February 2005

The Seven Year Itch

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Seven years ago today, Pat and I went on our first date. We went to see the Wedding Singer and then went to Perkin's. It was no frills, but what do you expect? We were poor college students.

I wouldn't have even remembered except my mom sent us an anniversary card. I thought it was so nice of her to remember.

After the first date, we were both only mildly interested in each other. Somehow we fell in love, stole a cat, and got married.


2005-02-22 11:03:53

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Hoi, hoi.

I’ll post pictures later tonight, but this was the best I could do on my lunch break.

I had a nice extend-o-weekend this past weekend. I was getting over a pretty nasty cold, but I didn’t let it slow me down too much. In fact, productivity has been at an all-new high at pnf.com HQ.

Friday, Pat and I watched the first three episodes of Joe Schmoe, courtesy of Netflix. Holy cow, that show is great. In a nutshell, it’s a reality-type show, but there is only one “real” guy, and then the rest of the characters are actors. It’s very Real World meets Big Brother (not that anyone watches Big Brother). After watching the third episode, we were definitely hooked. A few of the actors were actually crying because they felt so bad about messing with the real guy’s head. All I can say is, I hope that poor bastard is well compensated for in the end – at least enough to cover the cost of the psychiatrics he’s sure to need.

Winter Fest 2005

Saturday, we did a little shopping, and then went to Winter Fest 2005. What is Winter Fest, you ask? Well, Pat’s classmate, Josh, threw a party…a festival of winter, one could say. I knew there was going to festivities outdoors, but I never thought people were really going to be hanging out outdoors. Oh, but I was wrong. I have to say though, even though I was not really prepared to spend hours outside, and I kind of hate the outdoors, I really, really enjoyed myself. I believe I was the only gal there with a Banana Republic purse, new Seven jeans on, and pointy-toed shoes with a kitten heel. I definitely should have worn a different ensemble, but what are you gonna do? Festivities included: two big fires, beer pong, ice bocce, fireworks, a keg, lots of food, and some icy booze concoction. Food Mike, Chris, and Amy showed up later on in the night, and the five of us went to Park Bench for a drink, and then we ended the night at Food Mike’s. Food Mike was working on his own winter festival of sorts, which consisted of un-icy Guinness ice cream. I did not partake in that, but I did partake in clean, dry socks and a tour of his and Jane’s new house. I have to say, I’m a wee bit jealous. It’s definitely better than ours. They better watch their backs though, ‘cause ours is getting better every day.

Sunday, we made a trip to the Home Depot, and then finally completed the dreaded task of running cable into the office. Pat and I had been kicking dirt about how to do that for months. We finally bit the bullet and drilled a hole into the side of our house, cut the cable that ran under the outside of the office window, spliced it, and ran it into the office. I say “we,” but I actually mean Pat; I just watched and nervously bit my fingernails. The good news is we now have working cable in the office. The bad news is, the stress of drilling a hole through the house and watching Pat up on a ladder shaved a few months off my life.

Yesterday was a paid company holiday for some reason. I usually don’t get those weird little holidays off, but I got Presidents’ Day off. I don’t want to rock the boat, so I don’t ask. I ran around doing a bunch of errands in the morning, got groceries, made some soup that Pat originally asked me to make three years ago (I hope it was worth the wait), and put a coat of paint up in the office. The room was originally a sickly mustard yellow, and now it’s a very bold dark brown with kind of a greenish undertone. It’s a very handsome office color.



And now, a special message from the beef counsel...

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Beef, it's what's for dinner, bitch.

Yesterday was a lovely day. First, I heard that my least favorite co-worker is leaving. I don't know how she pulled it off, but she got a job elsewhere. I heard the place she's going to is very strict in comparison. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she won't promptly be fired from there and have to come back. I know it's a really bad policy to talk about work on your website, so I'll leave it at that.

As of yesterday afternoon, I still didn't have a Valentine's gift for Pat. I was kind of worried about that, but luckily I came though in the end. I was wracking my brain all day and finally it hit me. I was going to get him a dozen long-stem roses, but then I decided to get him a dozen long-stem tasty beers! Beers of the World is right nearby where I work. That's just a super cool store. Even before I started drinking, I used to like going there just to walk around and see how many cool beers they had there. You can buy single beers there, which is super cool, and they're all organized by region. I ended up picking out 12 different beers I thought Pat would like - some based purely on their labels, and some based on my knowledge of tasty brews. Pat seemed very excited by his gift.

Pat's gift to me was an outfit from Express and a Bright Eyes CD. Nice work, Patty. He also made a lovely dinner: filet mignon, mashed potatoes, asparagus, salad, and bread. The best part was he served dinner with sparkling red wine since I'm on the wagon. I made us crème brûlée for dessert. It was a great dinner. The best part is, Pat bought five pounds of filet since it was more economical to buy it in bulk. That's my man.

