October 2005

2005-10-31 17:16:20

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It's after 5 on Halloween and I haven't had even one piece of candy yet today. What is wrong with me???


At Least That's How I Remember It

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The taxicab was pulled over on the side of the road, and the windows were completely fogged up. From the outside of the cab, a passerby would get the impression that a teenage couple was getting to know each other behind the steamy glass, but inside there was something much more serious going on. If Enwright, the cab’s driver, had known what was in store for him that chilly October afternoon in 1976, he would have certainly called in sick from work.

Up until ten minutes prior, it had been a fairly routine day for Enwright. He had just picked up a young couple named Dave and Norma. The couple was on their way to the hospital to have their second child. They were about halfway there when Norma said seven words that Enwright will never forget for as long as he lives. Those seven words were "Pull over. The baby is coming now." He pulled the cab over to the side of the road hoping with all of his heart that he was merely the victim of a cruel joke. When he turned around to see the looks on the faces of his two passengers, he could tell that was not the case. Enwright got out of the car and walked around to the rear passenger-side door. When he opened the door, he saw that he was going to have to act fast. The baby was already crowning. Enwright knew that he would have to deliver the baby since Dave was busy holding the young lady’s hand and helping her with her breathing. The cabbie had two of kids of his own, so he was not a complete stranger to the birthing process. He told her to push and Norma screamed in pain as she did. With every push, the baby came out a little more. Halfway through the delivery, Norma sternly informed Dave that the baby would be named after her grandmother and not Shannon as they had formerly agreed on. Dave and Enwright shared a smile over this. Within a few minutes, the baby was nearly all the way out. Enwright told her to push one more time and out came a beautiful baby girl. Dave and Norma named her Frances Shannon McCarthy. Enwright never saw them again.

1976 brought us the debut of the Apple I, the introduction of Cosmic String Theory, and the invention of the inkjet printer, but my favorite thing to come out of that year is Frances Shannon.

~ Happy Birthday, Fran ~


2005-10-25 17:19:54

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We had a fantastic weekend! Saturday morning, Pat and I got up bright and oily, at 6 AM to go to Lake Placid for our friend Courtney’s wedding. On our way out of Rochester, we stopped at Breugger’s to get a couple bagels. When we were getting our food, Pat told me he had a present for me in the car. This seemed quite out of the ordinary, so I told him to "shut up." I really had no idea he was serious until we got back in the car and he handed me a wrapped gift. I opened it and found the greatest birthday gift ever: a Sirius satellite radio. Terrestrial radio is for chumps! I was soooo excited because I’ve been talking about wanting a Sirius radio forever, because I’m a huge closet Howard Stern fan, and satellite radio seems like the bee’s knees in general. It never dawned on me that I might actually get one though! I made one quick phone call and we got the radio set up, and then we spent the next five hours enjoying it! It made the long trip to Placid very nice.

Sorry for the crappy picture. And no, it doesn't play Nickelback 24/7.

We got up there just in time to get to the ceremony at the Adirondack Community Church. The ceremony was very lovely, and Courtney and her new husband, Andrew, looked so happy. After the ceremony, as we were going through the receiving line, we met their wedding party and parents. As I went up to Courtney’s mom (who I’d never met before), I started to say, "Hi, I’m Fran and this is my husband Pat..." and she said, "Of patandfran.com??" Apparently, Courtney’s mom is a fan of the site, so I want to give Nikki a big "shout out"!

The reception was at a great Mediterranean restaurant called Nicola’s. The food was fantastic. I vote it best steak at a wedding reception (sorry to other steaks eaten at wedding receptions that may be offended). Being all tired and pregnant, I was pretty damn boring that night, but I had fun watching everyone on the dance floor. Courtney and her high school friends had dance routines to tons of songs and it was ridiculously entertaining to watch. During the reception, the DJ announced that it was snowing. I thought he was full of sh1t until I saw that it really was snowing! It was great to experience our first snow of the year at such a fun event.

Here's the happy couple.

Mike and Holly were in attendance too. Don't worry kids, I'm holding a Shirley Temple.

Oh, during our time in Lake Placid, we stayed at Art Devlin's Olympic Motor Inn, or as I like to call it, Art Linkletter's Home for Wayward Boys. It was very economical and we were extremely impressed with how clean and nice it was. If you're out that way, look up our homeboy, Art.

On a heath update, my migraine stayed strong from Monday last week until Saturday night. It finally went away Saturday and came right back on Sunday afternoon. Then, on Monday morning, I woke up sick as a one-eyed dog. I think I may have gotten a stomach bug or food poisoning. I’m not blaming the reception steak…I blame the fact that I let Pat talk me into going to Cracker Barrel on the way home. The picture he took of me right after the meal is just foreshadowing, really.

I spent yesterday morning doing a fair amount of puking and with the migraine, of course. Fun times. The good news is that my doctor gave me some Tylenol with codeine and it helped my headache significantly. Yay drugs. I hope the baby likes codeine. The acupuncture appointment is Friday. I can’t wait.


Is there a doctor in da house?

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Ugg, so I've had a migraine since Monday and it's really starting to get annoying. Since I'm pregnant, I'm not really supposed to take pain medication other than acetaminophen, which hasn't even made a dent in the pain. My doctor did tell me I could take three Advil the other day, but it didn't help at all and it's not really good for the wee baby anyway, so it seems pointless to try again.

