December 2004

2004-12-25 13:09:22

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I know you if you all knew this, but Cima is a "morning person."

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Cima and I used to work together, and we had a bit of a joke. I usually would get in between 8 and 8:30, and he would usually get in between 9:30 and 10:30. He will try to tell you differently, but he's lying. Anyway, every now and then, he'd have to get in early for something and he'd get there before me. I would usually find a post-it note on my desk saying something like, "Fran, please see me. We need to talk." I would go over to his desk and he'd give me a nice, fatherly lecture about the perils of being an early riser.

Well, Cima has been taking what I'll call a little bit of an extended vacation for the last six months or so. During that time, I've been lucky if I could get him out of bed early enough to meet myself and other work folk for lunch. The tides have turned though. Cima found work. Here's a little IM conversation we had bright and oily this morning.


2004-12-14 10:36:31

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What's better than Prozac? Amy B's cookies. Well, I've never actually tried Prozac, but that's my uneducated guess at least. She and Chris came over last night with her delicious chocolate chip/coconut/oatmeal cookies, some roses, and a very nice note. It was so nice of them. I'm so lucky to have them as friends. Pat was helpful too. He kept asking me "Are you still depressed?" every hour or so. : )

I'm feeling much better today. I just thought I'd let everybody know.

Speaking of happy, our friend Peter (happiest guy ever) is in Japan for work. He found a snack named after me! Here's a picture.

So, why did the Japanese name what appears to be a chocolate breadstick ensconced in chocolate after moi? There's your answer, fishbulb.


Still down about "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott

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Right now, I’m in what one would call a funk. It doesn’t happen often, and it doesn’t usually last very long, but when it does happen, it sucks. It makes me very sympathetic to people who suffer from depression on any kind of a regular basis.

This weekend was filled with fun things, but I just didn’t particularly enjoy myself. I mean, it definitely had its good points, but I just kind of felt crappy overall. For example, our friends Michael and Melissa had the most wonderful holiday party last night. They decorated their house beautifully, made the most wonderful homemade foods, had spiked eggnog and Shrinky Dinks, and all I could do was sit on the couch and feel like I was going to cry. I felt like such a jerk. The good thing is, like I said, I know it will pass soon. Enough about that.

Friday night, we finished up our painting job in the front room. It’s a lovely olive green color. I think most people probably wouldn’t like it that much, but Pat and I love it. Once the trim gets painted and we replace our horrendous mauve blinds, I think things will be looking really good.

Saturday, we got ready for our out-of-town guests. Vienneau and Mary Ann got in to town in the afternoon. We watched the most horribly depressing movie I’ve ever seen, Happiness, which could definitely explain how I’m feeling right now. It had everything: suicide, pedophilia, murder, sexual dysfunction, Russians. Am I missing anything? After the movie, Frank and Joyce came over, and we all ate ourselves silly. I was happy everyone enjoyed the food. There’s not much I enjoy more than cooking and stuffing people. Later on, Cimcata and Amy made an appearance.

Sunday, Patty and I had a nice day. We watched 50 First Dates, which was very funny and sweet. After the movie, we put on some R+B and made some food (Pat made some food for a holiday work function he’s going to, and I made Chex Mix just because). There may or may not have been dancing.

Sunday night, like I said, we went to Michael and Melissa’s. They are my new heros. They have an awesome house, a fantastic son, two adorable cats, and great hair to boot.

Now I’m at stupid work. But I’m not bitter.


2004-12-10 15:16:19

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This is the most fun game I've ever played. I got this off our friend Melissa's live journal. I just played a bunch of rounds and I can't stump it.

I guess I'm going to have to get a little craftier with my people. So far it guessed Dr. John Dorian from Scrubs, Doug from King of Queens, Rudy from the Cosby Show, and Chris Elliot from Get a Life.

One other fun thing to do with this is to answer the questions as if they're about yourself and find out what tv character you're most like. It told me I'm Esther from Sanford & Son. Who??


