August 2005

2005-08-31 13:49:42

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We got a Roomba. You wish you had one.


2005-08-26 14:35:06

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The Slacker Semi-Weekly Journal

I’ve been a huge slacker lately, which I sincerely regret. Well, not really, but I do feel a twinge of guilt. Let’s back up the drain.

So, last Saturday, we headed out fairly early to Taryn and Todd’s in Skaneateles. They hosted a lovely six-man barbeque, featuring our good friend Jeremy from high school and his lovely wife, Carrie. Really, it was much more than a barbeque. It was actually a hotdog-tasting extravaganza. We had Nathan’s, Hoffman’s, and red and white Zweigles. (Pat and I, of course, provided the Zweigles.) Todd grilled up all of the hotdogs, and we cut them up in small pieces, I put special color-coded toothpicks in them, and I administered the blind taste test. Todd had prepared scorecards with five different categories, each with points ranging from 1-4. So, each hotdog could get a score of up to 20 points. I was slightly nervous that the Zweigles wouldn’t win, but really, my nervousness was totally not worth it, because Zweigles ended up being the clear winner (particularly, the red variety). Pat and I were very happy about that, but the Syracuse folks were disappointed the Hoffman’s didn’t score better.

After the barbeque, Taryn, Todd, Pat, and I headed out to Onondaga Country Club for our friends Kristen and Trent’s wedding. They had a lovely ceremony right outside of the club. The weather was absolutely perfect and everything was very lovely. Kristen looked as beautiful as ever.

Another notable thing about that wedding was that I saw some crazy blasts from the past, including my first piano teacher and some other people from my hometown that I hadn’t seen in at least 10 years. Like, they all called me “Shannon,” so you know it has been a long time. It was great having some QT with old high school friends at the reception, and the dinner was lovely. There was an extra dancey crowd that night too. For pretty much the first time ever, I wasn’t in a super dancey mood, but it was just fun watching everyone else.

Seriously, check out this dance floor. (Allegra: your dad made!)

And the bride and groom gettin' down.

Here's a picture of me and some of my girlz.

Here's a bonus picture. Marissa and me, and her husband, Tim, trying to look menacing. Mission accomplished.

This past Wednesday was P. Reed’s birthday. I bought him some fun, new gear and took him out to dinner at Pasta Villa. I think he enjoyed himself. Hopefully we’ll get to celebrate some more this weekend.

This weekend I’m very happy to report we have NOTHING going on. We don’t need to go out of town at all, so please don’t try to rob us, because we’ll be there, and I’ll shoot your ass.


Happy 29th, Patty!

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Here are a couple recent pictures of Pat looking handsome.

Here he is as my high school reunion right after he got done doing the running man. Hot damn.

Here he is with his mullet wig playing 2nd base during his last softball game. Double hot damn.

Love you, Patty! Leave your birthday wishes in the comments section.


2005-08-19 13:29:35

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I just realized that last post was a little heavy for a Friday. When I wrote it this morning, it was super gloomy out, but now the sun is shining. To make up for my previous doom and gloom, I'm posting this cute doggie. Enjoy.

(No, I'm not feeling schizo today - just bored.)


2005-08-19 09:19:34

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Pat and I have been watching the HBO series Six Feet Under since the pilot episode. Now it’s in its 5th and final season, with just one show to go. One would think we would be pretty bummed about it ending, but I have to say that I, at least, am feeling relieved. I feel like the writers have been almost trying to make us want it to end. This last season has included the stepfather going through Depressive Psychosis and electroshock therapy treatments; another main character going through some form of an un-medicated bipolar descent; one brother and his life partner taking on two foster children (one with some serious issues – fighting, stealing cars); a miscarriage, wedding, and new pregnancy, followed by an affair; the death of one of the brothers (my favorite character); and to top things off, the mother is annoying as ever. Claire, the youngest child, is starting to seem like she might be the “normal” one. It’s just too much product. At this point, the show is stressing me out so much, I’ll be happy when it’s done. I understand the show can’t possibly have a happy ending, but I just can’t understand how they’ll possibly wrap things up in the last 90-minute show, unless there’s a gas leak at the house and they all die quietly in their sleep or something.

Anyone else watching? Anyone else hoping to get this show over with?


2005-08-16 20:14:14

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Well, this past Saturday was my long-awaited 10-year reunion. I’ve kept in close contact with decent number of people from my class, and just recently, I’ve reconnected with quite a few more, so I was super excited to go. Plus, I’ve got P. Reed as my arm candy, so I was good to go.

My friend Allegra, who is busy getting her law degree, put together the entire reunion (with some help of course). I want to give her props, because I know she’s crazy busy and she still managed to organize a phenomenal reunion. The day started off with a picnic at Marcellus Park, where families were encouraged to attend. I was kind of amazed at the amount of children there. My class is certainly a fertile bunch. Way to procreate, Marcellus class of ’95! It was great to see everyone there.

