October 2004

Happy Halloween Biatch!

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For Those About to Rock...

Damn, the old lady and I had another stellar weekend. Friday night I took her out for a nice dinner at the Rio Bamba, because I’m a high roller and she’s a fine piece of ass. I had the Pan–Roasted Filet Mignon with Twice-Baked Truffled Fingerling Potatoes, and Frances had Roasted Turkey stuffed with Confit of Turkey Leg with Sweet Potato Risotto and Cranberry Puree. In other words, she had turkey-stuffed turkey. The best part of the meal was when they brought out a "gift from the chef" to whet our appetites. It was a small plate with three fancy looking finger foods that had fancy names that I can not remember. I can sum them up as a potato chip with crabmeat on it, a slice of cucumber with cream cheese on it, and a stale piece of bread with salsa on it.

Later on that night, Cima and Amy came over to hang out and watch a movie. We selected American Psycho. The movie itself was not the best, but I did enjoy the main character's deep insight into several no-talent musical assclowns from the 80s.

On Saturday, Fran and I had a pretty relaxed day. We recently started watching the series 24, so we checked out a couple of episodes. We’re pretty big on using our Netflix account to catch up on television series that we missed out on. Around 6:00 PM, John "V Murder" Veno and his lady, Mary Anne, stopped by for a short visit. They were in town for a party, so they graced us with their presence. It was good to see them. Later on that night, we went to Dave and Jen’s Halloween Party. They had sent us an invite a couple of weeks back and they do it up right. There was an entire agenda on the invite. They had a best costume contest, a pumpkin-carving contest, a donut-eating contest, and a spider hunt. I have never received an invite with an agenda on it, but I liked it. I think that I may start taking the same approach to parties as I do to meetings at work – No agenda, no attenda. Yours truly took first place in the donut-eating competition. It was a speed contest to see who could eat six donuts (two plain, two powdered, and two chocolate coated) the fastest. I felt like puking about five donuts in, but I held it together. I never thought I would have been able to do it, but my bride never gave up on me. It was reminiscent of Rocky II. My Joe Dirt costume also nabbed me 3rd place in the best costume contest. Fran was a roller-skating waitress. I was terribly worried about her, because she hasn’t skated in years, but she did just fine. Cima was the entire Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Amy was the Hamburgler.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Hamburgler and Waitress

Today, we went to the in-laws to celebrate Fran’s birthday with family. Now we’re going to finish out the rest of the weekend with a little televisle. I’ve got the week from hell coming up at work. I am trying to figure out my voting strategy for Tuesday. Does anyone have any experience with how crowded it is at 6 AM?

Don’t break your toof on no candy.



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Has anyone else heard about how the outcome of the Redskin's last home game before a presidential election has correctly predicted the winner of the election since 1936? Yup, that's right. For the last 15 elections, if the Redskins won the home game prior to the election, the incumbent stayed in office, but if they lost their home game prior to the election, the incumbent party lost.

Holy crap, I never cared about sports until now! (Except for Syracuse basketball - Go 'Cuse!)

The last home game for the Redskins is this Sunday against Green Bay. Someone just told me Green Bay is very good. Hallelujah! Go Packers!!!

Check out more interesting tidbits about this subject at Snopes.com, a trusted source for debunking or validating urban legends.


Our Weekend Part II

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Our weekend didn’t stop at Saturday morning, no it did not. Okay, Saturday during the day was pretty much a complete loss. I had one high-priority task planned, and that was to take a nap. I never did end up getting that nap. I did, however, pick up the house, watch Party Monster, and showered. By the time I had done those things, it was almost time for our friend Brooke to get into town. She and two of her friends came to town from Syracuse to go see Joe Dirt, err, I mean, David Spade. We grabbed dinner at Jine’s, met up with Rebecca and Erik, and then headed over to RIT for the show.

Rebecca has connections at RIT, so we got some super-fly seats all close to the front. We were total VIP. Both David Spade and the dude who opened for him were really funny. Pat, Erik, Rebecca, and I all decided we could totally be friends with DS. He seems really down to earth, and it would be neat hanging out with him, because it would make me feel tall.

After the show, we headed over to the Ritz (on campus), as there is a sports bar in it now?? Yeah, things have changed since Pat went to RIT. We watched a couple hours of karaoke there, which was fun and awful at the same time. I feel like karaoke is this voyeuristic-type thing. I want to watch, but I feel like it’s invading someone’s personal space. Speaking of lip-synching, after the show, we went to Rebecca’s and watched some Saturday Night Live. We totally saw Ashlee Simpson blow it, and then attempt to blame it on her band. Uh, yeah, your entire band and the voice track were "playing the wrong song." Way to try to throw them under the bus, you no-talent ass clown.

Sunday, we watched Secret Window, which was mediocre. In the evening, we headed over to Dr. Al’s for some very tasty BBQ. I ate so much it hurt to breath. He made ribs, chicken, these amazing bacon-wrapped mushrooms, and succotash. There were also potatoes and this phenomenal cheesecake. Christ on crutches, it was good. After dinner, we headed over to Scott’s to watch Saved! with him and Cima. That movie was surprisingly good. Mandy Moore was even good. I think she found her nitch – the "crazy fundamentalist" girl.