I never thought it could happen to me

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It’s that time of year again. Work gets totally insane because everyone is trying to get as much out the door before the year ends. However, it’s the holiday season, so they try to pack in fun stuff, which really means you slack off for a few hours here and there, while a horrendous pile of work is accumulating for you. Anyway, that’s work right now.

Last night, I made “Dutch Leek Casserole” in an attempt to get rid of some leftover leeks and potatoes. (Really, I did not make this dish up; I got it from an actual recipe site.) The recipe called for a jalapeno pepper. I had always used canned jalapeno pepper, but I decided to get a real one this time. I had heard many times that when you cut up hot peppers, you should wear gloves because the oil would seep into your skin. To that, I said, “Pshaw!” The entire rest of the time I was cooking, every time I licked my finger (I never realized how much I lick my fingers while I cook - don't worry, I also incessantly wash my hands when I cook) I would make a noise like I was in agony. When I touched my lip, it hurt. At one point that night, I blew my nose, and then my nose hurt. The worst came later. I went to put my contacts in. OH MY GOD. Lesson learned: I’ll never cut any kind of hot peppers without gloves again.

Last night, we also painted our second room. We really like the color of this one. I’m so relieved. It’s kind of a kaki green color, and I know green can be one of the trickiest colors. If I ended up with sea foam green, I was going to rage. We’ve got the get a second coat up tonight, and then we still need to do the trim. Is it a bad sign that I’m already sick of painting and we’re only on room #2?

This weekend we’ve got a John Raymond Vienneau and a Mary Ann coming to visit. They’d better watch out or I’ll hand them paintbrushes. I think Vienneau even worked a summer doing painting…yes, that’s perrrfect.


Some holiday cheer for that ass

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On Sunday night, Frances and I put up our Christmas tree. For once in our lives, we planned ahead and bought an artificial one during the 2003 post-Christmas sale at Walmart. And get this, it only cost us $17.00. I don't want to brag. And I don't want to rub it anyone's face, but if you paid over $17.00, you got screwed. You should have made your way to Walmart, dodged the crater-sized potholes in the parking lot, fought your way past the sale-rabid child beaters, and grabbed the Christmas tree box that looked like it fell off the back of a truck at 70mph, but you didn't. So now you're fucked. But seriously, Fran and I are really excited about it. It's our first full-size tree and it looks nice. Here’s a picture for your bemusement, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Our first Christmas tree

In other news, today was my last class until after the holiday season. I'm pretty excited to have a little break from spectral reflectance curves, matrix transforms, and CIE standard observers. The only bad thing is I won't have the "I can't do anything tonight. I have homework." excuse to use when people I don't like invite me places.

In even other news, I haven't been sleeping very well lately. The children keep waking me up at 4 in the morning; Maynard with her cries and scratches of hunger, and Ruby with her incessant desire to play. Even after I boot them out of the room, I can still hear them outside and I stay awake wondering if the fat one is clawing the couch or if the skinny one is trying to break into the room to jump on my head. As I lie there looking at the clock, knowing I am not going to get back to sleep, the rage builds in me. Then, my alarm goes off and I get really pissed. I get out of bed and I’m about ready to start making d-CON meatballs, but as I open up the bedroom door, there they are like two little angels and I forgive them.

DCon Meatball - Teaches Bad Pets


I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, but I’m like hot butter on breakfast toast

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I think I’m going through a quantity, not quality phase. Anyhoo, I have a bit of an anecdote.

So, I can only assume that, judging by the amount of hansom people that read, you guys all probably get modeling offers all of the time. I can’t speak for Pat, but I can say I don’t get modeling offers very often – twice total.

The first time, Pat and I were in Ithaca and I was in a clothing store. I noticed the girls behind the counter looking at me kind of funny, and by funny, I mean weird. Then, one of them asked me if I would be interested in doing modeling for their website. (Note: I’m having a really hard time keeping a straight face as I write this.) I said “No thanks.” and mentioned we were in from out of town. I looked up their site and it was mad weak. I would have fit right in. As a side note, neither of the girls working at the store looked anywhere near legal working age.

