Lady in White, a movie based on a local urban legend. It was pretty good (considering it came out in the 80s and was pretty low budget), but Cima made us skip a few chapters, so we really didn’t get the full experience. My friend Margaux’s dog is in that movie. Neat.

Saturday, we went crib shopping. I’ve done hours and hours worth of research and shopping for a damn crib, and we finally found one we both liked that was even reasonably priced. I’m quite relieved we have a place to put the little tyke once she arrives. After shopping, we watched March of the Penguins. Holy heart-breaking saga. I was sobbing at multiple points during this movie. Those penguins have it rough. It really makes me think my 40 week gestation is a joke.

Saturday night, we went to our dear friend Sara’s going-away party. Yes, we went to two (count ‘em, two) going-away parties this week. That’s about all the leaving this girl can handle and then some. It will be extremely sad to see Sara go, but she’s going to be closer to her family in California, so I know she’ll be very happy there. Plus, now Pat and I have a place to stay when we finally get a chance to go out to Cali. I’m disappointed she’s not moving to Compton, but we’ll swing through there on our way or something.

Sunday, we watched In Good Company. For those of you counting, that makes three movies in one weekend. I know, we’re CraZY. This movie was much better than I expected. I’m not a Topher Grace fan, and I thought he would making enjoying this movie impossible, but he not only didn’t grate on my nerves, he was actually fairly likable. So there you go. After the movie, we got a very good start on this year’s holiday card. It won’t beat last year’s card, but it’s pretty dandy if I do say so myself. Sunday evening, we went to the School of the Arts' middle school production of Cinderella, which our friend Amy did the choreography for. The costumes and set were very professional, considering it was a middle school production, but I guess that is to be expected when you shell out $9 a piece for a middle school musical. Anyhoo, other than the fact that I don’t like being in a cramped theater with a bunch of little kids (one kicked me in the neck and another I had to turn around and scorn with my mom voice), it was quite good.

As of this week, I start my third trimester of pregnancy, which blows my mind. Based on what I’ve read, I’m doomed to face heartburn, joint pain, and even more frequent trips to the bathroom. So far, my pregnancy has been pretty textbook, so I will not be surprised if it all comes true. We shall see.


2005-12-08 11:44:50

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Hmm, I lied a little bit in my last update. I fully intended on getting an update to the weekend up, but we’re experiencing a little bit of a technical difficulty with the biggest part of that update. Thus, no update for you. Hopefully soon we’ll get our act together and get it posted. I really think it will be worth the wait; it’s pretty damn awesome.

Yesterday, I took the day off of work, because I have more personal and vacation time than I know what to do with. I decided to get all of my Christmas shopping done all at once this year, rather than spending every night for a couple weeks going here and there. Survey says? Getting it done all at once is fantastic. I went with a pretty detailed list, some comfortable shoes, and a few granola bars; I left with a trunk full of merchandise and a smile in my heart. The mall/stores were actually not horribly busy yesterday. I never felt panicked or full of hatred, and I even kind of enjoyed myself. I did leave very, very, very tired. Highlights include the lunch I had at Fruit & Salad Co. (featuring the best chicken salad sangwich I’ve ever had), a nice little break at the Starbucks Company (Starbucks is bad, but their chai is delish), and the free stuff that the lady at the Clinique counter gave me for no apparent reason. Regarding the free stuff from the Clinique lady: my only guess is that she was being nice because I’m pregnant. I dunno though.

Tonight, we’re attending a going-away party for our friend Ruth. She is leaving this month to go back to England, after having come out to work on a project for Kojak and subsequently having that project cancelled. Oh, Kojak. We’re very sorry to see her go, but we’re glad we got a chance to know her. We’re supposed to bring American foods to the party, so Pat and I are bringing White Castle burgers and Budweiser. So gross, but so American. I can’t wait to see what other nasty American vittles will be there.


2005-12-04 12:47:01

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I'm a little behind on our updates. I'm going to post an update on the Park Ave Holiday festival / open house thing now, and then I'll update on the rest of the weekend either tonight or tomorrow.

Okay, so the open house thing was very fun. We first met up at Rebecca and Bryan's apartment for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. A big, fat pregnant lady's dream come true: mini quiches, wraps, cheese, pepperoni, oh my. After hanging out there for a while, we headed out to the main event. As we were filing out of their apartment, it hit me that we were a very large group, and it was going to be hard to navigate the open house and keep track of everyone. Steve was nice enough to be our "tour guide" and keep us all in line. Doesn't he look official?

We did have lots of fun, but I have to say we covered very little ground. For those of you familiar with the area, we only made it from Barrington to Gallery r, between Somerton and Brunswick. Yeah, that only comes out to about .4 miles. Not very impressive, but we did enjoy ourselves a lot and we did get to hit the places I really wanted to go to most. We got to Stever's for our free piece of chocolate, and we did briefly cross the street to hit Northfield's for the glögg. I encouraged everyone to try it, so most of the group did. Unfortunately, it got a very negative response. Okay, so what if hot-mulled wine is a bastardization of good wine? It's festive, damnit!

Here's a picture of Steve, Rebecca, and me with Tigger.

Here's a picture of Pat and Piglet. Piglet seems to have some sort of child-hematoma on him.

Here's a group shot of all of us. What you can't see is the traffic congestion we caused on either side of us to capture this photo. Must have been a hundred people or so. For some reason, I'm the only one throwing up gang signs.

Here's a picture of the nice guy who took the photo. Thanks, guy!


Ratha eat piranha from Benny Hana; Smokin' marijuana in my sauna

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I just have some random updates, thoughts, and whatnot, and I didn't get enough time logged sitting in front of the computer yet today with my eight plus hours at work. So, here you go:

  • The biggest update: we have a name for the little pup. We decided on Greta Olive. No real significance, we just really like those names. I did have a great-great aunt Olive who I hear about occasionally. She happens to have been my great-grandma Frances' (my namesake) sister, which is kind of cool.

  • I had one of my monthly checkups today, where I got the results back from the last ultrasound, got weighed, got my belly measured, and all of that fun stuff. Everything is good, good, good so far. My only concern was that I had a bagel this morning with poppy seeds on it, and every checkup they take a urine sample, so I was worried they were going to think I had been smoking the left-handed cigarettes. I can just picture it: "Mrs. Reed, we need to talk..."

  • Okay, one more baby update. So, I've been able to feel very distinct movements for the last few weeks, which is super cool. I always like to tell people when I can feel her moving around in there too. A couple days ago, I said to Pat, "She's doing the truffle shuffle in there!" To which he replied, "Quit showing off." He's just jealous he's not able grow a human being inside of him. Slacker.

  • Last night we went to Arigato for dinner with some of Pat's classmates. We've had hibachi at a couple places, but this was the first time we had it at Arigato. I have to say, I was not terribly impressed by that place - at least in comparison to my other experiences. The food just wasn't that great, and I was quite skeeved by the general dinginess of the restaurant. What was great was the company, as well as watching our hibachi chef guy consistently mess up and flirt with our friend Sumi.

  • Tonight is the annual Park Ave Holiday festival. I don't know why, but I LOVE going to this every year. It's just so fun to go out when it's cold and snowy and see so many people out and about in the neighborhood. The bad news is, my favorite part about the PAHF each year is the Glögg (hot-mulled wine) from Northfield, and I can't drink that this year, as well as the fact that there is not a flake of snow on the ground. Oh well. It'll still be fun because we're going with a fun bunch: the Rebecca and Bryan posse. Guaranteed good time.