November 2004

2004-11-30 20:17:29

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As most of you already know, we just came back from the Bing-hamtons, where my pseudo 10-year high school reunion was held. It seems that there was initially a lot of interest in the reunion, but it turns out people were writing checks with their mouths that their asses couldn’t cash. Hardly anybody bought a ticket, hence the cancellation of the formal reunion and the scheduling of an informal gathering at a bar downtown. The cancellation of the formal reunion bummed me out a little bit. I figure, if we can’t get our shiznit together after only 10 years, the chances of us have a 20- or 30-year reunion are slim to none.

I have to say, I was a little anxious on my way to the reunion, but I had a great time once I got there. It’s a funny feeling knowing that you are going to see people that you haven’t talked to in years, or ever, for that matter, but everyone seemed to pick up right where we left off. In fact, people didn’t really seem that different. Everyone even looked pretty much the same. I just kept imagining that everyone would be big, fat, bald fatties, but that was not the case at all. Oh well, what can you do? All in all, it was a great evening. I saw some friends and reconnected with some people who I had lost touch with. Plus, I got to show off my hot piece of ass of a wife to all the ladies that wouldn’t date me in high school.


Busier than a witch’s…

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I’m going to let Pat write a blog and fill you in on some of this weekend’s details, and I’ll do the same. It was really, really action packed and definitely necessitates two updates.

Wednesday night, we drove to my brother’s house, and then Pat, Phil, Becky and I went to Clark’s Ale House to meet up with Taryn and Todd. We ate beef on a weck, I drank enough water to hydrate me for a week, and we took some classic photos. Allegra was supposed to come meet us out, but she didn’t; Allegra is dead to me now.

Thursday, we woke up bright and oily, and we went to my Aunt Janice and Uncle Howie’s for the annual McCarthy Turkey Bowl. The weather was really pretty crummy. After the game, we drank champagne, ate food, and sat around the bon fire. Most of the McCarthy family stayed at the horse barn and ate their dinner, God bless them. My immediate family ate dinner indoors. We had a great time eating, joking around, and drinking fantastic wines. (Oh yeah, I know I said I stopped drinking, but I hopped off the wagon when my dad busted out the wine. In my defense, they were seriously good wines.)

Friday, we went to my old high school friends Jordan and Chris’ house. They just moved back to the bustling metropolis that is Marcellus (where I grew up). I finally met their son Joey and saw their new house. We had a really nice time catching up. Since I’m negligent, I don’t have pictures of little Joey. We then drove down to Binghamton.

As I mentioned previously, this weekend was Pat’s fake 10 year high school reunion. I’ll let Pat tell you more about that. I really just want to share one story from the night. Okay, so first we met up with some of Pat’s friends at this East side Binghamton towny bar called Froesin’s Café. Don’t like the “café” part fool you; this place is scummier than a frat house’s bathroom. Anyway, there was this crackhead-looking lady sitting at the bar, and for seemingly no good reason, she took her full can of beer and crushed it, causing its contents to spill out all over the place, including our friend’s leg. Then, she got up, clearly irritated, stumbled out of her chair, shoved some guy, and then disappeared at the back of the bar. Ten minutes later, three cops come in looking for her, they talk to her for a while and then…AND THEN, she starts singing karaoke. The woman never missed a beat. However, she was a terrible singer, but that’s neither here nor there. There are too many good pictures from the night. I'll have Pat add more, but for now...

Saturday, we had a nice breakfast with Pat’s parents, hung out for a while, and then had lunch with Pat’s brother and sister-in-law. After lunch, we just kind of decided to head home. (Originally, we were going to come home Sunday.) It didn’t sound like there was much going on that night, and I had the raging desire to go home and paint (long story). So, we got home, regrouped, and went to Cima’s. We watched the tail end of Trekkies (fantastic) and then watched Red Dawn (best movie from the 80s).

Today, Pat and I did indeed paint. We picked out a kind of army green color for our family room and this kind of muted mustard yellow for the living room. We’ve just painted the living room so far, and we’re not sure if we like it or not. At first we both hated it, but now I think it might be growing on us.


2004-11-27 18:16:05

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2 Years of Bloggin

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

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This week is pretty much the exact opposite of last week; I've been super productive. In fact, in the last two days, I've watched less than one hour of television, which is remarkable for me. I usually watch a sickening amount. It's really actually embarrassing how much I watch. That's all changing though. Wanna know why? Because I'm turning into a craft lady. No joke. A month ago I would have scoffed at the idea of taking part in the making of any craft, but now I'm turning into a regular Martha Stewart. Minus the jumpsuit, of course.