The second modeling offer came in yesterday. Ehem. So, I don’t know how many of you guys know about My Space. It’s like Friendster, but better. Anyway, I’ve got a profile up there. I got a message from a photo student at RIT. She explained that she and two of her classmates are doing some cosmetic adds for a photo project they’re working on. She asked if I’d be interested. I would like to state for the record that she sounded very sincere and it did not sound like any kind of mass request thing. Really!

A lot of thoughts went through my head. Obviously, I was flattered. Who wouldn’t be? Then, I did a bit of a question/answer session in my head.

Are you skinny? Check.

Are you blond? Check.

Are you a natural ham in front of the camera? Well…Okay wait, are you a ham in front of the camera after a couple cocktails? Check.

Do you have a peaches and cream complexion found in high-fashion magazines? NEGATORY!

Sigh. I responded by saying I am always up for supporting the photo student cause, but I didn’t think I was their “gal.” Damn, my chances at being America’s Next Top Model dashed.


More drivel about things that probably interest only me

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Well, the Syracuse basketball season is underway. Last night, they crushed St. Bonneventure in a 91-67 victory. In today’s Rochester D&C, it said, "It marked the 30th straight college basketball victory for Syracuse (6-0) over teams from New York state and sent the Bonnies (0-4) to their 21st straight road loss." All I can say about that is, ouch! I almost feel sorry for the Bonnies…like I feel when I see a one-winged fly. I mean, it’s almost sad that they continue to try. God bless ‘em. Since Erik T may be the only one enjoying this commentary, I’ll move on.

Last night, we went over to Cima’s to watch Lost. That show continues to bend my brain. I’m really intrigued to find out what the heck is happening on that island, but I’m not sure how they can let us in on that without completely ruining the show. It just seems like, once they let the cat out of the bag, the show will have jumped the shark. Two animal-themed colloquialisms in a row? That's one too many. Sorry.

Tonight is the Park Ave Holiday event. Snow is predicted for this afternoon. I hope some snow sticks or it won’t be the same slushing down Park Ave. However, I won’t have a flask tonight either, as I did previous years, but I guess that’s okay. Change is good?

I’ve been tickling the ivories pretty much every free chance I get. There are some really great sites out there dedicated to putting up free piano sheet music. Of course, I am not trying to ease back into things with anything simple. No, I’m trying to play Chopin preludes with five flats or four sharps. When I finally got up from the piano yesterday, I was actually dizzy.

Well, that’s it and that’s all. Sorry for the weak update.


It’s a sad day indeed.

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I had heard rumors that Ken Jennings was going to lose on Jeopardy! last night, but I must have been in denial, because I watched the first half of last night’s show and then I turned the TV off. I didn’t find out until this morning about the loss.

I’m actually a little too sad to talk about it. Well, not really, but the subject is kind of exhausted. He was the bee’s knees for sure, and now I will go back to not watching Jeopardy! like I did before he went on the show.

In other news, Pat and I have a new addition to our family. It’s a boy! Err, I mean, it’s a piano!

It’s the piano I picked out when I was growing up. My parents even made me foot part of the bill for that thing when I was in my early teens (or maybe younger?). I have to say, I am super excited to have it. It has been in storage the last three years, and I was quite worried about it. Surprisingly, it sounds great; it’s just a little dusty. I was busting out some old favorite tunes last night and I’m really terrible. I’m hoping I can get a lot better soon, or Pat probably won’t be too thrilled with me.

It’s really not a pretty piano by any means. In fact, I remember when my parents and I were shopping around for a piano. My mom showed me a catalog and I was like, “That’s ugly.” I went and tried it out though, and I loved it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best piano I’ve ever played. It is ugly as sin though.

Maybe I’ll write a ballad for Ken.

PS - I'm very overprotective of my piano (other than the whole letting it sit in a warehouse for three years thing), so if you think you're going to come over and hammer on it, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.