June 2005

Quite possibly the best weekend so far in 2005

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I just had the best weekend! I'm really sad it's almost over, but I'm glad it was a good one. Last weekend was pretty much a dud, so I'm glad this one worked out better.

Friday night we went to Chris and Amy's apartment-warming party. Amy made lots of delicious food and Chris was rockin' the margaritas. I vote it tastiest party of 2005. Nice work, guys. We had after-hours at our new friend Jamie's place. He's in an apartment on the top floor of the Village Gate (sooo close to us) and has full use of the Village Gate's roof. I had more fun than I can remember having in months. Hanging out on the roof and looking out onto the city really reaffirmed my love of Rochester.

Chris loving his new blender as no man should.

Hot picture of Amy appropriated from her site.

Pat loving a margarita as no man should.

Franimal and K-money on the Village Gate roof.

Saturday, Chris, Amy, and I headed out to the Rochester Public Market. I usually get a little overwhelmed at the market, but I was all about it this time. We got the most delicious empanadas, talked to some locals, and bought lots of produce. I got a ridiculous amount of strawberries for $4, which I'm going to use to make jam. (Place your orders now 'cause there will be plenty.) I also got some plants: peppermint, rosemary, and catnip.

After the market, we went over to Amy's parent's house to swim. It was the perfect day to enjoy the pool. After all that time in the sun, Pat and I got a little tuckered out, so we decided to spend a nice quiet night at home. We had some dinner, and then watched Dark Days and Saturday Night Live.

Today, I had to make up for some of my recent lack of productivity. I planted the above-mentioned plants, cleaned, went grocery shopping, went shopping for canning supplies, and nutsed around with some other stuff around the house.

I hope everyone else had an enjoyable weekend and got to experience summer appropriately. I don't know about you guys, but I'm demanding more weekends like this one. Thanks to all who made my weekend so great!


2005-06-21 11:31:41

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It's the longest day of the year; use it wisely and report back.

Oh, and don't believe everything you hear!


Too busy for words

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Things have been crazy busy lately - at work and at home. Well, first it was too hot to update, and then I was too busy to update, and Pat is too lazy to update. All of those things combined equals no posts in a long time.

I really don’t even know where to begin. I feel like so much, yet so little has happened. I’ll do my best to summarize.

So, last weekend was really, really, really, really, really hot. Like, at work, I keep track of the temperature in Rochester and in Chennai, India, because we have workers there, and it was only 5 degrees warmer in Chennai than here. It was so hot that our home computer sounded like it had a lawnmower engine in it, and just sitting there, I was sweating like some type of athletic person. Anyhoo, it was really hot and about all I could do was sit on the couch spread eagle and watch movies. (A lovely vision, I know.)

Tuesday was Pat’s softball game. I’ve been to the last three games, and I’m surprised to find I really enjoy watching them. It would be even better if they actually WON a game though. (Love you, Patty!) They keep getting beat by these old guys too. I mean, I’m talking bald guys with knee braces and beer bellies. Apparently the old guys just want to win more. I have a good feeling about the next game though. The scores get posted in the D and C the following day, so if they win, I’ll post on the site.

Wednesday I went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Kirsten. Kirsten, I hope you don’t mind me telling the world you saw that movie. I’ve got no shame, so I don’t care who knows I went to some cheesy girly movie. The movie was actually good though. I was expecting a feel-good teenie bopper movie, but it was actually a bit of a tearjerker. (Tearjerker is one of my top five least favorite words. Tearjerker.) I had no idea I would be crying during the movie, so I left the theater with snotty sleeves. (Another lovely image…I’m full of ‘em today.) Kirsten and I definitely bonded over that movie. Never forget the pants; the pants are magic.

Thursday we had our first installment of the Miami Vice viewing at our house. We had some of Pat’s classmates come over to watch the first episode. It was, um, good. Not really. It was pretty awful, but it was fun hanging out with everyone. I have to say that I don’t understand what the allure with Don Johnson was back in the 80s. All I kept thinking while we were watching is that he is so gross. Really. Gross.

Here's a picture of Cheryl, Nathan, and Josh enjoying Miami Vice. Nathan pictured with Pat's Joe Dirt wig on.

Tonight we’re looking forward to my cousin’s graduation party and our friend F. Charli’s birthday party. Woop there it is. Thought ya knew.


A pictorial tribute to Cima

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Tomorrow is Chris' birthday, and I know I should wait until his actual birthday to post this, but I just couldn't wait. Now go play Kenny Rogers' Through the Years on your iPod, tape deck, human beat box, or whatever, and then scroll through some pictures of our dear friend Chris.

Happy 35th birthday, Cima! You don't look a day over 37.


Ryan and Makiko's wedding

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Yesterday was Ryan and Makiko's wedding. It was at the picturesque Bristol Harbor. Everything was absolutely beautiful.