April 2005

Toronto, IKEA, and Getty [sic] Lee

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This weekend we took a trip to Toronto with Chris and Amy. The weather was pretty damn miserable the whole time, but we made the best of it. We basically walked around a lot, shopped, boozed, ate, boozed, walked, ate, shopped, walked, ate, and listed to Rush - in that order. What else does one do on a trip?

Saturday, we spent a lot of time on Yonge Street doing some of the aforementioned items. We eventually took the subway around to another part of town (approaching China Town), and hung out there for a bit at night. Strangely, we ended up at what we were calling the "Canadian Mex." It was so Mex, but in Canada, with $5 beers. The highlights of the evening include: poutine (which almost turned me vegetarian again), singing about nachos to the tune of Welcome to the Jungle, and Canadian street meats.

Sunday, we got up, walked around the city a bit more, tried to find Zach Braff (because he was in Canada too, and Canada's real small), and went to IKEA. Now, people had told me we would spend "hours" in IKEA, but I was by no means prepared for what a shopping safari a visit to IKEA really would be. Good gravy, we spent 5 hours there. I mean, we ate 2 meals there, for Pete's sake. It was great. I mean, I've never been known for my keen speaking skills or classy demeanor in extraordinary circumstances, but I was just dumbfounded the whole time we were there. I don't think I ever finished a complete sentence, or thought, for that matter. I would start to speak and then just trail off. It was crazy; I loved it. It was like the mother ship landed, and it was filled with trendy furniture and Swedish meatballs. We bought a lot of fun stuff, even though the exchange rate is atrocious right now. I definitely feel like we got hosed in that respect, but it was worth it, nonetheless.

In other news, even though the weather is lousy, our yard is looking great. We have so many flowers blooming. I love coming home every day to see what bloomed. It's great having an instant garden.

Check 'em out.


Living in the Past

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Is it too late to talk about this past weekend when it’s Thursday? Yes. Well, it’s that or nothing. How do you like dez?

So this past weekend, Pat’s parents came out from the Bing-Hamptons for a visit. Pat’s dad had made us a super fly Adirondack loveseat, so they brought that out with them. We had a nice lunch with the fam, hung out for a while, and then we took Pat’s parents out to dinner at Acme. For those of you familiar with Acme, you may realize that it’s probably not the first place you’d think of to take your parents. Well, much props to the Reeds for being cool enough that Pat and I would even consider taking them there. We got some burgers and beverages, and then went home and watched a movie.

Sunday, we had the ‘Micatas over for a BBQ, and then we went back to Acme. That’s right, Acme twice in one week. That’s all circa 2000 for us. It was like old times.

Monday, well, Monday is kind of a blur. I don’t remember what happened.

Tuesday, we had dinner with the ‘Micatas at California Rollin’. We got lots of sushi and $1 Sapporo. (Aka – the Budweiser of the East.)

Nothing notable happened Wednesday.

Tonight, we watched a documentary about the band Wilco, called I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. I’m actually not a big fan of watching documentaries about bands. I like to think that who a person is doesn’t really factor into how I should feel about their music, but somehow it always does. Without fail, I always end up hating whatever band’s documentary I watch. Wilco’s documentary, however, was not half bad, and in fact, I not only enjoy their music, but I can even at least somewhat respect them as people. Even when they were at their worst (in the film), it wasn’t 1/100th as bad as those bitches in Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. Although, I’d like to state for the record, I didn’t like Metallica before seeing that movie, but now I pretty much despise them. (But I will always have a special place in my heart for some early Metallica. Don’t act like you don’t!)

This is the most boring update ever. Sorry, I’m all out of material.


It's news to me. Har!

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Okay, so I didn't even realize that there were 11 whole Mad Max fans in the world.


It's 1 AM. Do you know where your can of Endust is?

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Aw nuts. I was doing so well last weekend being fun. But this weekend, no such luck. It's 1 in the morning on Friday night (well, Saturday morning), and I just found myself in the bathroom, standing on the sink, dusting the light fixture.

Last weekend: tearin' it up until 5 in the morning. This weekend: dustin' light fixtures. I'm very versatile; that's just how I roll.


A long-overdue post

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Sorry it has been so long since the last good, solid post. Things have been busy at Casa de Reed. Most notably, we had our first barbeque of the season this past Tuesday. We went all out with steaks, chicken speedies, tons of veggies, Dino beans, etc. It was great kicking off the beginning of the BBQ season with Rebecca, Bryan, Chris, Amy, Scott, and Dr. JD “James Dick” Phillipone.

Oh yeah, and Pat grew a beard. I love it. It's so hawt.

Friday night was the best, longest night ever. We started things off with Chris, Amy, and Chris’ friend Alex at California Rollin’. Leave it to Americans/Rochestarians to completely bastardize sushi. It was so good though. We got tons of food, and very little of it was true sushi. The best, by far, was the deep fried rolls containing tuna, covered in Dinosaur BBQ sauce. Man alive, that was good. Next, we went to Martini Grille for, you guessed it, martinis. After that, we went to Mex for a few cocktails. There, we met up with a few of Pat’s classmates, and ended up at the BOD. See, Pat’s friend Josh’s girlfriend was in from Long Island, so of course we took her to the BOD. It’s like those Olive Garden commercials where the guy says is uncle is in town from Italy and he just had to take him to the Olive Garden. Makes sense, right? Anyway, we had after-hours at our place, and didn’t get to bed until after 5 AM. It was like old times. Needless to say, the next morning, we felt a little rough around the edges.

Saturday, we watched Sideways. I know people have been going nutty over this movie, but I have to say, I HATED it. When I originally saw the trailer, I thought, “Oh my, a dude feel-good movie. I don’t want to see that.” But I didn’t think the movie looked particularly offensive – just not very good. It got great reviews, however, so I decided I would give it a try. I thought the characters were totally unlikable, the plot was ridiculous (like those two guys would actually be friends in real life), and I just thought it glorified behavior completely devoid of morals and intelligence. Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox now.

Saturday night, we went to Kevin and Lara’s for Kevin’s 30th birthday party. There were tasty beverages, tasty foods, and I only made an ass of myself once (that I know of). At one point, I was walking through their kitchen and I accidentally stepped on a heating grate. I had heels on, and one of my heels got wedged into the grate. My shoe was stuck in there for a good five minutes, and I turned real red, and they had to bend the grate to get my shoe out.

Yesterday, we went over to the B’s for burgers, bocce, and badminton. We also had steaks and hotdogs, but that would have ruined the alliteration of the last sentence. The weather was above 60, and I got way more exercise than I’m used to. I was all crazy gym class warrior, and today I’m sunburned and sore. We had a great time though. We beat them at bocce, but they spanked us two out of three games of badminton. I never thought we’d get beat by the Bs. I swear, they must have been practicing this winter.


2005-04-04 05:30:51

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Q: How was our weekend?

A: Stupid, dumb, cold, wet, and stupid.