Anyone have any non-medicinal suggestions for how to get rid of a bad headache? Oh, and I can't go home and hang out in the dark because work is way too busy. I was feeling a little better this morning, but I just had a meeting, and between the fluorescent light and everyone talking, I'm reeling again.


2005-10-17 09:10:50

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Oh sigh. This weekend was way too fun, and it made coming back to work this morning way too hard. Stupid Mondays.

Thursday, Pat and I got a new camera: a Kodak V530. Kodak calls it “sleek and chic.” Say no more Kodak – SOLD! It also comes in four fashionable colors. We got ours in black. You can definitely expect more pictures on this site now. Well, at least for the next two years or so, until this camera becomes totally antiquated.

Friday night, we picked up Brette Luck and met up with Nate, Cheryl, and Joel to watch Wallace & Gromit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I’ve been a big fan of Wallace & Gromit since college, so I was really looking forward to the movie. I wasn’t disappointed by it. I mean, I actually stayed awake during it, which is saying a lot for me these days. After the movie, we went to Starbucks to hang out for a bit. I’m pretty much worthless now on Friday nights, and I was SO TIRED, so we didn’t stick around too long.

Saturday afternoon, we met up with Rebecca, Bryan, Steve, Andrew, and Paul to do some “Fall Festivities.” We first went to Whittier Fruit Farm in Spencerport to go apple picking. I was generally impressed with the place (maybe you don’t know this, but I’m a big-time apple-picking connoisseur), but they didn’t have doughnuts. We were a little disappointed by that. Sooo, after apple picking, we headed to Gro-More Farms to get homemade doughnies and pumpkins. We also went to La Famiglia for pizza (not a traditional fall activity, but it might need to become one, because it was very delicious). The rest of the group went to some dog-forsaken place in Wayne County to go on a haunted hayride, but Pat and I went home, and I took a much-needed nap.

Saturday night, we had a solo Cima come over (Amy went dancing in Toronto). We ate lots of chips with cheese product and watched Fearless Freaks, a documentary about the Flaming Lips. It was pretty good, but Pat and Cima were awfully chatty, so I think I missed a decent bit. I did learn that all of the guys in the band seem generally normal (minus one heroin addict – don’t worry, there’s a happy ending), the lead singer doesn’t seem to have a problem with Oklahoma and his white-trash past intermingling with his current life, and all the band members aged about 30 years in the last 10.

Here are the boys circa ten years ago.

Here are the boys now. (Oddly, the heroin addict aged the least.)

Sunday, I baked an apple pie and Pat made some homemade soup. After that, we watched Dickie Roberts (horrendously dumb, but funny), and then we met up with Sara L, Corey, and their pup, Stella, for a walk around Mt. Hope Cemetery. After the walk, we went to Aja Noodle for a nice, light dinner.

And now, it’s poopy Monday.


Poop, poop, poop, poop, poop, poop, poop, poop truuuck.

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Name that tune.

Okay, so things are going well for us. As of now, I’m working on a little bit of a tummy. Unfortunately, I don’t look pregnant-pregnant; I look more like a college girl that has imbibed a few too many beers and late-night meals without doing any crunches. In a few more weeks, my doctor says I will be large and in charge. Well, she didn’t word it exactly like that, but I know that’s what she meant. Three weeks from Thursday I’m going for another ultrasound. Assuming things go as planned, we hope to find out if we’re having a little Cletus or a little Crystal. We’ll be sure to update you once we find out.

I'll be sure to get a picture of my belly soon so you can check out my big, fine woman status. But for now, I leave you with a picture I recently found of myself. I call this "Baby's First Fauxhawk." I was way ahead of my time.

This past weekend we headed to the Bing-Hamptons. We specifically went so I could attend our friend Emily’s baby shower. The bonus was that we also got to see family and some friends. The other bonus is that I got to eat Nirchi’s pizza and Doug’s Fish Fry (two of my favorite places ever). We got into Bingo on Saturday and hung out with Pat’s parents for a bit. That night, the four of us met up with Eric and Tiffany for dinner. It had been quite a while since we had seen them, so it was very nice to catch up. Later on in the evening, we made plans to meet up with Avery and some other Binghamton class of ’94 folks.

The shower was Sunday morning. It was so fun seeing Emily very pregnant. It was also great to see the other gals that were at the shower. Emily has some of the nicest friends and family that I’ve ever met, and they always make me feel like family. Oh, on a random note, I met a girl and Emily's shower that I had never met before. She was extremely nice and a serious hippy. She told me, very emphatically, that I'm having a girl; apparently, she could "just tell." Well, she's got a 50/50 shot at being right. We'll find out!

This evening, we met up with one of my high school classmates, Megan. She lives in the ‘Chester too, and we’ve been in touch ever since the reunion. We had a nice dinner at Esan and caught up a bit. We have big plans to get the entire chapter of Marcellus Class of ’95 together on a regular basis.

Oh, a lot of people have been asking me if I’ve been craving anything. In general, I’ve been craving fruit like crazy. Specifically, I’ve been dying for some good apples. Danny Wegman’s does me right, but I also hope to go pick some really soon. Maybe if we end up going this weekend, Pat and I can work on some more kung-fu pictures.


2005-10-11 07:06:30

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Sorry folks, we've been a little lazy here around PnF HQ these days. I like to blame the tapeworm (aka, "Cletus the Fetus" as it was named this weekend). I promise a new post soon.