In other news, I kind of feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I'm usually pretty sickly, so it's pretty amazing I haven't had a real cold yet this winter season. I've just been trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I'm gonna drink some of my magic sicky tea out of my magic sicky mug and hope it goes away.


2005-02-14 08:07:36

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First, I want to say that this is the best I could do in five minutes at work with Microsoft Paint. Second, I am in no way saying the Thing's love is at all merely sisterly or incestuous in any way.


This one goes out to Nurse Tiffany

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Sumpin. Ahahaha.

So, Friday night we had no real plans. We hadn't seen our friend Don J in a long time, so we gave him a call and asked if he was interested in going with us to MacGregor's. He said he would definitely be into that. What Pat and I didn't find out until later, was that he had plans with two of his other buddies and he ditched them for us! Now that's the kind of special treatment I can appreciate. We scooped him up and headed to the bar. We were there just a few minutes when we ran into our friend Veno's friend, Rob Jones. Rob Jones said something like, "Oh, so Vienneau should be here any minute." and Pat and I were like, ja? We had no idea V and his best lady, Mary Ann, would be in town. It was an interesting group: Pat, myself, Don J, Veno, Mary Ann, Rob J, Rob J's new girlfriend, Rob J's ex-girlfriend, and Rob J's ex-girlfriend's new fiancé. What? Exactly.

Saturday, we kind of picked up the house, changed a light fixture, and nutsed around for a bit.

V and Mary Ann popped by and we hemmed and hawed for a bit, and then went to lunch to Dinosaur BBQ. DELICIOUS. I ate an entire half of a chicken and all of my sides. I was so full it hurt for a few hours. It also kind of ruined our appetites for the dinner we had planned with Cima and Amy. Oops. Anyway, Pat and I rallied and made it out to the Distillery for dinner. (Yeah, we really "took one for the team" by going out an eating another delicious meal.)

Chris' new work friend, Chad, came out to dinner as well. He's super cool. If Pat and I gave out awards to our friends, he would definitely at least be nominated for Best Newcomer. We all went back to our house and hung out for a bit. Ray made a cameo appearance as well. We watched the good parts of Far Out Man (there's only like, two good parts), Amy beat the sh1t out of Ray (in Ray's defense, Amy fights dirty), we ate cookies, I served Franimakazes™, we listened to Ween (of the Chocolate and Cheese variety), and we ended the night at our home away from home, the BOD. (Yup, that makes two times in two weeks. Oh my.)

Today is all about newspaper reading, cereal eating, trim painting, pizza ordering, and Carnivàle watching. The perfect Sunday.


2005-02-09 19:28:53

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The Lean Cuisine commercial that never made the cut

Tonight, for dinner, I had a plate of fried foods and some lead paint chips for dessert.

Even though Pat and I are running low on food right now and are sorely due for a trip to Wegman's, I was willing to play lazy susan roulette and whip something up out of some found food items. Pat was not feeling as adventurous; he wanted to get takeout from Sticky Lips BBQ. I complained that the food there was too unhealthy, but I agreed to get takeout from there 'cause I'm a good sport. I stood and looked at their menu for a solid ten minutes, and then made the choice to get the fried catfish and share an order of fried green tomatoes with Pat. When I got my food from the styrofoam containers onto my plate, I realized that, considering I was worried about eating unhealthy food, I probably could have at least not gotten an entire plate of fried food. Sigh. At least I'm skinny.

By the way, catfish is gross. Even ensconced in batter, grease, and cajun tartar sauce, I could still taste the fishiness. I'm actually surprised I even ordered it. Especially since catfish was the secret ingredient on last week's Iron Chef America, and the catfish the chefs were given to cook with were still alive! The chefs just chopped their whiskery heads off right there and the bodies were still flopping around as they were being filleted.

Tonight, I started painting the trim in the soon-to-be office. I opened one of the windows and found lots and lots of cracked, peeling, old paint. With the knowledge we have of the affects of lead paint on children, I was astounded at my find. Particularly since, as I said yesterday, this room was a child's room previously. Um, it's called a gallon of paint and a couple hours of your time, people. Is it too late to call child protective services on their asses? Seriously.

Oh, that's some sweet crackle paint affect there. Is that Ralph Lauren, you ask? No, it's authentic. Here's an action shot of me painting. Hotcha!



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Notice: Pregnant women, the elderly, young children, those prone to seizures, the faint of heart, and clean freaks should read no further.

Okay, so I just started to do the prep work for painting the trim in what is going to be our office. Previously, this was some ratty little kid's room, so it's already kinda gross. Additionally, we did the cutting for our flooring in this room, so it's kinda nasty due to that too, but still. I just wiped down all of the trim so it would be clean before I started taping off and painting the trim, and look at how gross the water is! This sponge shows how nasty it was after just one swipe off the top of the door frame.

