July 2005

Big ups to Filthy Phil and B Nasty

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My brother and his best lady are getting married this Saturday!

Sorry folks, these two are officially off the market!

Preemptive congrats to Phil and Becky! Leave your well wishes (or condolences if that's how you roll) in the comments section.


Sweet Victory

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Oh how the tides have turned. My softball team, Los Diablos, has just moved up in the ranking from last place to tied-for-last place. Last night, we dished out a severe beatdown to the Stokers. We mercy ruled their asses with a 24 – 9 victory, but we let them play the last inning anyway since we are a charitable bunch. It was our first taste of victory, and that sweet taste made the pain of our seven previous losses go away. Our number-one fan (Fran) and the Diablos celebrated after the game with a few beers.

Here are a few picks of the team from a previous game so you can get a feel for the rath of Los Diablos.


2005-07-17 10:16:11

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It’s already Sunday again. I don’t know where the time goes!

This past week we had some fun functions to attend. We kicked things off with trivia night at the Old Toad on Monday. Nothing is as devastating to your ego as the Toad’s trivia. Seriously, if you’re feeling a little big for your britches, take yourself on over there for an intellectual beatdown. Let’s just say the questions are a little hard. Tuesday, we had Pat’s softball game. Mike B came in as a sub to help out. He did a great job (as did Pat), but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to win the game. A couple people didn’t show up, literally at the last minute, and so they were down to nine players. Next game they’re gonna win! Wednesday, we hung around the house and caught up on some things. Thursday, we attended a Kodak function at the Pelican’s Nest. It was an organized ISTCD (Pat’s class) reunion of sorts. We enjoyed some food and beverages, and we listened to the irritating sounds of the calypso band. Hanging out with Pat’s crew was great; they’re a really fun bunch of people.

Friday night, we met up with Kevin and went to the Old Toad, where we met up with (and/or ran into) a sundry of people, including but not limited to a ton of my co-workers, a ton of Pat’s co-workers, Joe, Chris, and Amy. We hung out there for a little while, but we had bigger fish to fry that night. We had plans to take Kevin to the BOD, and take Kevin to the BOD we did. It was actually quite uneventful, but like pizza, even when the BOD is bad, it’s good.

Saturday, Chris and Amy scooped me up and we went to the market. We got our empanadas at a different place this time, and holy mother of empanadas, these were so ridiculously good. We also got these pastries that are the Mexican equivalent to a cheese danish, and those were so very good too. Saturday afternoon, Pat and I met up with Steve, Rebecca, and Bryan, and we headed over to the Highland Park area for the Pride Parade. Mayoral hopeful, Bob Duffy, was walking in the parade and we were there to walk with him. We had the best time. It was great meeting Bob; he really seems like a genuinely nice guy, as well as having some refreshing ideas. We got a great response from the crowd, with few exceptions. It was so exciting; I actually felt kind of like a rock star via proxy.

That evening, Pat and I regrouped and went out to Mex to celebrate Amy’s birthday. We also stopped down to the Toad, where I snapped the only picture I took all weekend. Behold: a spectacular mullet.

This picture in no way does the real thing justice, because I got nervous and did a horrible job taking the photo. The mustachioed man had ridges shaved into the sides, above his ears. A rare specimen, indeed.


2005-07-14 11:01:50

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Pat has today off from work, so I'm hoping he'll take a few minutes to post and udpate. Will he? The anticipation is killing me.


2005-07-10 22:17:25

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My Summer Vacation by Frances Shannon Reed I

So, I had this past week off of work, which was highly enjoyable. Here’s an abbreviated (yet long) version of the events that occurred.

Friday (last week): Kicked things off with a karaoke party at Marcel’s. It was terribly fun. Amy and I sang Baby Got Back, and then Pat and I sang Paradise City. Pat also did a stirring rendition of In the Ghetto. It was quite hot.

Saturday (last week): We went to the market early in the day with Chris and Amy. Later that night, we went to a barbeque at the Jane/Food Mike/Ian abode. Food Mike made his killer burgers.

Sunday: Pat and I did some stuff around the house, and then we went over to Chris and Amy’s for a fabulous dinner. They made a salad made from purchases from the market, as well as some delicious eggplant, homemade sauce, and pasta. So good. We also played some crazy game called Forbidden Bridge (that’s right, I played a game!), and then we went to Prepps (that’s right, I went to a bar called Prepps!).

Monday: During the day, we went to Home Depot and got a bunch of stuff for our bedroom. Later that evening, we had an impromptu barbecue at our house with the Things, Rebecca, and Bryan. We also went over to Steve’s to sit on his roof and watch the fireworks.

Tuesday: Pat and I had a lovely lunch at Shiki (best Japanese in the Roc), cleared out our bedroom, painted the ceiling, put a coat of paint up in the closet, painted some other stuff, and took down the heinous ceiling fan.

Wednesday: Pat went back to work. I painted the closet shelves, put a coat of paint up in the bedroom, went shopping for a birthday present for my mom, cleaned my car, and went grocery shopping.

Thursday: I drove out to Skaneateles for my mom’s birthday. I took her to lunch at a great place called Elderberry Pond. The owners have an organic farm on the premises, the food is picked the day it’s prepared, and the owner’s son is the chef. It was definitely the best food I’d had in a long time. I also cleaned out some junk from my parent’s attic and drove home. Pat and I put another coat of paint up on the bedroom ceiling and walls; later that evening, we hung out with Jamie and Kirsten at his place. More roof fun ensued.

Friday: I did some more touchups in the bedroom, put another coat of paint up in the closet, did some laundry, and tried to clean up some of the mess we’ve been making the last week. We also started to put up the new ceiling fan. It looks hot, but the receiver for the remote and wall switch is too big, so it’s going to take some more fandangling (no pun intended).

Saturday: We took a day trip Ithaca with Kirsten and Jamie. We hiked all around Buttermilk Falls for a few hours, went into the Commons, had a lovely “linner” at a really good Mexican place, and headed back to the ‘Chester. Pat and I freshened up and headed out to Mex. We met up with Brette and Nathan for a bit, and then headed home.

Sunday: We took a trip to Home Depot for one more item we needed to put up the new ceiling fan, Pat successfully got that up, I put on the last coat of paint in the closet, and we got our bed and stuff back in our room. I can officially say I’m wicked sick of painting right now. We also stopped by Don J’s (our old apartment) for a beverage and caught up with him for a bit.

I’m surprisingly not dreading going back to work too badly. I say that now, but check in with me about mid-morning tomorrow and see how I feel then.

Here are some pics of the new room. It’s still a work in progress. We need to paint the trim in the closet, get the quarter rounds down, and get new drapes/bedding, etc.

I hope you all have a great week.