Tonight, Rebecca’s taking me to Outback for my birthday dinner. Ring a ding dong! 28’s great! (Oh yeah, I got over that turning a year older thing. Way to cope, Frances.)


2004-10-23 08:20:16

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How do I feel right now? Like crap. How does my kitchen look? Like a complete disaster. How does that speak to my birthday party and the after hours festivities we had last night? It was friggin' awesome! (To be said in the voice of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)

Thanks to all of you who stopped out last night to make my 28th birfday party at Mex a really fun one. Unlike the last three years, I didn't dominate the room, but that didn't matter to me this year. Hopefully that means I'm becoming less uptight in my old age. As with every year, there were some no-shows. My shitlist is as follows: Bob D, Sara A, and JD "Dr. James Dick" Filippone. Just jokes; that's only the short list.

Here are a few pics.

No seriously though, it was lots of fun. I drank Yuengling with upside-down labels all night long. Not sure what was going on at the factory the day these beers were labeled, but I think it's safe to assume that their quality control operator at the time was doing a little too much of the tasting portion of the quality process and not enough looking-at-the-bottle portion. Irregardless, it was delicious.

So, people pretty much came and went all night. At 1:30 or so, we headed back home with Cima, Ellen, and Ray. We ended up hanging out until the wee hours of the morning, boozing (Ray was so wasted on orange soda), playing guitar, and watching volumes 1 and 3 of Girls Gone Wild. Why? Because we could.

Tonight, our old friend Brooke is coming into town and we're seeing David Spade. He played Joe Dirt. Best. Movie. Ever.

And now, for your moment of Zen.


2004-10-20 13:56:45

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Halloween is right around he corner and I don’t have an outfit yet. I figured that majority of our readers are in the same situation, so I set out to look for some ideas on the trusty internut. Here are some of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2004.

First, I found the Martha Stewart cut out mask thanks to our friends at Forbes. There’s no doubt that this will be a popular Halloween costume this year.

Click for full size version

If you want to look like somewhat of a badass, this spandex Daredevil suit may be for you...

...but, if you want to look like a super badass, then the Heavy-Metal-Ninja-Battlecat look is where it’s at. It seems to be very popular on the Internet, so don’t be alarmed if you are not the only ass-kicking feline at Halloween party. Band with the others and form an unbeatable super team of half man / half cat warriors.

Warning: The type of people that dress up like this, do not need a special occasion to get their costume out. You may get roped into going on social outings with them and their nerd friends, but at least you will get your moneys worth out of your cat suit.

This one may be the winner this Halloween. Feast your eyes on this Tron costume. This guy really models it well too. It looks so freakin’ fast I can’t stand it. He looks like he could take on an army of battlecats without breaking a sweat.

I hope this gave people some ideas of how to look super cool this Halloween. If you have any other great costume ideas, please share them in the comment section.


Nerd alert!

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Check out this picture of Pat and his classmates at Kojak. Now that I see the looks of this motley crew, I can see why Pat was picked as proctor.

Note: Pat is the one in the purple fidora. Um, is that Dave Chappelle playing the white guy on the top right?

In other news, we went to Baltimore this past weekend, to visit Mike and Holly. We had an absolutely fantastic time. The flights were good (and cheap), the food and beer were good, and the company was great. I made a statement, in a joking manner, that this trip was better than our honeymoon. Sadly, it may actually be the case. Baltimore was a really cool city. Okay, so it’s no Jamaica, but it was pretty darned cool.

Friday night, we got in around 7ish, checked out their new house, met their new kitty, and freshened up a bit. We went to a Mexican bar/restaurant that Holly suggested was the Baltimore equivalent of our beloved Mex in Rochester. It wasn’t as cool, but it was a good substitute. After dinner, we went to a couple bars around town. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of any of the places we went to, or parts of town we hung out in. If you really need to know, maybe you can request that from Holly in the comments section.

Saturday, we went to an oyster festival. We ate raw and fried oysters, and went to some nearby bars for some cocktails. As we were enjoying ourselves inside at one of the bars, we saw that there was some pretty nasty weather outside. The next day, we heard about what they’re calling Maryland's worst multiple-vehicle accident. Crazy!

Saturday night, we just laid low and watched a couple movies. Undercover Brother, anyone?

Sunday morning, Mike and Holly made a fantastic, huge breakfast, and then we got ready to go to the airport. Thanks to Cima for dropping up off and picking us up, and thanks to Rebecca for watching Maynard and Ruby while we were gone.

Other than that, we’re looking forward to my annual birthday celebration at Mex on Friday, and then going to see David Spade on Saturday. My birthday’s the 27th, and I have to say, I don’t think I could be less excited about it. Turning 28 isn’t something I’ve really been looking forward to. It just seems officially…old. (Sorry to the people out there that are actually old.) Anyhoo, feel free to stop by Mex on Friday. We’ll be kickin’ it from about 9 on.