I would love to tell you about my recent craft projects, but first of all, that's not entertaining whatsoever, and second of all, they're Christmas presents, and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

A lot has changed in the last few months. First, we pretty much almost never go out-out now. We'll hang at people's houses or have a couple people over here, but Pat and I are not even really interested in the bar scene anymore. In fact, we went to Mex on Friday and had a pretty wretched time. (No offense to the people we were with, it was just really crowded and loud. Wait, did I say that? I'm so old!) Second, I quit drinking, for now at least. After I woke up naked in an ally, I decided it was time to quit. Just kidding! It wasn't anything like that. I just kind of quit. That's it and that's all. Im just saying, it's amazing how much you can accomplish when you're not nursing a hangover (and how much money you save). Third, I discovered my love of crafts. Check out my new crafting mentor, Shirley.

I hope I'm not disappointing any of you. I still aim to provide exciting updates, even if I have to make them up.

Pat and I are looking forward to our breaks from work. We're having Thanksgiving with my family, and then we're going out to see Pat's family. His ten year reunion was supposed to be this upcoming weekend. Pat had a huge graduating class, but unfortunately, not enough people signed up and paid for tickets, so it got cancelled. Cheapskates didn't want to fork over the $30. A ton of people are going to be around though, so we're planning a bit of an impromptu reunion. I don't get to wear a pretty dress, but at least we'll get to see some old friends and hopefully I'll meet some more of Pat's high school acquaintances.

Pat and I absolutely love the Photoshop images you guys have been submitting via the comments section. Please keep 'em comin'.

Happy turkey/stuffing/squash day and to all a good night.


2004-11-21 17:11:56

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I made some improvements on the comment section that I hope will make the site a little bit more fun. Any website referred to in a comment will automatically be linked now. I also made it so you can add an image to your comment. I hope that we can get some Photoshop wars started up in this piece.


Crazy, but that’s how it goes…

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I know, I know – we’re way late with this latest update. We had visitors from Saturday afternoon through Tuesday morning, and as much fun as it was, it was also kind of a lot of work getting everything “ready” and then entertaining. So, for the last few days, Pat and I have been very, very lazy. Well, I’ve been lazier than Pat, but who’s keeping track really?

So anyway, Saturday, Ma and Pa Reed came out for a visit. We started things off with a big home-cooked lunch and a tour of the new homestead. After lunch, we went out to Webster to go see Pat’s grandparents. We had a tasty dinner at MacGregor’s, and then we went home and watched Love Actually. I have to say, the movie was very good. (I know you think I love every movie I see, V Murder, but this one really was good.) The previews made this movie look awful, so I had low expectations, but it really was quite good though - not your typical sappy love story. The plot was really involved and there was a lot of rye humor throughout.

Wait – is it "rye humor" or "dry humor"? George Ford, I expect you to let me know in the Comments section. Oh wait, George is out of the country. Perhaps someone else could answer my question.

Sunday, Pat and I cooked a big breakfast, and then we walked around our neighborhood a bit. The Reeds left, and then I promptly started cleaning again in preparation of Taryn’s arrival. Her parents dropped her off later that afternoon. Hanging out with Taryn was great. She went to her interviews, and she seemed to like two out of three of the places she interviewed. She is also interviewing in Syracuse, so I was trying to make Rochester seem really exciting. I’m don’t think I succeeded. Other than her getting food poisoning (I’m really hoping it was from the banquet she went to on Sunday night and not anything I gave her), things were pretty low-key.

Taryn left Tuesday morning, and since then, I’ve been very, very, very, very, very…very lazy. That is to say, I haven’t done a damn thing. I think I made dinner one night and I think I may have put some dishes in the dishwasher, but that’s about the extent. Some weeks, one just needs to boycott physical activity.

This weekend, we’re hanging out with Rebecca and her new posse, having grandma-style dinner at Pat’s grandparent’s, hanging out with the ‘Micatas (I hope), stopping by Sara Arnold’s b-day party, and hopefully I’ll be baking like a fiend in preparation for Thanksgiving.


2004-11-11 12:13:23

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Not a lot to say. Just wanted to give a shout.

One exciting thing is that Pat and I are going to have guests this weekend! The outlaws, err, I mean, the in-laws are coming this weekend – my in-laws, I should say. Ma and Pa Reed are coming Saturday and staying through Sunday. We haven’t seen them since we went out to their camp to visit them this summer, so we’re really excited to see them (that’s not to say we aren’t normally excited to see them). We don’t have an awful lot planned for when they come out, so if any of you have good ideas for what we can do, please feel free to give your suggestions in the Comments section. Pat’s mom is originally from Rochester, so the typical Eastman House-type event is probably out. So far, Pat’s dad has just expressed that he wants to go to a bar. That’s easy enough. Now, if Pat and I only knew where there were some bars around here…

The Reeds are not our only guests this weekend. Taryn, my best friend from high school, is coming out Sunday later on in the day and staying until Tuesday morning. She has interviews at Strong, Eastman Dental, and Rochester General. She’ll be finishing up dental school soon, and since she’s a glutton for punishment, she’s looking to do an additional year of schooling. I will be SO RIDICULOUSLY excited if she and her husband, Todd, come out to Rochester for a year. No pressure, Taryn.