Saturday night was the evening event that was held at the Syracuse Sheraton. I got a little nervous when I first got there and the DJ looked like somebody’s nerdy mom, and she was playing 80s music. Not that I’m hell-bent on hearing 90s music, but it does seem more appropriate for a Class of ’95 reunion. Anyhoo, I digress. The DJ did start to play some age-appropriate tunes and some more people started arriving. I have to say, everyone looked great, and pretty much the same, if not better, than they looked in high school. I was a little nervous to start talking to people I hadn’t talked to in 10 years, but once I got started, it went swimmingly. After a while, there was a slide show of a bunch of old pictures from high school (or before), and that was so cool to see. I was amazed at how many couples featured in pictures actually ended up getting married!

After the slide show, people mingled a bit more, and then a bunch of us started dancing. That’s when the real fun began. We’re talking Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses, and Salt-N-Pepa. Here’s a picture of Taryn’s husband, Todd, doing an impression of Def Leppard’s drummer. Funniest picture ever.

So, we danced a lot, people got a little crazy (in a good way), and then it was time to go home.

We spent the night at Taryn and Todd’s. The next morning, they cooked us an amazing breakfast, featuring eggs with aged cheddar, bacon, cantaloupe, and fresh pastries from Patisserie. Holy crap, they’re good hosts. We kicked around Skaneateles for a while, got a late lunch at Doug’s Fish Fry, and then made a surprise appearance at my parent’s house.

One other notable thing is that today is Pat’s and my two-year-wedding anniversary! If you’re looking for a sweet dedication to our love, you’re not going to find it here. You can, however, find it here. Thanks, Cima!


A Pictorial Tribute to the Last Two Weekends

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I had too many fun pictures to choose from, so here are a bunch. Read the below post for the text version of events.

Phil and Becky's wedding: Phil, Becky, Norma, and Dave (aka, maw and paw McCarthy)

Phil and Becky's wedding: Phil and Becky cutting the cake

Post wedding: Phil and Pat schooling a puzzle

At the Thing's: Micah multi-tasking

At the Thing's: Mike shows off his new facial hair

At the Thing's: Urban bocce

At the Thing's: Cima, Bryan, Rebecca, P.Riddy

At the Thing's: Holly and Frances

At the Thing's: The curious crutch twins

At the Thing's: Cima and Holly love pink oxford shirts and shitty teal cars

At Josh's: Ruth, Josh, and Jason

At Josh's: Nate and Joel (they're such good twins they even have matching wet marks on their shorts)

At Josh's: Pat practices his dance moves

At Josh's: Fran finds Pat's dancing infectious

In a large nutshell

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So, I know I promised a more detailed version of the weekend of my brother’s wedding, but now that was so long ago, it almost seems silly to ask you all to get back in your Delorean and travel back in time with me. It was a very important event, however, so I would like to at least mention some details about it.

Phil and Becky had a lovely wedding planned. The only invitees were the parents and siblings of the bride and groom, my brother’s best friend (Dave), and Señor Pat Reed. Pat and I were much honored to be included. Phil and Becky rented a really cool house on Mirror Lake Dr. for us all (minus the ‘rents) to stay in for the extend-o-weekend. We all got in on Friday, had a killer barbeque, and had a lot of fun (working on a puzzle, eating hot cheese, and, uh, just enjoying the house). Saturday was the big event. The wedding was at the Brown Dog Café on Mirror Lake. After the judge arrived, we all stood in a circle overlooking the lake and watched Phil and Becky take their vows. After the short, lovely ceremony, we had some great wine and food. We had the restaurant all to ourselves the entire night. It was really cool to have such an intimate affair. The following day, we walked around town a bit, hit up the Lake Placid Brewery, and just relaxed. Thanks to Phil and Becky for showing us such a great time and letting us take part in their special weekend!

Fast forward a bit to this past weekend. This is going to take 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. (I don’t know where these Back To the Future references are coming from, I swear.) Anyhoo, it was the annual Park Ave Fest. Mike and Holly were even in town for the event! Just like old times. Except not really at all like old times since I feel like we’re all getting just plain old. This was the first time in five years Pat and I didn’t have a big ripper. It was nice though, because I didn’t need to clean, we didn’t need to get a keg, and we got to just go over to other people’s houses. Saturday, we went over to the Thing’s in the afternoon. We hung out for a bit, nervously watched the boys play “urban bocce,” and ate barbecued meats. That evening, we went to Josh’s house for a bit, headed back over to the Thing’s to say goodnight, and were home by, *ehem*, 11ish. Sunday, we met up with Frank and Joyce and walked around the festival. We ate lots of nasty festival food and did a lot of nasty-people-watching.

This upcoming weekend is my 10-year high school reunion. I can’t even believe it. I’ve seen everyone who’s planning on attending and I’m pleased with the list. There are certainly people I wish could make it that aren’t going to be there, but thems the breaks. I may have an artificial memory of my high school years, but I remember us being a pretty close-knit group. I hope everyone is nice and it’s a good time. I’m sure I’ll have a full report soon!


Great news!

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Rebecca and Bryan got engaged on Monday. Henry Winkler is going to be sooo disappointed.

Congrats guys!


2005-08-02 15:06:02

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Phil and Becky's wedding weekend was fantastic. Here's a little taste of the fun that ensued.

More to come.