2004-10-11 17:26:49

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We just got back from our trip to New Hampshire, home of Kensey and Tim B. I'm pretty tired, so hopefully this blog will be at least semi-coherant.

We left bright and early Saturday morning (well, I mean, Pat and Fran-style bright and early). We were making great time until we hit Vermont. Let me tell you, Vermont is charming as hell, but Pat and I were in no mood to deal with that state. I wanted to be like, "Vermont? No thanks, just passing through." It's prime leaf-peeper season, which, consequently, is prime slow-ass mother $@%*er season as well. In addition, Vermont (at least southern Vermont) hasn't heard of the green left arrow, so we spent at least an hour of our time just standing still, waiting for people to make left-hand turns. Sure, there was a great view of leaves and mountains, but that's not much consolation when we know there are beers and a bon fire waiting for us one state over. Okay, I know I'm making a lot of bold statements here. I digress already.

Kensey and Tim just bought a new house too, so it was great to see their new place. Saturday night, we hung out at their place. They were having a house-warming party, so we just pretty much drank the aforementioned beers and sat in front of the aforementioned bon fire. We've gotten to know a lot of their friends, and they're great people. If I could get them all to realize the fantastic-ness that is Rochester, I would.

Sunday, we watched Fahrenheit 9/11, which was excellent. If you haven't seen it yet, please do (preferably before November 2nd). After the movie, we went to Brattleboro, Vermont for lunch and a little shopping. Brattleboro is a super cute town with lots of character. That night, Kensey made us a lovely dinner, and then we watched some Chris Rock stand-up.

This morning, we just soaked up some last-minute QT with my best friend from college, and then we headed back home. Luckily, the traffic wasn't as bad coming back as it was going there. However, the return trip felt much longer. And, Vermont still didn't have left-pointing green arrows. Nuts.

Now to go a little bit reverso, I am extremely happy to announce, my brother and his best lady, Becky, got engaged on Friday night! He popped the question at the dog park. How romantic. Congrats you two! We wish you the very best.

Oh wait, this picture is WAY too nice for pnf.com. How 'bout this one?


2004-10-07 12:38:12

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Weak-ass graphic courtesy of Microsoft Paint. They took my Photoshop away at work - I have no idea why. ;-)

For those of you who were never a girl in the 6th grade in the late 80s, "TLA" means "True Love Always."


2004-10-04 13:56:18

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A new week is upon us, and it’s colder than a witch’s elbow. Sigh. At least we had a super fun-filled weekend.

Friday, Kirsten had a contest on her site to win tickets to see the Neil Simon play, Broadway Bound at Geva, and I won them! I love going to Geva, and I love seeing plays in general, so I was super excited. Neil Simon isn’t totally my taste (for those of you not familiar, he’s considered king of the one-liners), but overall I really enjoyed it. Broadway Bound is the last in a set of a three, semi-autobiographical plays. It was cool to see how he and his brother got started.

Saturday was the longest day ever. Saturday morning, we got up at 8 AM so we could get to the Hilton Apple festival early enough to see my boss’ band play. It was a pretty crummy, rainy day, which gave me a pretty sweet afro. It was neat. Oh, the band was great too. They played covers of blues songs and they were really good. It was cool to see my boss in the “real world” doing non-bossman stuff. We didn’t stay too long; we walked around for a bit, ate some food, and bought some apples (of course).

After the apple festival, we combed out my ‘fro and headed over to the B’s. Frank and Joyce recently got a kitten named Gus, so we got to meet him. He’s adorable and so well behaved. Maynard and Ruby could definitely take a tip from Gus.

Anyway, the weather cleared up in the afternoon, so we played the Bs in badminton. Actually, I should say we spanked them at badminton.

We beat them three out of three games. Frank was nice enough to let us pose with his fancy belt. After the slaughter, we watched The Butterfly Effect, which was surprisingly good. Very suspenseful and a bit of a brain-bender.

After the Bs, we scooped up Erik T and headed over to Cima’s, where we hung out with Steve, Lauren, Amy, and Amy’s delicious chocolate chip cookies. We hung out there for a bit, hit Acme to remind ourselves why we don’t go there on the weekends, and then pretty much called it a night.

Sunday, we just kind of hung out around the house, I baked an apple pie, and then we went over to Cima’s for dinner. Amy had made a lovely tortellini soup and garlic bread. It was so good and reminded me how much I love homemade soup.

Tonight, we’re going over to Pat’s grandparent’s house for dinner. I’m SOO excited. I love eating over there; Grandma Toung always makes such good comfort foods. After that, we’re going to Rebecca’s to check out her new apartment.

We’ve got two fun weekends planned this month (please don’t rob us) – we’re going to New Hampshire to visit Kensey and Tim, and we’re going to Baltimore to visit Mike and Holly. Oh, and my birthday’s this month. Fun times.