Not only am I going to burn the sponge, but I'm also going to go burn my hand. Excuse me.

As a side note, at least you get a nice close-up of our new floor. Nicey. Check out that handsome fake wood grain.


“Lighten up, Francis”

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Warning: Long, rambling, downer blog. You might wanna just skip this one.

I really don’t have much to say. I just thought I’d say “hi” (hooray for speech therapy) and whatnot. I’m hoping this steam of consciousness type thing will work out for me.

I’ve been told the saddest movie ever is The War Zone (based on a discussion that took place a while back on this here website a few months ago). I feel like I’m going to take people’s words on that, because I hope I will never, ever see that movie. I was only somewhat surprised to hear a movie could affect people so deeply. Pat and I recently got The Pianist from Netflix. The funny (strange) part about it is, Pat asked me if I wanted to see The Piano and I said, “Um, okay.” So, I thought we were going to be watching The Piano, which is a completely different movie than The Pianist. Anyhoo, I figured it out a couple minutes in when I didn’t see any trace of Holly Hunter, and the movie clearly took place during the 1940s rather than the mid-nineteenth century. The truth is, I never wanted to see The Piano anyway.

I have never seen The Piano, and that movie has always made me shudder to think about. Why? Well, when that movie came out, in 1993, I was a little pink-haired video store clerk living in a very rural town in central New York. There was a family in the town that made regular trips to the video store; they were in at least three or four times a week. I always thought the entire family was extremely nice. In fact, they actually stood out to me as what I would consider an exceptional family. One particular day, the husband and wife came into the store without their daughters. For the first time ever, the husband wanted to see one movie (I can no longer remember what that movie was) and the wife wanted to see another movie (The Piano). They actually had a really mini, very quiet tiff in the store. I thought it was very uncharacteristic for them. They ended up renting The Piano.

That night he murdered his wife. I highly doubt the two things are related, but in my mind they always will be.

Also, for the record, people hardly ever get murdered in my home town. There was the one I mentioned, in 1993, and then a girl from my high school (a year older than me) was murdered in 2003, and that’s been it for about a gazillion years.

So, getting back to The Pianist – Pat and I started it on Sunday and haven’t finished it yet. I guess the point of my story is that, even though The Piano makes me sad just to think about (for the reason mentioned above), I have found that The Pianist is probably even more depressing. I watched the hour plus that we saw so far with a permanent wince on my face. I can’t even believe any human could treat any other human wish such complete and utter disrespect. Further, I can’t believe the travesty depicted in that movie was only 60 years ago. It makes me want to bitch-slap Prince Harry with my own bare hand.

In my high school, the event we spent the most amount of time covering was the Holocaust. The thought that other schools may glance over this like any other event in history, or the though that some dumb kid wouldn’t understand it makes me want to cry uncontrollably.

Whew! So this is a big downer for the likes of pnf.com. I tried stream of consciousness and this is what you got. Hopefully if I try this again in the future, I’ll come up with something a little more cheery.

On a lighter note (seriously, no pun intended), Pat and I replaced a ceiling fan / pull-chain light fixture with a lovely, understated normal light fixture. We used a remote-control light switch to avoid the hassle of having to bust through plaster to run the wire. (We were able to just put one hole in the wall rather than three.)

The light switch itself has a 9 volt battery in it, and there is a receiver that is attached to the fixture itself. When you press the button on the switch, PRESTO, light! Rrrrrroooock!


Just in time for Valentine's Day

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I know I posted this site as a "Link of Interest" around this time last year, but I had to post it again. Why? Because I have a very simple sense of humor and this slays me. Just a warning, this site is not so safe for work.

If you're going to buy one of these, you should probably just buy two. (Keep one at home and another in a safe deposit box.)

Oh, and while you're at the site, be sure to spend some time on the About Us page. Of particular interest, click the HQ link.

Loves it.


2005-02-06 20:35:05

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Oh damn. I bet you thought I was going to slip up and take the Sabbath off, didn’t you?

Last night, we had dinner at Cima and Amy’s place. After dinner, instead of watching a movie or killing a hobo, we went to the legendary BOD. We hadn’t been in a while and there was a new set of talent working in there. I have to say, they were much better than the last bunch. I think they might have started posting positions on Monster.com. Perhaps the BOD is on the up and up.

Today, Fran and I painted the ceiling in our soon-to-be office (aka the technology center of our house). We used that magic ceiling paint that goes on purple and dries white. I can’t figure any other way to explain it but magic. We also put up some classy blinds downstairs. If anyone has been shopping around for mauve blinds, I could probably hook you up. We also removed one more ceiling fan monstrosity from the house (only two more to go). Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful day. I’ll make sure to make tomorrow’s post a little more exciting.

-Pistol Pat Reed