Editor's Note: See how much fun we have when we're together, Taryn? I would have used the picture of us from senior year in high school where you're dressed up like a meatball and I'm dressed up as a chef for our senior "float," but I would have had to scan it, and our scanner doesn't currently possess the capacity to scan.

We’re trying to get the house in tip-top shape before everyone comes out to visit. Anyway, we’ve been pretty busy with that, but not as busy as we probably should be. For example, we went over to Cima’s last night. He and his lovely lady, Amy, made the most wonderful veggie chili. At first I was like, “Yo, Goober, where’s the meat??” and I was thinkin’ that chili was kinda healthy, and then I saw all the fixin’s there were to put in the chili. So good. Anyway, we hung out, ate, and then watched Lost. Thanks to Cima and Amy for having us over. Chris, maybe next time you can fix the audio on your TV so we don’t need to read the show, eh?


2004-11-07 17:26:47

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In case you couldn’t guess, I’ve been quite dismayed by the election results. I read one story about how, if you were a Kerry supporter, Kerry losing to Bush could feel like the loss of a loved one, and that the normal grieving process could be in order. In most circumstances, I would think that was a lot of bologna, but I actually do feel like I’ve been going through that, on a small scale. I’m in the anger phase right now. I wish Kerry had made things a little more convincing. I definitely feel like the biggest thing he had going for him was that he was the only alternative to Bush, and not an awful lot more. I wish he could have been a little more compelling in his arguments. I’m going to leave it at that.

Friday was pretty low key. We just went over to Cima’s to watch a movie. We didn’t have any real plan. When it came to picking a movie, nothing seemed all that exciting. We ended up watching 12 Monkeys. I hadn’t seen it since it was in theaters. Other than falling asleep during the middle of the movie for an undetermined amount of time, it was great. I had forgotten how absolutely amazing Brad Pitt was in that movie. Pure genius.

Saturday evening, we went to a party at our friends Greg and Kimmie’s house. They just sold their house, so they had a “Goodbye Ghetto” party (they currently live on the West side, but they’re moving out East, baby!). Even though I have warrants, we decided to go. We brought our gats and we were all set. We stayed there for a few hours, and then headed over to Rebecca’s. The Drs. Thing and Rebecca’s family were there. We just hung out, listened to some old school rap, and Erik T made Rebecca's cat his bitch.

Today, we worked on the house quite a bit. The highlight was we replaced two hellatiously crappy light fixtures with super cool light fixtures. The first replacement went swimmingly. We had previously replaced one other fixture, so we pretty much knew what we were doing. The second fixture was a little more difficult. It was actually a monstrosity of a ceiling fan and boy, that thing was up there good. It took quite a while to get it down. It turned out the outlet thingy holding it up was freaking nailed to the ceiling, with three-inch nails. Pat even broke our perfectly good Dollar Store hammer trying to get it down. He ended up having to use a crowbar. No joke. We finally got the new fixture up and it really classes the place up.


The Stupids Step Out to the Polls

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Did anyone else ever have any of The Stupids book series when they were a kid? I’m not sure how we got it, but when my brother and I were growing up, we had a book called The Stupids Step Out. It was one of our favorite books. It details all of the stupid things this family does during a day together. Later on in life, my brother discovered The Stupids Die. In this one, someone turned off the lights, and the family was so stupid, they thought they were all dead. Kind of twisted for a little kid, but entertaining nonetheless. It may explain some of my sick humor; like the time I laughed when that guy on Alexander street got stabbed in the hand.

Anyhoo, standing in line waiting to vote this morning, I felt like I was living in a Stupids episode. The Stupids Step Out to the Polls. I was actually surprised some of these people had the mental capacity to understand how to register, formulate an opinion on who they want to vote for, find the address of their assigned polling place, and then pull the lever in the voting both. No, actually, I give mad props to anyone who voted today…but some of them did seem kinda dumb.

Pat and I got up bright and early today to go vote. We had heard horror stories about people waiting in lines for five hours during some of the pre-voting this election year, and we wanted to make sure we wouldn’t have to miss any work or anything. We got to the place (the United Way on College Ave.) just before 6 am. There were maybe a dozen people in line ahead of us. As it turned out, the Kokomo Joe (term our friend Rebecca’s mom uses to describe a shady guy) who was supposed to be at the United Way building by 5:30 am didn’t show up until 6:30 am. Then, it took a while for everything to get all set up. It took about an hour all in all.

There were some pretty entertaining people in line. I was amazed at their energy levels at that hour in the morning; they were so hyped up, I would swear they just got out of a spinning class or something. They were so incensed that the guy who makes $10 an hour for the United Way wasn’t there right at 5:30. A bunch of them were on their cell phones calling news stations all over Rochester. I’m actually surprised you haven’t heard about it already…I’m sure it's on the front page of the D&C.