March 2005

So haaappy

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Miraculously (much like the immaculate conception of baby Santa Claus), Pat and I finished our guest room in time for Kensey and Tim's visit. We were still touching it up an hour before they arrived, but the important thing is that the room was done. Of course, the paint was still damp and the paint fumes were plentiful, but I'm sure they barely noticed.

Pat and I are really excited with the outcome of the guest room. Here are a few pics of the end product.

We had a great time with Kensey and Tim. We didn't do anything too crazy. In fact, our weekend could easily be summed up as follows: eating and movie watching. I'm still getting over the amount of food we ate. I'll be doing a few extra crunches this week to get back to my normal svelte self. I even had to wear "forgiving" pants yesterday, and towards the end of the day, my zipper broke. That right. My zipper broke. Apparently, it couldn't take the added stress of my extra caloric intake. Or, perhaps the two things were unrelated; the world may never know.

We're kind of taking things light this week in the Reed homestead. I'm really just enjoying the nice weather this week. It has been close to 50 every day so far this week, and signs of spring are popping up all over. We have hundreds of flowers starting to sprout. So far, one Lily of the Valley [Editor's note: As noted by Lavery, it's actually a Snowdrop] and a handful of Crocus have bloomed. Since this is our first spring in our new house, it's going to be super exciting to see what types of things bloom.


2005-03-27 09:25:49

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Bizarro Friends



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I'm sure you're all just dying to know what happened with the new paint job in the guest room. Of course it doesn't translate as well in a photo, but we're pleased to present our new and improved green color.


It's bright and cheery without being in your face and nauseating. Well, it may be nauseating to some, but Pat and I thoroughly enjoy it. Oh, and don't mind the three-tone trim; that's going to get painted over tomorrow.

Okay, go back to your own lives now.


2005-03-24 11:56:52

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I have lots to say, in general. (In case you didn’t know.) I have been backing off on the updates to give Pat a chance to redeem his slacker status, but no such luck. It’s like Pat has better things to do. Pshaw.

This past weekend was fun, with the exception of the Syracuse loss. I’m not quite ready to talk about that just yet though.

In other news, Pat joined a band on Friday and had his first gig with them on Saturday. The entire story surrounding this band-joining and subsequent gig is actually so bizarre and long, I wouldn’t even know where to begin telling it. All I can say is, Pat’s new band is an Irish band, and before Friday, Pat had never even played Irish music. Not only that, but the gig was for an American Diabetes Association benefit, which was advertised on the news, and thus they had quite a large audience. God bless Pat for being the type of person who would be confronted with that scenario and say, “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Anyway, Pat’s new band is super cool and I loved watching them play. They’re kind of a motley crew (not a Motley Crew cover band, unfortunately), but they make it work.

Sunday, we had a belated St. Patrick’s Day celebration with Chris and Amy. I made a traditional Irish dinner, which kind of looked like cow tongue surrounded by vegetables. It was damn tasty though. We whooped it up about as much as is reasonable on a Sunday evening. There were even Black and Tans, as well as Bailey’s milkshakes. Woot!

This upcoming weekend, my best friend from college, Kensey, and her husband, Tim, are coming to visit from New Hampshire. Pat and I are super excited to have them out, and even though we had months of notice, we’re still totally not done with our guest room. We have lots of excuses, but what it really comes down to is this: we’re somewhat lazy, and our house is all effed up and lumpy. We spent days and days just sanding. We’re so behind on the room, I actually took the day off yesterday to work on it. I did the first coat of paint and was a little nervous about the color, yet hopeful that it would work out. Pat and I did the second coat last night, and when we woke up this morning and looked at it, we decided we should try a different color.

It’s back to H Dizzys for me and my paint samples. We were going for a bright celery green and we ended up with neon 80s green. It’s so bright, if you’re looking down the hallway perpendicular to the room, you can actually see a green glow radiating out of the room. I’m so not even joking. We could leave it that way, but I don’t think we’d get too many repeat guests, unless we gave out protective eyewear at the door. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to get the room done before Kensey and Tim arrive. Luckily, Kensey and I were roommates back in college so she knows what a true slob/slacker I really am; I don’t even need to put up a front for her. Yay!

So, Pat, if you’re out there reading this, feel free to add to this or write an account of this past week’s events.

Much love,


Happy Two-Year Meativesary to Me!

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That’s right, folks, two years ago today I hopped from the vegetarian wagon right on to the gravy train. It was the most delicious decision I ever made. I’d like to thank corned beef for making it all possible. I love you, corned beef. Cudos to me also. I couldn’t have done it without myself.

Who could resist this paradise in a can?

In addition to this being my two-year anniversary from being a dumb-etarian, it is also Chris Cima’s mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, Nancy. Chris, don’t forget to call your mom this year, okay?


2005-03-11 06:50:41

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Okay, so Pat has been making bold statements for the last month or so that he's "done writing blogs." I kind of thought he was bluffing, but as I was going through the archives, I noticed that Pat hadn't posted anything since February 6th. My first instinct was to give Pat some good old-fashioned tough love, but then I thought, in this instance, maybe Pat needs some good old-fashioned gentle love. So, unless you want this here website to turn into the Fran one-woman show, I suggest you give Pat some big ups in the comments section of this here entry.



What the?

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2005-03-03 14:30:05

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Things have been busy lately and I’ve been feeling unproductive - not a good combo. I’m hoping to rectify that soon. With Pat and me both being sick recently, productivity has gone down the tubes. We’re still working on the house and stuff, but just much, much more slowly. This past week we worked on the office some more. We painted the heating grate, painted and put down quarter rounds, and put together our new fancy desk. It’ll be really nice when the office is done, since right now, we’re working with a sub-par setup. Currently, the printer and scanners aren’t even plugged in, the computer is on a drafting table, and we’re using some chair my roommate from seven years ago found on the side of the road as our computer chair. No lie. Don’t fret: we bought a new computer chair too, and now we’re mixing business with leather*. The new leather chair is so big my feet don’t even touch the floor. I mean, it’s so big that Jared could have comfortably fit in it before he went on the Subway diet! Once we get it all set up, I’ll be sure to post a picture.

In other news, I decided to take a six-hour driver safety class (by choice). It’s being held at my workplace and we got a deal on the course itself. I’ll get a decent break from my collision insurance, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I haven’t taken one of these classes since I was 16. So far, the course isn’t too bad. At least the instructor is entertaining. He is a retired cop, and he used to teach police officers defensive driving. Mostly he has a lot of anecdotes. I’ve sat through three hours of the course so far and already heard way more gory stories than I thought I would. I’m intrigued to hear what other stories he has for us tonight. Seriously though, this guy has some great scare tactics. One woman was so upset by one of his stories she got up and announced that she had to leave the room. Good thing I’m hard as nails.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Your car's on fire.

Your car's on fire who?

Dude! Your car's on fire!

On that note, it’s almost time for me to go to my class. Have a good weekend and drive safe.